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KATIA  by Mame214
KATIA by Mame214
Katia Dione was born in west Africa she then moved to the untied states when she was 9 years old . She had to learn how to learn English and adept to the American ways ...
  • tension
  • amor
  • feisty
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The Seduction Game by adellewoods
The Seduction Gameby 𝑨𝒅𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒆
❝"The rules of the game are simple: seduce and destroy. Whoever seduces the most people by the end of the school year wins," Julian said.❞ And ever since that...
  • friends
  • seductiongame
  • badgirl
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The Street Fighter|✔️ by LapisAriana
The Street Fighter|✔️by Ariana Lapis
Annabelle's life is harder than anyone could ever imagine. She spends her days locked in her room not wanting to talk to anyone but her best friend Alyssa. Sage Valentin...
  • valentino
  • annabelle
  • story
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Keeping Up With Cade by banana_boat
Keeping Up With Cadeby banana_boat
They hooked up a lot. It was nothing else even if she wanted it to be – which she didn’t. It was convenient because he lived with her best friend – and it was good. What...
  • epilogue
  • friendship
  • arrogant
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The Mafia's Doctor  by aTouchOfRomance
The Mafia's Doctor by aTouchOfRomance
[edited version of Doctor for the Mafia] Ila Archer was a doctor working at one of the best hospitals in New York. She loses her license and ability to practice due to...
  • romance
  • adventure
  • murder
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Take me Home by booklovertash
Take me Homeby booklovertash
Jade Jennings has spent most her life in the army. After coming back from a tour overseas she expected to be welcomed by her loving fiancé. What she didn't expect was to...
  • australia
  • army
  • services
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24 Hours - G Dolan by ukdolan
24 Hours - G Dolanby rae
In which a girl's fate is changed by one question "Just give me 24 hours?" - © Ukdolan - Completed Highest ranking: #40 in Fanfiction
  • tension
  • save
  • wattys2018
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Beautiful When You Don't Try (Camren) by shaneisney
Beautiful When You Don't Try (Camr...by shaneisney
Prompt: It's been seven years since graduation and Lauren Jauregui is a highly popular and in demand photographer whose latest job is photographing the A-list, award win...
  • cabello
  • photographer
  • lauren
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Queen & Knight (Completed) by mikaelanay
Queen & Knight (Completed)by Mickey
Queens are meant for Kings. It's some unsaid, universal rule. Just like every other girl, Kiera Queen wants a Knight for herself but to her horror, she gets the arrogant...
  • guitar
  • queen
  • golden
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Eyes On Ocean (#2) by Supernatural_baby
Eyes On Ocean (#2)by M I S S . B
This is the second book to Pregnant and Rejected and it will be based around Ocean's P.O.V I recommend that you read Pregnant and Rejected but it's your choice =) Oc...
  • blue
  • love
  • tension
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The Assistant by someone123
The Assistantby someone123
Natalie's boyfriend just cheated on her, and she's bawling her eyes out on her first day at work. Aaron, her boss, couldn't care less about the new assistant, he's too b...
  • confession
  • wedding
  • restaurant
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An Improper Courtship by ChocolateSensation
An Improper Courtshipby ChocolateSensation
I fear, I am the worst damsel in distress, I have nothing to give to you," Rosalie said half joking. Blake smiled, "How would I be a nice gentleman if I asked...
  • rising
  • trauma
  • adventure
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The TaeJin Exhibit by Mari-ah-Jin
The TaeJin Exhibitby Mari-ah-Jin
When Tae's feelings for his hyung reach beyond those of just pure admiration... ××Taehyung's internal monologue was cut short, however, by a harsh pull on his wrist. Bef...
  • jin
  • btsfanfic
  • tension
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The Game by Chlobuggy
The Gameby Bre
When Jenna was six, her mom dropped her off every morning to be babysat by a friend; a friend with two boys. These two boys did everything they could to torment Jenna, s...
  • jenna
  • game
  • playing
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Doctor for the Mafia [original] by aTouchOfRomance
Doctor for the Mafia [original]by aTouchOfRomance
~This is the original version of the story. Check out "The Mafia's Doctor" for the edited version. --- Kimberly Stratus was a doctor working at one of the bes...
  • war
  • drama
  • abuse
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Troublesome ~ Bellamy Blake [1] by This_CraZy_World
Troublesome ~ Bellamy Blake [1]by Kayls
CURRENTLY EDITING What is they say about curiosity? It killed the cat? Well, in this case, curiosity almost kills the Carter. Several times. Carter Conners was a magnet...
  • slowburn
  • linctavia
  • clarke
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Mind Games | Tom Riddle by LiviCaroline
Mind Games | Tom Riddleby LiviCaroline
Azalea glared at the smug man in front of her. "So, why have you suddenly decided to start barking orders at me?" she asked icily. "I have a task for you...
  • slytherin
  • rodolphuslestrange
  • tomriddle
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Lost Little Red.  by TiffanyCaitlin
Lost Little Red. by TiffanyCaitlin
You saw them come together and fall apart. Now it's 2 years later and Scar is still having a hard time coping. With the news of an engagement and upcoming wedding can Sc...
  • lovetriangle
  • engagement
  • love
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Scared Potter? (Drarry fanfiction) by MicheSpade
Scared Potter? (Drarry fanfiction)by Michelle Cohrs
Harry decides to prank Draco after a game of Quidditch. Desiring for Draco to go mad, he waits for him in an empty classroom. However, as soon as he realizes Draco wants...
  • draco
  • quidditch
  • gay
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Bumps In The Road -Paul Imprint Story- by veemarc
Bumps In The Road -Paul Imprint St...by veemarc
Kira West is a powerful witch with a strong bloodline. A tragic event in Kira's tween years instigated a shift within her, turning the lover of life into a rebellious gi...
  • tension
  • fanfiction
  • imprint
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