Sexaholic Roommate // h.s by aestheticharryy
Sexaholic Roommate // h.sby lets keep things aesthetic
Anna was just your typical young-adult girl who had dreams to accomplish. She reached her Diploma and was offered a job to be the head Make-Up Artist in a high-end fashi...
  • heartbreaking
  • harrystyles
  • smutwarning
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Far Away by Blaze_In_Us
Far Awayby Blaze_In_Us
Can miles truly separate you from love? Can distance build a sweet road for you to depression? Our lives were wolds apart, it has always been. Separated by time, circu...
  • girls
  • love
  • distance
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UNSAID  by FallenCosmo
UNSAID by Fall
[Compilation of Poems] Unsaid words Unsaid poems Unsaid feelings Unsaid sadness Unsaid thoughts UNSAID °°° 🌠; Credits to PINTEREST for the pictures used on this book. T...
  • poems
  • poetry
  • cries
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Purifier by smol_vessel_trees16
Purifierby Bri
Everyone in town has known each other since birth, no one has ever moved in town in 2 years. Then a family moved in. No one expect it to happen... But it had to purify...
  • originalstory
  • other
  • drama
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mumbles┊author's book   by ouikawa
mumbles┊author's book by 𝚟𝚊𝚕.
My head could be a vessel for your own mind, all you gotta do is talk. (chase atlantic)
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  • rantbook
  • omteloletom
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His Surrogate by UrbanQueen2015
His Surrogateby UrbanQueen2015
What could go wrong with being your boss's surrogate? A LOT! Under all that stress you realize that you start to like him. Who could blame you when he was so handsome?
  • trust
  • wattpadromance
  • hurt
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Poems and songs by Eclipse_Moonshadow
Poems and songsby Eclipse & Moonshadow
Please read this if you like poems or songs!! I like writing poems, so I thought I could write a "book" about it! I hope you guys will like my poems and songs...
  • cries
  • songwriting
  • love
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yikes by calqlate
yikesby ˗ˏˋ qq ˎˊ˗
❝ i put the 'extra' in 'extraordinary'! ❞ ··· © calqlate 2018 personal.
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The Bad Ones by PerksOfBeingKeely
The Bad Onesby Keely Shae
Six teenagers. They were all different but shared one thing in common. They all had secrets that could get out in the most ugly way. When some begin to surface. Someo...
  • cries
  • murder
  • masks
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Flow by sameershareef111
Flowby Sameer
A mixtape of emotions for your mind to dance to. Enjoy <3
  • cosmic
  • perspective
  • stellar
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THE CHEERLEADER AND THE NERD (#JustWriteit #Freshstart) Under Editing by kiruhime
#14 in Cries #447 in Girls Please read comments and vote to get this book up in the top 100! In a world filled with cheerleaders, soccer players, and wild party goers t...
  • teenage
  • cheerleaders
  • lies
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Always {Miraculous LB & CN fanfic} {Completed} by Asia_Agreste
Always {Miraculous LB & CN fanfic} Kitty 😼❤
Why is Marinette having all these nightmares? Is she the only one? How did Cat Noir find out her identity? Does she know him in real life? Why does she suddenly have a s...
  • adrienette
  • action
  • drama
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My Empty space by Maria11211
My Empty spaceby ˗ˏˋ ᶠᵘᶜᵏ ᵒᶠᶠ ˎˊ˗
Poems // Songs // Sad shit
  • cries
  • sad
  • lol
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vent by shnuggles-exe
ventby 🖤게이 계집애🖤
  • unsafe
  • pain
  • rage
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Love For Her Was Infinite. by Mahjabeen_07
Love For Her Was Mahjabeen_07
She was the one, And no one was like her❤
  • everywitchway
  • cries
  • happy
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OVER AND OVER AGAIN (LBS#1) by RedLockheart
OVER AND OVER AGAIN (LBS#1)by Maria Calibjo
LANCASTER BROTHERS SERIES #1 Gallego Nathaniel R. Lancaster Cresandria Querantine B. Montevista
  • lancaster
  • montevista
  • cries
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The Unforgettable Night by lichaucokath
The Unforgettable Nightby Claire Lee
Ikaw ba? Kapag nagising ka na walang saplot ano magiging reaction mo? Matutuwa? o Malulungkot? tatalon ka ba sa saya or you'll regret? Start: June 25, 2017
  • cries
  • hurt
  • lies
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Silent Cries by AllyWylde
Silent Criesby Ally Wylde
Vanessa is destined for a life of ruin and pain. Attempting to finally turn it all around, she meets somebody who only wants to drag her back down again. And love her a...
  • fanfiction
  • cries
  • love
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The Fault In Our Stars [A sequel] by Shemastral
The Fault In Our Stars [A sequel]by Shema Astral
Augustus Waters died in the book at the end but Hazel's still living. And loving. And caring. What about her life. Her story
  • heartfelt
  • agustuswaters
  • fanfiction
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