Memes { #Wattys2018 } by Haruka_Tsukiko1432
Memes { #Wattys2018 }by ☾Moon Mother☽
Memes that'll, Blow your mind Be funny Be relatable And everything else. DISCLAIMER: I don't cater to your wants and if it offends you, then take up with me in person...
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Wife To A Jeon (J.Jungkook Fanfic) by JaeminiePabo
Wife To A Jeon (J.Jungkook Fanfic)by Sushi
Park Ara is the wife of the Jeon Company CEO, Jeon Jungkook. They were arranged. Ara somehow love Jungkook. But Jungkook has a girlfriend. Jungkook hated Ara for one of...
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Random Facts | ✎ by once-upon-a-star
Random Facts | ✎by ᴋᴀᴛɪᴇ
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Donald Trump X Dora the Explorer | ✔️ by amberiscool333
Donald Trump X Dora the Explorer | ♡Raven♡
Still a better love story than Twilight.
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Arranged To My Jerky Neighbour (J.JK Fanfic) by JaeminiePabo
Arranged To My Jerky Neighbour ( Sushi
Lee Minji is an average girl. Not rich nor poor. She is a Public High Schooler. Although her parents have a business, she is still average. Well, she is inlove with Jung...
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Peach Kisses And Kandy Kards ✗ by Frappucious
Peach Kisses And Kandy Kards ✗by ♥️frαppucíσus♥️
→ Tɾυϝϝʅҽ Pҽαƈԋ....cute name for a cute girl. Truffle is not only insanely innocent but also quite spacey. Some say it's due to blood loss from an accident, others say s...
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The Playboy Prince (J.Jungkook Fanfic) by JaeminiePabo
The Playboy Prince (J.Jungkook Sushi
Park Yura, a normal school girl, was assigned to tutor Jeon Jungkook. The heir of the throne and a playboy. He's good at studying, but his parents think that he needs to...
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science, bitch (calum hood au) [COMPLETED] by lIamas
science, bitch (calum hood au) [ nia
"why are you so damn irresistible?" "it's science, bitch." pls note that the first like half of this book is awful and fetus me (sequel 'spring break...
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Naked Cuddling (Original) (✓) by _screamer02
Naked Cuddling (Original) (✓)by Evelyn Summers #02
N a k e d C u d d l i n g Picture this. It's 2am and you're minding your own business, pleasuring yourself with the lights on and blinds up for once. It's not like y...
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Self-harm Imagines (Requests Open) by MaydayParade8127
Self-harm Imagines (Requests Open)by Ana
Just simple imagines where you're self-harming, someone sees you self-harming, someone sees your scars, etc. You can request.
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Got7 8th member by 2JAE_IS_REAL
Got7 8th memberby Cinnamonster
What if you were the girl group member of GOT7!!! This is my first FF. Thanks for clicking(or tapping)! Highest ranking in Random #14 Story idea belongs to me Picture an...
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we've changed // jack avery by im_zachxherron
we've changed // jack averyby im_zachxherron
You are 18 and you live in Pennsylvania. You live in a really nice house with your parents, and you are a really good hip hop dancer. Your dad is in the army and your mo...
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My Mario Ships!  by BonnieDatBae
My Mario Ships! by PoPpY
And this is where I rate the ships of the Mushroom Kingdom. Oh sweet Satan's ass...
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Wattpad Rants by _RubyRed_
Wattpad Rantsby Ruby
Welcome to Wattpad Rants - a sarcastic, prejudice and frankly quite brutal attack on cliches, characters and What's Hot - written by an angsty fourteen-year-old with no...
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Babtqftim oneshots book (requests closed for now) by Aiko_Kazuyoshi
Babtqftim oneshots book ( Aiko.K
All right First up NO LEMONS second I'll do any ship or any story i just need u to come up with ideas I'll do the rest ?
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Stupidest questions by rocketor
Stupidest questionsby RD
The most ridiculous,hilarious and just plain stupid questions asked ever!A Weirdo entry!Vote comment and follow me for more awesome books!
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TomTord oneshots DO NOT READ by TheRedHoodieCommie
TomTord oneshots DO NOT READby TheBlueHoodieJehovah
BITCH DONT READ IT DONT DONT JUST DONT ITS EDGY AS FUCK! SNDDUSH DONT YOU DARE >:O DONT Rules!: I know it's called ONEshots but I need to make 2 or 3 parts or somet...
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100 Things You Need To Know  by ForbiddenTrees
100 Things You Need To Know by ForbiddenTrees
Random things you need to know before you die
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Mated to my teacher! by LuvIzOverRated
Mated to my teacher!by Nena Rivera
Stacie Gonzalez is a seventeen year old senior in her high school. on her first day of school she meets her hot new math teacher Mr. Lorenzo who happens to be her mate. ...
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Głupota głupotę pogania by NaimenAkai
Głupota głupotę poganiaby Naimen
Książka zainspirowana "Tekstami ze szkoły" Optypesyreal i "Anatomią Głupoty" Hoyukii. Pojawiać się tu będą różne głupie teksty wypowiedziane przeze m...
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