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Puck You by PeytonNovak
Puck Youby Peyton Novak
Grace wants to prove herself by making the men's hockey team at her new school. Will a rivalry with the captain - or an attraction between them - get in the way? ...
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My Best Friends Baby  by NiallTeleah1323
My Best Friends Baby by 💚Teleah💚
Autumn Grace Smithton is in love with her best friend Ace Tyrell Hunter, she has been since she was 9. She hasn't told him for many many reasons. She's what you would ca...
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Miss Incomplete | ✓  by NeekieWriter
Miss Incomplete | ✓ by ava
Francena Nakamura never expected that, for the usage of her senior year, she'll be helping Julian Dean - star captain of the soccer team and her ex-crush - find her old...
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pick ups  |  ✓ by scrrilous
pick ups | ✓by 𝓵𝓲𝓿𝓿𝔂
[wattpad featured story] ••• Highest Ranks: #9 in feelings!! 8.21.19 #1 in shortstory!! 7.18.19 #1 in cute!! 7.20.19 #64 in funny!! 5.11.19 [book two in the "Hang U...
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Devil's Food Cake | Ongoing ✍ by chocfudgeO
Devil's Food Cake | Ongoing ✍by ♕ scream ♕
When an exceedingly grumpy guy walks into Candice's dad's bakery one morning, she can't help but wonder why he's such a misery-guts. With her sunny personality and his...
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Hidden Princess( The Compulsion Bride Series) Book 1 (Unedited) by asatabardo
Hidden Princess( The Compulsion asatabardo
Joshua turn to get a closer view of, his stepmother? Can he even call her that she was younger than him! She was staring at him like he was a monster. With those big bro...
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Manan : Friendship  to Love by Love_is_silent
Manan : Friendship to Loveby Sai
A Manan ff How two Strangers meet and how they journey of friendship and love start .... To know u have to peep inside the book ..... Hope u like it
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Keep Me Out Of Control (Lesbian Story) by IrisHopeFaith
Keep Me Out Of Control (Lesbian Iris Hope Faith
Falling in love is hard, specially when you are young and you are just getting to know the world. But sometimes falling in love can be the best thing that has ever happe...
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Miss Nail Techie by NeekieWriter
Miss Nail Techieby ava
Lila Pham works at one of the busiest nail salons in the city; with business booming out of proportion and her fear of her friends and fellow classmates discovering her...
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TRUE LOVE WILL FIND YOU by manan_uniquefc
TRUE LOVE WILL FIND YOUby manan_uniquefc
MANAN LOVE IN FASHION HOUSE - totally different concept with a MaNan feel in it... Hope you will like it...Please do leave down responses how the story since this is...
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A reason to live. by aquilashru
A reason to aquilashru
Sara, an Indian middle class girl with strong values and crazy wishes, childlike and liked by all... Is having an arranged marriage... Just like any normal girl she has...
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#2 Ships  by -skyfire-
#2 Ships by -Skyfire-
Part two of #1 Ships!!! You don't have to read part one to read this. These are ships from books, anime/animation and movies😀😀😁!!! Relax and enjoy!!!
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GRAVEYARD WHISTLING > richie tozierby 𝐸
❝ What are you afraid of? ❞ ❝ Clowns. ❞ [slow updates - more like hiatus.]
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His Little Princess by kammisha
His Little Princessby kammisha
"I started to lose hope. It's been so long since I started looking for you and when I finally found you, you were only 3 years old. I was so proud that I have you a...
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Betting On The Nerd by Halz1234
Betting On The Nerdby ㋡Halz㋡
Highest Rank: #1 in Hatred (20.07.19) #1 in Nerd (28.01.19) #3 in Heartbreak (19.02.19) #1 in High School (28.02.19) #1 in Betrayed (07.03.19) #1 in Jealousy (16.06.19)...
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Behind a strong man [Ushiwaka /Oc] by NightOwlIvy
Behind a strong man [Ushiwaka /Oc]by Ivy-chan
Behind every strong man stands someone who supports him, comforts him, struggles with him and succeeds with him. Kageyama has such a person as his foundation and if anyt...
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The Secret Crush On Mason Collins by discriminative
The Secret Crush On Mason Collinsby discriminative
Having a crush on someone is what everyone goes through at one point in their life. They'll see someone and they think that they are attractive, or they'll meet someone...
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Ishq Wala Love by preeran_ishqan
Ishq Wala Loveby aradhya
the story focuses on 6 individuals who came from differently background meet up in college... story will depict their frndship, care, trust nd love for each other
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Mr. Superficial (BWWM) by Rainbow-Herbicides
Mr. Superficial (BWWM)by Sobur
'Hello my precious Paisley,' I greet maliciously. She looks startled and quickly averts her eyes to the ground. 'Oh sweetheart, are you seriously gonna eat that? Look...
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LOVING TRENT  by rinahgithaiga
LOVING TRENT by Rinah Githaiga
Becca is running from something. She quits the job at Garry's bar and stops living with her sweet aunt. She wants to start over. Have a new life. A new job. Her best fri...
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