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Once Upon A Surf by mahomie_naomi
Once Upon A Surfby Naomi
***COMPLETE*** Meet Lindsey Fisher. She's your normal surfing addict, who adores being out on the waves and can hardly wait for the huge surfing competition coming up...
  • ocean
  • cinderella
  • disney
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Surfing Midland (Complete/ First draught). by FickleLife
Surfing Midland (Complete/ First d...by Merryn Smith
Seventeen year old Leah Munroe has had a long standing agreement and contract with both her parents, it was written up when Leah was fourteen. She never really thought t...
  • awkward
  • beach
  • fashion
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Revealing Lennon ✔ by tifftheawesome
Revealing Lennon ✔by Tiffany
{A Wattpad Featured Story} Highest Rank // #22 in Teen Fiction Lennon Reese has always been quiet but after being sexually assaulted she has shut herself off from the w...
  • goodgirl
  • teenfiction
  • speakout
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The Princess of Pirates by luckycharms
The Princess of Piratesby Thannu Mathiy
Princess Nerina of Caspian is a troubled girl dreaming of adventures on the great blue sea. She is always trying her hardest to disobey her mother, who wants her as far...
  • king
  • old
  • water
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Lab Rats:Two world's (on hold) by bionic_mermaid
Lab Rats:Two world's (on hold)by bionic_mermaid
How do you balance a bionic world with a mermaid world? Two World's collide, for the better? Or for the worse?
  • chase
  • bree
  • boldman
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Dear Tempting by eI-LEEN6
Dear Temptingby Nobody
She's been on the run for years now, hunted by her whole society, like and unlike herself, for breaking the most sacred of laws. Hiding among the humans hasn't been exac...
  • bloody
  • twisted
  • war
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distraction // jack gilinsky by alyssatayl
distraction // jack gilinskyby 🥀
i'll be your distraction... jack gilinsky send you a message thinking you were someone else... but he keeps texting you and making conversation... very cliché i know but...
  • shawnmendes
  • singing
  • ocean
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'Can't forget that smile' [Shawn Mendes]  by _shawnmylove_
'Can't forget that smile' [Shawn M...by Marika 🌙
"Malia?", my dad distracted me, "Do you remember Shawn?" Started 06/02/19
  • friends
  • mum
  • sea
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Swashbucklers ⚓ Henry Turner by SHIELD-Avenger
Swashbucklers ⚓ Henry Turnerby ˗ˏˋ Nerd Alert ˎˊ˗
❝Its a pirate's life for me, savvy?❞ aka PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN : L E G E N D O F T H E M O O N C R Y S T A L ©SHIELD-Avenger...
  • adventure
  • ocean
  • writteninaction
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Under The Water by mariajoserm1
Under The Waterby Maria Ramirez
"Why do you hate me?" He stopped abruptly. I was thinking he was not going to answer, until his powerful and deep voice resonated through the room. "I don...
  • harsh
  • water
  • wolfpack
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Stranded by PedanticAndGrumpy
Strandedby Oliver Pratt
There is nothing worse for a pirate than dying on dry land. Except, maybe, swinging two feet above it. When their captain is imprisoned, facing the gallows, the men and...
  • storyteller
  • suspense
  • action
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𝐎𝐂𝐄𝐀𝐍 ➝ 𝐌𝐀𝐊𝐎 𝐌𝐄𝐑𝐌𝐀𝐈...by 𝐤 𝐞 𝐧 𝐳 𝐢 𝐞
𝐎𝐂𝐄𝐀𝐍 | ❝ I just wanna be, swimmin' in the sea, It's just you and me forever. ❞ mako mermaids | oc x oc ...
  • erik
  • makopod
  • mermaids
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The Mermaid's Blessing by WinterTailor
The Mermaid's Blessingby Caroline Taylor
Coralie has lived a life behind a wall, meant to keep her safe, but the ocean has always called to her. Now, captured aboard a ship, sailing the sea under the scrutiny o...
  • adventure
  • siren
  • pirate
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The Siren Who Wouldn't Sing by abeautifulmelody_
The Siren Who Wouldn't Singby Mel
Once upon a time, in a land known as Nuvinia, there were two statements that all inhabitants knew to be fact. First, the two kingdoms of Nuvinia, Dral and Proghund, desp...
  • girl
  • siren
  • swords
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Pirates Life For Me by jaz4bo14
Pirates Life For Meby No Sleep
Pirates Of The Caribbean.(cabin boy) Robbie Kay. Fanfiction * Do you know the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow? Did you know that he had a sister? Captain Scar Sparrow,Co cap...
  • jack
  • potc
  • barbossa
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What Lies Behind The Glass by Rogue_Demigod
What Lies Behind The Glassby Rodemy
Nalu isn't your typical mer. Being half siren and half mer, he's not exactly someone who fits into the mer society, and the sirens are a female only kind of race. But af...
  • hurt
  • greed
  • wattys2018
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Submerged: The Mer Chronicles by AshleyTonyOrtiz
Submerged: The Mer Chroniclesby Ashley
I am a predator. Humans are the prey. I feed off their fear as they drown in my arms. But life didn't used to be this way. I wasn't always half-human and half-fish. I us...
  • romance
  • mermaid
  • treasure
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The Boy Next Door by aribeckley
The Boy Next Doorby a r i
Sixteen year old Zoey's life was perfect and peaceful. That is until bad news popped up in the neighborhood. He also happens to live right next door to her. Turns out Za...
  • theboynextdoor
  • ocean
  • prize
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Oceans Call by jocelyng2003
Oceans Callby Jocelyn G.
Melody Hayes has always felt an urge to be near the Sea. And if she isn't she gets horribly sick until she can once again smell it's salt on the breeze. The California b...
  • imaginary
  • mystic
  • underwater
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The Bend to Rue (Jack Sparrow fanfic) by onceadaydreamer
The Bend to Rue (Jack Sparrow fanf...by onceadaydreamer
it's my birthday and it's raining! ugh. Worst birthday ever! Oh, And the best part? I've been kidnapped by pirates!!! Join Angel Ravens as she travels with a daring capt...
  • william
  • sailing
  • black
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