Teaching You ✓ ( SMUT ) by Beebo_lover_4life
Teaching You ✓ ( SMUT )by P!ATD_treasure
" You're Mine " he growled as he bit your neck " No one can have you but me "
  • fluff
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  • retarded
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Funny Jokes and Comebacks by loser101loser
Funny Jokes and Comebacksby loser
*WARNING* This book will either make you want to bash your head on a table or knee slap :) Read if you're sad, mad, happy, pissed, tired, bored, curious or feeling anyth...
  • comeback
  • joke
  • imjustputtingrandomtags
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YoonMin And JiKook Smut by BeesGOTHIVE
YoonMin And JiKook Smutby 鹿Teteyee
*Warning* Viewers discretion alert You might end up scarred for life. *You have been warned*
  • parkjimin
  • yaoi
  • joke
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thicc || luwoo by ilydoyoung
thicc || luwooby Mimi? ♡
‛Hey Jungwoo, you looking eXTRA tHICC today" Meme FF △ Dirty humor, occasional cursing △ © ilydoyoung
  • ship
  • issajokematechillax
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Memez by Axphire
Memezby Axphire
In this book, you will find different memes and jokes. Anyone is welcome ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° •I dont take credit to any videos or pictures I post unless I say otherwise •Most of th...
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DAY6 Chatroom by writer-senpaii
DAY6 Chatroomby aye-yiis-zee ^_^
In this book,you'll see the real side of DAY6 Note:This is just a joke. Please don't take it seriously. This isn't a real DAY6 chatroom and it's just a fan fiction. And...
  • fanfiction
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Book of Sadistic Jokes/Puns and Masochistic Jokes/Puns by PschopathicGirl
Book of Sadistic Jokes/Puns and PschopathicGirl
None of these are mine. If there is any that are MINE I will let you know. I hope you enjoy
  • sadist
  • sadomasochist
  • bdsm
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Ask The Demigods by acidicLesbian
Ask The Demigodsby acidicLesbian
Ask the demigods!!! It can be completely random!
  • reynico
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  • funny
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Camren Chats :) (Lesbian Story) (Camren) by xMermaidesx
Camren Chats :) (Lesbian Story) ( mer
This is a jOKE Highest ranking: 8/15/2018: #6 joke (also there are some random appearances here, like 1D, book characters, presidents, Spanglish, and aliens)
  • fifthharmony
  • bahfelicia
  • lesbian
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Halal Is Halal by OwnerOfTajMahal
Halal Is Halalby صائمہ‎
Muslim Jokes 3 Wallah Someone is back :P Jokes and stuffs..!!
  • arabic
  • muslim
  • usa
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| Daveed Diggs X Reader|  (WATTYS2018) by TheFlowGawd12
| Daveed Diggs X Reader| ( Weeewoo
Y/N Miranda, the sister of Lin-Manuel Miranda, was helping her brother with the Broadway musical Hamilton, she was the dress designer & dance choreographer, during this...
  • lgbt
  • lafayette
  • hamilton
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Bts jokes(part1) by lainediones16
Bts jokes(part1)by laineyy
Bts jokes!!!
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Holy Mother of Tacos! ✔️ || Wattys2018 by elektika
Holy Mother of Tacos! ✔️ || ✩ 𝑒𝓁𝑒𝓀𝓉𝒾𝓀𝒶✩
|COMPLETE| "Did you just...take my taco?" I did a double take at the guy who was strolling off with my scrumptious crunchy taco. He stilled and turned around...
  • ink
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Band 101 by Stealthheart
Band 101by stealthheartocarina z
Stereotypes, jokes, and other stuff for marching band, concert band, and guard. Have fun getting triggered!! {Rated NR} Highest rating: #294 in Humor COMPLETED JAN 3, 20...
  • trombone
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Come Aboard My Ship; There's No Way Out by harrish6
Come Aboard My Ship; There's No harrish6
(I do not own the cover, or any of the cartoons/shows/movies/games/fandoms in here, they belong to their respectful owners. I only own my OCs and this story/stories. I m...
  • this-is-my-life
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Smarty Lines (#1) | ✓  by azarellea
Smarty Lines (#1) | ✓ by ᴀ ᴢ ᴢ ɪ ᴇ
"Wassup?" "Are you wifi? Cause I feel a connection," "Well I could agree with you but we'd both be wrong," In which Thomas...
  • past
  • romance
  • wrongnumber
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Joke || Taekook by PinkuMochi
Joke || Taekookby 에보니
V grinned maniacally, his eyes pooling with hunger as he stared at the glinting sharp object. "I think that you should be careful with that...." V switches h...
  • schizophrenia
  • love
  • asylum
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Giant Joke Book by ____joelk
Giant Joke Bookby Joel K
Not giant yet
  • anti
  • funny
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"The Ruler" (A Baldi x Female Reader Crack Fanfiction) by UrBaeGay
"The Ruler" (A Baldi x Female (•ω•) Bebe/Bob Samuel III (•ω...
I am making this as a joke pls don't kill me papi (Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning made by mystman12) Rankings: #1 in #baldixreader - August 16, 2018 #2 in #cra...
  • crackfanfiction
  • baldisbasicsineducationandlearning
  • lemon
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🔴🦄funny dirty jokes😂😂😂 by kareen1200
🔴🦄funny dirty jokes😂😂😂by Karen sing
This is reserved for only the best and funniest, not all my joke. This is for the mature readers, will have warning for the extremely dirty jokes.............. at the b...
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