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One Night Isn't Enough(✔ Completed) by ItsMGsShine
One Night Isn't Enough(✔ Completed)by ✨~• MG •~✨
Tears Rolled Drown From my eyes Did you ever felt my cries? I want to leave you forever But you caught me for your favour My life is becoming so tough But I know you sai...
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Cry-Baby by braycriss
Cry-Babyby Criss
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
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Lies - Truth (JenLisa FanFic) by BuggyBunny_
Lies - Truth (JenLisa FanFic)by BuggyBunny
"You're my one and only." "He's Kai, my friend." "I love you, Lisa." Lies. 'What does it take to make you tell me the Truth, Jennie?'
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Sexaholic Roommate // h.s by aestheticharryy
Sexaholic Roommate // h.sby lets keep things aesthetic
Anna was just your typical young-adult girl who had dreams to accomplish. She reached her Diploma and was offered a job to be the head Make-Up Artist in a high-end fashi...
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THE CHEERLEADER AND THE NERD (#JustWriteit #Freshstart) Under Editing by kiruhime
#3 in Cries Please read comments and vote to get this book up to #1! In a world filled with cheerleaders, soccer players, and wild party goers they all can truly say th...
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His Surrogate by QueenofWritings22
His Surrogateby Writing Girl
What could go wrong with being your boss's surrogate? A LOT! Under all that stress you realize that you start to like him. Who could blame you when he was so handsome?
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Always | Miraculous Ladybug {✔,🔧} by Asia_Agreste
Always | Miraculous Ladybug {✔,🔧}by 💛unOrdinary🖤
|°Completed°| Why is Marinette having all these nightmares? Is she the only one? How did Cat Noir find out her most treasured secret? Does she know him in real life? Why...
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His Only Personal Assistant by Squidtcyc
His Only Personal Assistantby Squidtcyc
Zachary Knight, CEO of more than half the companies in Switzerland finally wants to find a personal assistant after years of working alone. When he found the one, he is...
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Love Me (Interracial Love) by QueenofWritings22
Love Me (Interracial Love)by Writing Girl
Aaliyah was a determined hard working girl. Has been since the age thirteen. Now she is twenty-three working extra shifts at a diner she has to make a living especially...
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Mr. Wright Secretary (Interracial story) by QueenofWritings22
Mr. Wright Secretary ( Writing Girl
"I love you Jada." He whispered against her lips. "You are engaged, I can't be in the middle of this affair. We should walk away before there is more pain...
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Having My BOSS'S Baby by QueenofWritings22
Having My BOSS'S Babyby Writing Girl
When he came to me about having a baby for him and his model girlfriend never did I expect to be in a sticky situation. A situation that put me in a scandal. My first ba...
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Haunting Heaven  by bubbleblast27
Haunting Heaven by Rosie
All a bully needs is a victim. Unfortunately, that victim was her. *** Full Description Inside! *** "Such an emotional filled story! I think this topic needs to b...
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Complicated // ZM by britishandirish12
Complicated // ZMby Khadeeja-Mashood
Meeting you was fate Becoming your friend was a choice But falling in love with you was beyond my control. "Single or taken?"  "It's Complicated."
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FAT  but BE-YOU-TIFUL. by bestblessing
FAT but bestblessing
Meet Sara, a jolly natured, perfectly happy, sweet natured girl. But also insecure, sad about her body. She carries a tag around herself, bestowed upon by society. The t...
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WHISPERS.  by jazmine060
WHISPERS. by jazmine060
Something buried by someone, never to be found .
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Dream Girls #1: Maria Shreya, The Motherly-Next-Door (Completed) by NikitaGoldenViolet
Dream Girls #1: Maria Shreya, Nikita
Let me ask you: what kind of girl would you want to date? I knew that every girl is different, so I want you to meet... Dream Girls #1 Maria Shreya, the Motherly-Next-Do...
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Save Me Tonight (One Direction FanFic) by tialay
Save Me Tonight (One Direction Tia
Sam has been through a lot in her 17 years of living. Loosing her mother to brain cancer at the age of 13, Sam is adopted by Jay Tomlinson. Yes, the mother of One Direct...
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Thrown, Torn (Chandler x Reader) by NuggiesFlipyFlops
Thrown, Torn (Chandler x Reader)by NuggieFlipFlops
Y/n moves from Australia to North Carolina, after landing a very good job to film for Mr Beast. She leaves a very nice impression on Chandler, the sweet, funny, boy next...
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T H E  K I L L E R by dani_gonzaga
T H E K I L L E Rby DG
'THE KILLER' Written by: dani_gonzaga
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Loving Huda by NabeelaIdris
Loving Hudaby 👑 Royalty 👑
It's complicated
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