His Warrior by Cheri_Cheri_Lady
His Warriorby Cheri_Cheri_Lady
Mena is a warrior. She is fierce, feral and fearless. Ares is an Alpha. He is strong, stoic and savage. - After being orphaned at a young age, Mena has always been deter...
  • heralpha
  • hiswarrior
  • strong
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Faline  by mrbieberswifey
Faline by all the love. x - e
Innocent Sweet Ethereal Shy Runt Omega Faline Strong Confident Dangerous Dominant Feared Alpha Alessio When he finds a small wolf chasing a butterfly onto his land, Alp...
  • mates
  • alphaandomega
  • little
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Unhealthy Obsession by izaswinchester
Unhealthy Obsessionby Izas Winchester
Phoebe is a normal 20 year old girl. She works on a restaurant to pay her bills, has a best friend ... But what happens when one night she meets two dangerous men who ta...
  • hot
  • mystery
  • stalker
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Captured By The King by coinikee
Captured By The Kingby Kimi L. Davis
I closed my eyes and waited. Waited for the slap that would no doubt be hard enough to break my neck. And the worst thing was, I couldn't do anything about it. ~~~~~~~~~...
  • passion
  • power
  • strong
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Twice Forbidden book one (Completed story) 18+ by naughtybutsweet1
Twice Forbidden book one ( Missyrissen1
(18+ only please.) What happens when your turned on by two men? What happens when those two men are turned on by you? Ivy Rose has just met two of the hottest men she ha...
  • strong
  • desire
  • love
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Peonies at Dawn  by sunrisewren
Peonies at Dawn by ophelia ☁️
As delicate as the flower she is named after, Peony Opara's isolation to the world caused her innocence and intense skill in bakery and gardening as they have been the o...
  • pack
  • strong
  • ethereal
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Escort Me Baby by reetilicious
Escort Me Babyby Reet
"Escort me, baby, while I mafia you up." *** EXCERPT: "On your knees!" I command the man and watch his brows rise in amusement. ...
  • mafia
  • wattys2018
  • mature
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Darkest Before Dawn by writer168
Darkest Before Dawnby a ninja
Orochimaru never became a missing-nin. The Fourth Hokage still stood tall. There was no Uchiha Massacre. The Akatsuki never existed. Madara never became a problem. What...
  • naruto
  • sakura
  • strong
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Twice forbidden II Forbidden Fruit (BOOK 2) 18+ Completed story. by naughtybutsweet1
Twice forbidden II Forbidden Missyrissen1
Adriana Elizabeth Jackson, daughter of Reese and Ivy Jackson. Free Spirit and opened minded. She is nothing like her siblings. She has also been an active lesbian since...
  • sexualfantasy
  • featured
  • heartbreak
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The Great Medic [A Naruto Fanfiction] by DeathByShyKid
The Great Medic [A Naruto Nana-Chan
"However, for those who master medical ninjutsu, these people are praised in the shinobi ranks for saving lives." No one could've known that those words that I...
  • konoha
  • sasuke
  • shikanaru
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My Twin Mates and I by alyxxstar
My Twin Mates and Iby alyxxstar
"You're ours, forever, until the day we leave this earth." ****** Started on 7/25/2016 Highest Rank- #15 on 8/15/2017
  • goodgirl
  • popular
  • mate
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Erik's Crime - The Romano Series 5 by WriterRH
Erik's Crime - The Romano Series 5by R. M. Healy
When the flight landed in Italy, Aveline felt the excitement wash over her. She had the opportunity to take a fantastic job in a prestigious hotel and knew it was an off...
  • love
  • romance
  • italian
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Amor de Rey (EDITING) by lieselotds
Amor de Rey (EDITING)by Lieselot
Survival, no matter what. That is what kept Victoria alive. A young girl with a troubled past learned to take care of herself by dealing in drugs. Money is the onl...
  • criminal
  • murder
  • romance
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Contronym by AmeliaGreyson
Contronymby Madison Amelia Greyson
"I know I'm hot, but keep your legs closed, Mason." *** "Fuck you." I panted out at him. Finn leaned over my body, my stiff nipples nearly grazing hi...
  • jocks
  • strong
  • lacrosse
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The Blind Games ✔ by allisonrights
The Blind Games ✔by Allison
Bella Jones is the definition of broken. She lost everything in a matter of minutes- her best friend, her parents support, her bonds with her little brother, her sight...
  • mentalstrength
  • twist
  • strong
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Right Through Me by Red_Pineapple6
Right Through Meby D. M. Brightwell
Lina owns a small clinic in a small, rough town. Everyone in town knows her, mainly because her clinic is the equivalent to a hospital only it is much cheaper and more w...
  • love
  • gladiator
  • blood
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The Greed of Wolves by alicenicholsons
The Greed of Wolvesby i be the witch of the wood
I can not think back on when the wolves made themselves known. Of course we learned of it in history but my brain was too packed of other useless facts and numbers that...
  • alpha
  • mate
  • pack
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The True Me by Mystic_Nightmare
The True Meby Mystic_Nightmare
Naruto has been taking abuse from the villagers for time and time again. He sick and tired of it all. When Naruto is 2 and running from the villagers after giving him a...
  • yaoi
  • narutowattyawards
  • strong
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The Bite by BellaLoveLola
The Biteby Bella Love
Ever felt as if love wasnt for you, but still in some weird way you was the happiest person alive? Nothing or anyone could take that from you? Ava is a 19 year old free...
  • mate
  • fiction
  • wattys2018
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Childhood Apocalypse [BL] by Gaia-Jupiter
Childhood Apocalypse [BL]by No pm allowed
Qiú ZhīRong, a soldier and a former Zombie King got reborn back to 10 years ago when he was still human. It was 1 month before the Apocalypse started. Knowing what was...
  • betrayal
  • bl
  • ml
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