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Hitting The Shower by LanceWest
Hitting The Showerby Lance West
  • black
  • shower
Bella And Edward  by TwilightObsessed908
Bella And Edward by Twihard
Bella and Edward do alot of teasing.....
  • twilight
  • thetwilightsaga
  • bella
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Seduce Me: the Otome One-Shot Lemons by BringBackMaes14
Seduce Me: the Otome One-Shot Queen of Bitches
I've started playing this game, and I have really been enjoying it. I haven't played the second game yet, so I don't have all the canon bits and pieces of information, b...
  • seducemetheotome
  • bath
  • anderson
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Quick Sex by TwerkingAss
Quick Sexby TwerkingAss
A dirty sex story
  • ass
  • sexy
  • shower
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Singing In The Shower [COMPLETED] by eggyolkings
Singing In The Shower [COMPLETED]by maddi
<A Wattpad Featured Story> We've never actually met but our showers are on opposite sides of the same apartment wall so sometimes we sing duets when we shower at t...
  • neighbors
  • humor
  • boy
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One Direction M-preg Oneshots by WonderfulWorld09009
One Direction M-preg Oneshotsby If you want to know, just ask...
Here is a series of M-Pregs inspired by boys of One Direction.
  • zayn
  • one
  • sweet
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Just a quick fuck by 00AleLoves
Just a quick fuckby 00AleLoves
He was only supposed to be their when I needed he dick, not when I need him. It was only supposed to be a sexual arrangement. So why am I catching feelings? I know the...
  • stands
  • one
  • shower
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Shower thought's with (Ari) a very goofy goober. by cloudtheprotogen124
Shower thought's with (Ari) a 🖤🖤🖤◑︿◐🖤🖤🖤
Very stupid things to make you're brain IQ lower than it already is.
  • thoughts
  • reading
  • shower
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Levi x emotionless reader by Amnesiatheforgotten
Levi x emotionless readerby (im currently dead)
You are the most Beautiful girl in the whole of the scout region..however, you are even more emotionless than Levi will he finally confess to you and break the iron armo...
  • shower
  • birthday
  • levixreader
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Shower Thoughts (Continued) by DerpyCIoud
Shower Thoughts (Continued)by Taetheist (Borrowed from @Tae...
"If you like thinking about dumb crap, so do these people." -Lazarbeam Or more like one lonely person who has nothing better do on a Tuesday night... Just the...
  • relatable
  • showerthoughts
  • thoughts
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shower thoughts - kpop by whatsforbaekfast
shower thoughts - kpopby bacon
"the mind works best when it's not trying. that's why we think of most things in the shower." --- • --- a book of scraps and/or unpublished stories of mine. ba...
  • boyxboy
  • kpop
  • others
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Things We Can All Relate To by FluffyTheBunny21
Things We Can All Relate Toby Fluffy
These are things we can all relate too, like in the shower....with the microwave... and many more! keep reading if you think this would be #Relatable!
  • weird
  • microwave
  • potato
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A little hug goes a long way (Selina X Bruce) by Annie_brocolie
A little hug goes a long way ( GoldDaddy
Selina knows she loves/likes Bruce, but she doesn't know how to handle it. Will Bruce feel the same way? Will he understand and help her? Find out!
  • cute
  • cuddling
  • bruce
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Jungkook's Surprise // Jungkook Smut by imokayatfanfic
Jungkook's Surprise // Jungkook !ORIGINAL FANFIC!
A Jungkook x reader smut with teasing and shower sex ;)
  • tease
  • teasing
  • kookie
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Little Things (A Harry Styles Fanfiction) by CelestialWinter
Little Things (A Harry Styles CelestialWinter
BE WARNED. THIS STARTS OUT IN THE CARROT YEARS OK.......You can skip a couple chapters I guess but can also just go to the second book... Lydia. 18. Beautiful. Nice. Sma...
  • payn
  • gone
  • shower
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Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) Sequel to 'Little Things' by CelestialWinter
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) CelestialWinter
"I feel as if my body is broken into if ever since, I was dropped like a delicate beautiful vase and all of my pieces shattered against the cold hard fl...
  • eye
  • torturing
  • cute
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the new girl 21+ by KPOPISKPOP05
the new girl 21+by KPOPISKPOP05
Y/n is starting at a new school and she's not verry happy.but she met him her life just went from good to bad
  • food
  • shower
The "Accident" [Bokuaka] by matsukii_
The "Accident" [Bokuaka]by matsukii_
It's a usual day for Akaashi.. But one thing changes everything.. Something accidental that leads to many different events.. Which lead to some adventures with the amazi...
  • anime
  • akaashi
  • haikyuu
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CasDean? DeanCas? Destiel. by statusqueer
CasDean? DeanCas? Charlotte
Dean and Cas flirt their way through a case. Explicit.
  • shower
  • fanfiction
  • awkwardsituations
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