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Tamed By Tutor/ Guilty Revenge  by meganskyle
Tamed By Tutor/ Guilty Revenge by nishu
There was a child who grown up under unusual circumstances which made his childhood bitter. With time the child turned out as a man and his loneliness turned him into a...
Unconditional love  by author_118
Unconditional love by Samiya Khan
Anam Ahmad is a second name for beauty and innocence. As a sister of Turkey's most feared mafia, she is familiar with all kinds of violence, but still has a beautiful he...
Forever Yours, Vrinda by yagyachowdary
Forever Yours, Vrindaby Yagya Chowdary
"I don't love her in the way she does," said Vivaan, causing Vrinda's hopeful smile to fade into a heartbroken frown. She stood amidst two warring families, h...
Always You. by pashienz18
Always Michelle P. Ansha
Five years have passed since he left without an explanation, fate throws them together but this time she was over him... or was she?
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Dil Mein Ho Tum (Completed) by Miss_dreamy_writer
Dil Mein Ho Tum (Completed)by Miss_dreamy_writer
#2 - muslim | 15-12-2021 #2 - muslim love story | 15-12-2021 #3 - forbidden | 1-08-2021 #2 - spiritual | 9-09-2022 #4 - intense | 17-12-2021 #3 - twists and turns | 8-08...
The Best Husband (Completed) by AnonymousMe91
The Best Husband (Completed)by AnonymousMe91
*Ranked #1 in redemption(11-8-18) #3 in recommended(26-5-18) #641 IN FANFICTION(21-3-17) Arnav calls Khushi the biggest mistake of his life and more so brings up the con...
She's Bad News by Bright_as_night
She's Bad Newsby Bridget
When Corinna Evans' mother is sent to prison, Corinna has nowhere else to go so she moves back in with her father and his family. Determined to make it through these la...
The Mafia's Rose||R18+ (Ongoing) by DandelionCatty
The Mafia's Rose||R18+ (Ongoing)by Dandelion
I could hear the heavy pounds of my heart in my ear as I glared at the self absorbed asshole of the century. Luca Viteillo. "Why. did. you. kill. him?" I gritt...
The Y/N Multiverse(Real World Reader) 3:Third's Charm by Williamjwb87
The Y/N Multiverse(Real World John John
Hey Hey Hey!It's The Real World Reader 3 and What's Happening?Well..... Everyone was Sent Back to the Day That They Arrived and Back to the age They Were But Their Memor...
Dangerous Love || A Vampire JJK ff ✔ by Dough_Gguk
Dangerous Love || A Vampire JJK Dough_Gguk
"Song Y/n!!!" You slowly turned around and saw him in front of you, raging in anger, his eyes turning into dark red... "J-Jungkook??" You stuttered. ...
ʀêᴠᴇʀɪᴇs | ongoing | by thatbobacup
ʀêᴠᴇʀɪᴇs | ongoing |by Garima
/ʀev(ǝ)ri/ •daydream• An anthology of short stories, to make your tummy churn in ecstasy and bubble up with the presence of butterflies, daydreams about love ☆school=irr...
Jaan E Sidharth ♡︎✅ by lost_beautyy
Jaan E Sidharth ♡︎✅by 🌼
A cousin love story♡︎ Opposite attracts , right? Yes, It does❤️ Enjoy the beautiful love story of sidharth and his naaz🌷
✨ALFAAZ E ISHQ✨✔️ by lost_beautyy
SidNaaz love tales! ✨ A compilation book of SidNaaz's different Love stories of different length and concepts 💜
Dusk Till Dawn 《Arshi/ Sheetal Track》 by AksArshi
Dusk Till Dawn 《Arshi/ Sheetal 🌈AksArshi⚘
Arshi 《Sheetal Track》 Highest Rank # 1 in Couple love # 3 in Sheetal # 3 in Barun # 2 in Aman # 2 in Nk # 1 in Anguish # 5 in Aarav # 6 in Sarun # 1 in tears # 11 in San...
partial to blue by motherfuckerplease
partial to blueby motherfuckerplease
"They say all good girls go to heaven," He said laughing. "You know why that isn't true Lora?" "Why?" He laughed some more. "Because...
Collection of fictitious One Shot- Bb Situation Also On Fictional Short Stories ❤️ . . . DATE OF PUBLISH:- 24th APRIL, 2022 DATE OF COMPLETION:- PLOTS :- The Readers ...
Love and Lie by literalambission
Love and Lieby Nicolle Gesmundo
This story contains matured content so if you are sensitive and a bit innocent you are free to read a new story that will suit the blend you want. This story was just ma...
Lucy knew she was dying and insisted on a surrogate carrying their baby. But she had other intentions for her husband..... Her choice of surrogate was intentional....He...
YOU. by no_wayhehe
#19 makeouthill
you deserve to know, I loved you. I still do you'll forever have a piece of my heart. I cry for u, ache for u and retouch our memories that slowly fade away. I know I wa...
The Story Of Us :) - a Chris Sturniolo story by SwiftieSturniolo
The Story Of Us :) - a Chris Lauren
As Hazel Rogers and her family moves from Florida to Boston, she realises that she is living opposite her favourite youtubers, the Sturniolo Triplets. As the story conti...