Joke Book by miellueur
Joke Bookby Sweeetener
Read the title, then you'll know what the story's about. See how that works?
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Funny Jokes and Comebacks by loser101loser
Funny Jokes and Comebacksby loser
*WARNING* This book will either make you want to bash your head on a table or knee slap :) Read if your sad, mad, happy, pissed, tired, bored or feeling anything in gene...
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Teaching You ✓ ( SMUT ) by Skeleton_lover_4life
Teaching You ✓ ( SMUT )by P!ATD_treasure
" You're Mine " he growled as he bit your neck " No one can have you but me "
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"The Ruler" (A Baldi x Female Reader Crack Fanfiction) by UrBaeGay
"The Ruler" (A Baldi x Female (•ω•) Bebe/Bob Samuel III (•ω...
I am making this as a joke pls don't kill me papi
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  • teacherxstudent
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BTS Muslim Memes by mynoorlight
BTS Muslim Memesby مريم
COMPILATION OF BTS ARAB MEMES First of all, welcome whether you are Muslim or not :) So I just decided to make a compilation of Memes, no, they are not the typical meme...
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The Joke Book by darkpoetesss
The Joke Bookby A lost soul
[Highest Rank #1 in #jokes.] A good laugh heals a lot of hurt. So here am I with a new joke book just wishing to spread happiness among you all. Hope you all like this b...
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| Daveed Diggs X Reader|   by TheFlowGawd12
| Daveed Diggs X Reader| by Weeewoo
Y/N Miranda, the sister of Lin-Manuel Miranda, was helping her brother with the Broadway musical Hamilton, she was the dress designer & dance choreographer, during this...
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  • lgbt
  • oof
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Smarty Lines (#1) | ✓  by azarellea
Smarty Lines (#1) | ✓ by ᴀ ᴢ ᴢ ɪ ᴇ
"Wassup?" "Are you wifi? Cause I feel a connection," "Well I could agree with you but we'd both be wrong," In which Thomas...
  • humor
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TEXTS by Sadhali
It rocking the nation! It's a worldwide sensation! Roll up, roll up to view the world's funniest texts. Get in quick we have autocorrect fails, breakups and much, much m...
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thicc || luwoo by ilydoyoung
thicc || luwooby Mimi? ♡
‛Hey Jungwoo, you looking eXTRA tHICC today" Meme FF △ Dirty humor, occasional cursing △ © ilydoyoung
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Holy Mother of Tacos! ✔️ || Wattys2018 by elektika
Holy Mother of Tacos! ✔️ || ✩ e l e k t i k a ✩
|COMPLETE| "Did you just...take my taco?" I did a double take at the guy who was strolling off with my scrumptious crunchy taco. He stilled and turned around...
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Joke || Taekook by PinkuMochi
Joke || Taekookby 에보니
V grinned maniacally, his eyes pooling with hunger as he stared at the glinting sharp object. "I think that you should be careful with that...." V switches h...
  • physcotic
  • jungkook
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The JOKE BOOK by xxFaryalxx
The JOKE BOOKby Faryal
This book contains all types of jokes that I have read somewhere and some of them are made by me!!!
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Band 101 by Stealthheart
Band 101by stealthheartocarina z
Stereotypes, jokes, and other stuff for marching band, concert band, and guard. Have fun getting triggered!! {Rated NR} Highest rating: #294 in Humor COMPLETED JAN 3, 20...
  • winter
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Another kind of joke (Jokers daughter story) by MacySvendsen
Another kind of joke (Jokers Just Macy
Lucy Quinzel, her parents are the well known clown-couple wreaking havoc on Gotham & elsewhere. Then again, lets say her father doesn't know she exists, and she hasn't...
  • quinzel
  • gotham
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Joke Books for Teens and Tweens by Pk10073429
Joke Books for Teens and Tweensby Trackstar524
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii *waves like maniac* *evil smile, evil smile, evil-okay I'll stop now* I wanted to start a Joke Book 'cauuuuse WHY NOT? I like to make people laugh 'cau...
  • pun
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I Love My Bestfriend by darkpoetesss
I Love My Bestfriendby A lost soul
[Highest Rank #28 in humor.] "L-Leon? Is th-that you?" I stammered. I saw his face, he looked hurt, I went near him, a tear drop rolled down his cheek. My hand...
  • romance
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Circus Freak » Jerome Valeska [COMPLETED] {EDITING} by esthetique101
Circus Freak » Jerome Valeska [ blue baby icicle
She was just as fragile as glass. Broke easily. But he never tried to smash the glass. He kissed every corner of it and took good care of it, never letting it go. Until...
  • teenageromance
  • wattys2017
  • jerome
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Little Things (A Harry Styles Fanfiction) by CelestialWinter
Little Things (A Harry Styles CelestialWinter
BE WARNED. THIS STARTS OUT IN THE CARROT YEARS OK.......You can skip a couple chapters I guess but can also just go to the second book... Lydia. 18. Beautiful. Nice. Sma...
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Pick-up Lines /Quotes /Hugot  by ImYourLovelyBabe
Pick-up Lines /Quotes /Hugot by Ms. Maria
Gusto mo ba ng Banat na malupit Yung tipong Mapapangiti mo si Gf or Bf pagsinabihan mo nito? Pero baka masapak ka din ?? pwede rin kay CRUSH , MGA MANHID KAY BESTFRIE...
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