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Shrek x Woody *SHREXY* by daddu_shrek
Shrek x Woody *SHREXY*by lindsay baxendale
Shrek is a struggling artist. A poet to be exact. Then he meets the dreamy woody who turns his life around. *smut* With special guest Guy Fieri highest ranking: #1 i...
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Quotes of the Old (Famous Quotes of Today) by smokey-elika
Quotes of the Old (Famous Quotes mami chula 😩
This volume of text is for out of context quotes that I aurally perceive from acquaintances and such in my circadian life. All the extracts in this novel are my own and...
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The Sons of Incubus: The Four Chosen Pillars by savvychwick
The Sons of Incubus: The Four LoiseOh
______________________ There were four of us. We were entrapped in a very large room with four huge beds placed parallel to each other. Each of us were chained and place...
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A Prince's Duty (A Tom Holland Fanfic) by ROTJ21871983
A Prince's Duty (A Tom Holland ROTJ21871983
You and Tom have been friends for the longest time, ever since you were kids to be prescise. Your mother was a maid, while Tom was a prince to inherit his fathers throne...
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Summers End by MissDicey
Summers Endby Ainsley
Bell and her parents go on a holiday to a small town in California for the summer. The town only has a couple hundred people and she runs into Matt he is the best thing...
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Saving Brownie | ✔ by wigglysubu
Saving Brownie | ✔by subs
01 in Humor [16-09-17] Georgia Brooks, the notorious, troublesome tomboy is the caretaker of Clark Brown, the mysterious and cold man who is an undercover billionaire...
  • comedy
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Cry-Baby by mazooka333
Cry-Babyby Mazooka
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
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Spider-son Iron-dad short stories and jokes  by GayrdianPanda1202
Spider-son Iron-dad short GayrdianPanda1202
Peter Parker is like a son to the amours Tony Stark, it also known as Iron man. This describes there life to gether as fatger and son.
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the grocery - bts crackfic by -FLAWEDMINS
the grocery - bts crackficby min
"so im kim taehyung, one of the employees in this crappy grocery store. this job pays but everyone here is so stupid and annoying. you know the ones that came here...
  • high
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  • namjoon
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Legitimement Maries by FlutePlayer56
Legitimement Mariesby FlutePlayer56
Harry Potter, Fred and Hermione Marriage Law. Set post-Hogwarts in the year 2000. Would love to hear your comments
  • party
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CountryHumans one-shots by Bitzaly
CountryHumans one-shotsby Bitzaly
LMAO THIS IS A JOKEnnnnn I don't hate CountryHumans and please don't send hate to them. In fact, I'm starting to get more into CountryHumans 😩 ok give me requests babes...
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Joke Book by tabithapagan
Joke Bookby Tabitha
Read the title, then you'll know what the story's about. See how that works?
  • joke
Dances in the rain  by -Sunshining-
Dances in the rain by 에보니
"were all just little matchsticks in his wake, waiting to be burned alive, waiting to be burned out in his poison. It's something beautiful in the end, isn't it.&qu...
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The JOKE BOOK by xxFaryalxx
The JOKE BOOKby Faryal
This book contains all types of jokes that I have read somewhere and some of them are made by me!!!
  • joke
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  • awesomejokes
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Generic Fanfics Guaranteed To Make You Cringe by Scarkittymaster666
Generic Fanfics Guaranteed To Scarkittymaster666
There's always that one fanfic that just makes us cringe the worst cringe we've ever cringed in the history of cringes. These are some examples of those fanfics.
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Halal Is Halal by OwnerOfTajMahal
Halal Is Halalby صائمہ‎
Muslim Jokes 3 Wallah Someone is back :P Jokes and stuffs..!!
  • arab
  • india
  • usa
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Sarcastic Jokes/Insluts by kareena_26
Sarcastic Jokes/Inslutsby kareena_26
In this I will be giving you some sarcastic insluts and jokes to tell your friends Started 15/12/2017 Finished 25/3/2018
  • sarcasm
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Loving A Beast by LovelyWriter123
Loving A Beastby D.M. Emerald
**"H-hunter please." I sobbed feeling the tears running down my cheeks His chest shook violently with a growl that had me wishing I could cover my ears before...
  • friends
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That awkward moment when.... by eigi4444
That awkward moment Eigi4444
Don't you hate that awkward moment when....It gets awkward....
  • awkward
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