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Brains and Brawn (BxB) by lady-writer-2000
Brains and Brawn (BxB)by lady-writer-2000
Based on the prompt: "I'm not stalking you, exactly, it's just that you accidentally put my notebook in your bag and I'm waiting for a good moment to steal it back...
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Cry-Baby by braycriss
Cry-Babyby Criss
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
The Probability of Love by platinumstars
The Probability of Loveby j. theresa
"Maybe instead of focusing on getting girl's numbers, you should focus on getting A's." People automatically think "nerd" when they hear the name Jad...
Behavioural Tutor by Charlie_535
Behavioural Tutorby Charlie
Tommy was known as the school's 'Bad Boy', the 'Troubled Kid', the 'Problem Child' and in extreme cases, the 'Psycho', all because he was different. No one understands h...
Kris Baker's Tutor by RiverRyder
Kris Baker's Tutorby Camilo
Kris Baker, the weirdo tomboy in school. She's a little bit of an outcast but she doesn't care at all. She starts failing her math class and ends up having to get a tuto...
Glitch (boyxboy/android) by OnlyoneJoJo
Glitch (boyxboy/android)by JoJo
In the near future, if you need help with your studies, you can purchase a tutor. A synthetic teacher to help with your studies. When Leo is given a PT by his parents fo...
Tutoring for Eternity  by samisgreap
Tutoring for Eternity by Sam
Book #1 in the "T" Series "Good morning." He says. "Morning, Happy Halloween!" "Happy Halloween. Okay, but for real though we got...
Behaviour {COMPLETED} by Flower-Bloom
Behaviour {COMPLETED}by YourTransGhost
Started-1/16/21 Finished- Tommy grew up in a not so nice house and so when he went to school he acted out, so much so that everyone stayed clear of him. He would hit, pu...
THE TUTOR by fun_sizeddd
THE TUTORby fun_sizeddd
"If you want me to continue tutoring you without charge I need you to pretend to be my b-boyfriend" I said. He looked at me like I was crazy and then let out a...
Quintupled love (OC/Male reader x The Quintessential Quintuplets) by zer0420
Quintupled love (OC/Male reader x...by Zer0420
9 years ago, Nhazul Hatake met a girl he had met during a class trip. A girl who changed his life for the better. Years later, because that girl, Nhazul became the top s...
Summer of the Fireflies by GryffindorsLoneWolf
Summer of the Firefliesby Ananya Meiss
When Akira Valabeneni fails her biochemistry course right before entering her senior year of college, she's at a loss of what to do. With a vicious grandma at home, hopi...
Tutor l PJM by Treasure_Shuu
Tutor l PJMby Treasure_Shuu
"You are the only one I want to Feel , only one I want to Touch, only one I want to Love" "But why ?! Why do I have to feel this guilty falling for you...
🎁søüvēñîR öf m¥ Hê∆®t  🎀¥ÒÚ❤ by kbunny🎊 by koalabunny13
🎁søüvēñîR öf m¥ Hê∆®t 🎀¥ÒÚ❤ by...by koalabunny13
🎀 auricles and ventricle of heart ❤ functions properly through last breath when beloved handover oneself for wholelife as souvenir of pure life❣️ tharn tiger wang⭐ 🦋lo...
Forever And Always, You. by SecretGigglexx
Forever And Always, You.by Simone x.
A story of two past lovers, who cross paths again. Jason believes they are past what happened and can start anew but Olivia needs him to prove his worth and his love. •...
The small 😉 by Cupcakebreeze
The small 😉by Breeze
Description on first page! 'All The Small Things' by blink 182 Hope you enjoy Ps you don't have to listen to the song 🎧
Red Series #1: Begin Again by Heartlesstala
Red Series #1: Begin Againby Estelle
A COLLABORATION W/ 14 WRITERS A Taylor Swift Inspired series RED SERIES #1: BEGIN AGAIN In the wednesday afternoon, I turn up my headphones while clicking my heels to th...
Extra Credit (Lumity Human AU) by idiothoplessromantic
Extra Credit (Lumity Human AU)by Chronic overthinker
- Description - Amity Blight is the definition of perfect. She's popular, a straight-A student, the captain of the soccer team, and yet she's not happy. She's gone throu...
The hallway tease by Layla3363
The hallway teaseby Layla3363
Alex is the schools bad boy. Always shows up late , sleeps in every class , argues with teachers. He's going to fail school ,yes, but he has two things going for him. Et...