Save Me - Trixya. by xxxFALLEN___angelxxx
Save Me - Trixya.by JASPER-SHAYE
"Stay!" I grabbed his arm as he turned to leave. "Please." In all honesty there was a part of me that wanted him to say no. My mind was split into tw...
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  • meth
  • suicidalthoughts
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Kamikaze || River Phoenix by milliepied
Kamikaze || River Phoenixby milliepied
"I'm your kamikaze and tonight is the night that we might fall together." Trying to make a living in L.A can be tough, challenging and tricky... especially if...
  • smoking
  • romance
  • los
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Sweet whiskey by KarlyWDane
Sweet whiskeyby KRH
Sweet whiskey buns. Cinnamon buns with whiskey and a lime icing. Her favorite, his favorite, a friendship born from cinnamon. Emma Sanders is the owner of Em's bakery. I...
  • love
  • law
  • cinnamon
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20 Days In His Bedroom by Roniiaa
20 Days In His Bedroomby Roniiaa
Twyla didn't realize what she was getting into when she boarded the plane, the plane that would lead her to love at first sight, and also to first tragedy. When she t...
  • flight
  • hotelroom
  • plane
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Tyle możliwości by impala1533
Tyle możliwościby impala1533
Chuck, Bóg, życie i plany autora "Supernatural, tajemnica,
  • kanada
  • książki
  • świat
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Whiskey words & a shovel by CarinaStyles6
Whiskey words & a shovelby CarinaStyles6
All credits to r.h. Sin
  • ashovel
  • whiskey
  • words
I am not a saint ( Detroit: Become Human Hank Anderson) by lucyfliver
I am not a saint ( Detroit: Become...by Lucy Blackrose Fliver
Egy kis Hank szösszenet.
  • depresszió
  • become
  • cole
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A Wee Dram by ZonderZorg
A Wee Dramby Michael Walsh
Originally written for the WriteOn Weekend Write-In prompt themed "Macabre Menagerie" - 30 October to 1 November 2015. With no word limit, tell a story that in...
  • weekendwritein
  • malt
  • highlands
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forgiveness (book one) by marissa-lynn
forgiveness (book one)by Marissa
"I killed my best friend when I was drunk driving. It's been two years, and I'll never, ever, forgive myself." [ book one of The Past Tetralogy ]
  • story
  • short
  • strength
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Worn Out by WhaleScrote
Worn Outby CaNyOUnOt
He wasn't just a good fuck, he wasn't just a heartless pimp, sure he made money but Tyler kept him sane. Even if Josh earned his trust, used him just for a good fuck Tyl...
  • 9rings
  • joshler
  • deals
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Agent Whiskey x my friend lmao  by TheYiffCircus
Agent Whiskey x my friend lmao by Skrrrt
This was a Valentine's Day gift lol I feel like posting this because I never post good shit. This is smut btw
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Lovefool by propertheives
Lovefoolby el
Maybe the poets are right. Maybe love is the only answer. cover by @allwesinners
  • boy
  • cute
  • drunk
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Whisky und Zigaretten by ageniusdoesntfeel
Whisky und Zigarettenby ageniusdoesntfeel
Dies soll eine Sammlung an Geschichten werden, die meine momentane Gefühlslage zusammenfassen und in denen sich vielleicht jemand wiederfinden kann
  • musik
  • comingofage
  • kurzgeschichten
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Asylum by _syd__lovatic_
Asylumby sydney
Journal #1 (Day 17) ... Well, My name is Avery... I'll be writing about my life before and why I was placed in this loony bin.
  • twin
  • whiskey
  • hospital
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I'll never forget the way you made me feel on that cold starry night. All rights reserved whiskeyandtragedies
  • whiskey
  • poetrycollection
  • heartbreak
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sober thoughts by -cinderharry
sober thoughtsby j
volume i "she wrote it down, she kept record of them all. words expressing past emotions, details of what transpired with who, what and where. she might call it poe...
  • sadness
  • shovel
  • truth
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