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I Bet I Would by profundity
I Bet I Wouldby Melody Sundrive
[COMPLETED] I Bet I Would is a story of moving on, chasing dreams, making friendships, falling in love all over again, and all things in between. Paulene meets Franz...
  • sweet
  • band
  • school
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Truth be Told ✔️ by nataliasmithss
Truth be Told ✔️by Natalia Smith
The rivalry between high schools is fierce. But the rivalry between Baylor High School and Brentwood High School was fiercer. When people come to these schools, they le...
  • love
  • secrets
  • truth
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Vampires Bite by TeeAnneJane
Vampires Biteby Jane Anne
"You were with him again?" he sneered grabbing me by my waist. "I was only trying to..." His eyes became dark and filled with lust as he grabbed m...
  • vampire
  • love
  • cassiewarnerseries
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Believe: A Billionaire Romance by krystlelight
Believe: A Billionaire Romanceby Krystle
#4 in triangle #11 in charming #20 in dominating (Highest rankings) "I love you!" I said in desperation. "Really?" He laughed a humorless laugh...
  • love
  • possessive
  • charming
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Meet Me at Midnight ( Romance, Completed) by EliseNoble
Meet Me at Midnight ( Romance, Elise Noble
Meet me at midnight... When Augusta Fordham receives that message from an unknown admirer, the plot could have come straight from her favourite romance novel. Oh, wait...
  • lovetriangle
  • featured
  • doctor
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Not My Prince Charming by coults
Not My Prince Charmingby coults
Lorelai Stevens has always had to sit back and watch her best friend, Kason Coldridge, play Prince Charming to every damsel in distress but her. She's tired of taking th...
  • kason
  • love
  • lorelai
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In love with a wolf by MissTinii
In love with a wolfby MissTinii
Rosaline Smith moves to a new town due to her fathers new job opportunity. As they arrive to the new town, Rosaline deicided to take a walk. As things turned out not so...
  • boys
  • wolfs
  • twisted
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Auric Adulation - Bill Cipher x Reader by TwistedTricks1
Auric Adulation - Bill Cipher x Floof Noodle
Hey, all! I decided to start a different story since I started running out of ideas for SAH. So, I'll be writing this one for a bit, then get back to Mr. SadisticFlowerK...
  • hashtag
  • stan
  • mabel
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Runner Active by SelinaMclaren
Runner Activeby Selena
"Hello, my name is Cypher Grey." static...this time I really thought she wouldn't repeat her message, but a crackle and pop come out of the small speakers befo...
  • alone
  • testing
  • abilities
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The Other Me by jiyeonsam
The Other Meby samme
I'm Nicholoe Amanda Ford I'm a half filipina and latina I'm 17 years old turning 18 this coming September I'm brat and sophisticated I'm a model and smart . . . . Peopl...
  • threat
  • gangster
  • triangle
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Two Destinies by SharonRocks11
Two Destiniesby Sharon Ann
Should we really be together? It would certainly shock some people but... What am I saying? We can't be together, he would ruin his reputation being interested in a lose...
  • triangle
  • square
  • amazing
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Who The Hell Am I? by wanko14
Who The Hell Am I?by wanko14
I thought my life is just like a circle, that everything happens to me everyday is the same. But it all changed in one simple accident. I thought my life will be Boring...
  • princess
  • school
  • love
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The love triangle by arrie1mclemore
The love triangleby arrie1mclemore
As Hasley,xzaiver,and chrissy are in a love triangle Hasley wants to put it to a end she's making
  • together
  • triangle
  • love
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Unexpected Love (On Going) by AngMagandangAuthorV
Unexpected Love (On Going)by AngMagandangAuthorV
Unexpected Love "A good destiny is when two people find each other without even looking..
  • friendzone
  • bea
  • triangle
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Sinking Ship by DemonBlade121
Sinking Shipby Damon Slaathaug
A young boy named Matthew has a crush on a girl named Samantha,Sam for short.But when Matthews parents find out,shits about to go down
  • vampire
  • triangle
  • vampirevswerewolf
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Falling by PandoraValentine
Fallingby Lily
Death Certificate: Annabelle Reeves February 14, 1997- Who Knows? Cause Of Death? ...... No clue. Annabelle Reeves was an ordinary suburban teenager wi...
  • thriller
  • hell
  • original
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Table for Two by AmyMFang
Table for Twoby Amy Fang
Going through the transition from eighth to ninth grade is always a bit frightening at first, but Freshmen, Amber Chang and Nathan Hoang are ready to tackle down their f...
  • love
  • comedy
  • kdrama
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