Married to the Heartless Billionaire (Completed) by peace_in_Dark
Married to the Heartless twilight
"You're surely hot indeed sexy. But my doomed fate, my husband is a womanizer. A pervert who probably doesn't remember the number of one night stands he'd before ma...
  • zaylena
  • beautiful
  • zayce
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BOSS. HAECHAN by hyucksflower
BOSS. HAECHANby ʜʏᴜᴄᴋ ‘s
"let me show you how i lead you like a boss and play you like a player" finished✔️
  • mark
  • nctdream
  • wattys2018
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Touch ( Ticci Toby X Reader ) by RoslynNightheart
Touch ( Ticci Toby X Reader )by Roslyn
A 17-year-old girl has been isolated in a Mental Institution for 3 years now, every passing hour becoming a blur. The closest she can ever get to the outside world is by...
  • ticci
  • ben
  • ticcitoby
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The Cuddler I MJ fanfiction by ThisIsACupcakeCrumb
The Cuddler I MJ fanfictionby ThisIsACupcakeCrumb
Michael Jackson is depressed. All the garbage the tabloids write about him hurts so bad, and everyone is believing it. Nothing helps against the deep hole of pitty he is...
  • pillow
  • fanfiction
  • teddybear
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Don't touch me by CupidsFallenArrow
Don't touch meby Andrea
haphephobia[haf′ē-fō′bē-ă] Definition: The rare fear of being touched. Wesley has haphephobia, a fear of touching. He is marked by a past that has made him terrified o...
  • abuse
  • freak
  • neglect
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Tender - A Disney-esque Adventure for Adults by Blondeanddangerous
Tender - A Disney-esque Kate J. Squires
A romantic fantasy for anyone who ever dreamed of being a Disney Princess. Overly-emotional Misty has been cast as the voice of the Unnamed Princess in the newest animat...
  • adventure
  • sensitive
  • stepmother
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The Resident // Harry Styles H.S.  by needmoreharry
The Resident // Harry Styles H.S. by needmoreharry
Janel survived abuse and neglect as a child, at the hands of her adoptive parents. When they died, she lived in the woods, just trying to survive each day. When she was...
  • neglect
  • touch
  • abuse
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Wooing His Wife by anamika_writes
Wooing His Wifeby anamika_writes
This is a sort of spin off to "Still Mine". 6 months of marriage and then divorce. Shivaay Singh Oberoi made one horrible decision. Decision to Divorce his wif...
  • shivika
  • divorce
  • heart
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Sonic Boys X Reader Story, The Sleepover Games(Reopened!!) by Chloe_The_Hedgewolf
Sonic Boys X Reader Story, The :3
You, A Sleepover, Games, And Tons Of Sonic Boys?! Read Stories About You And A Sonic Boy Play Games That Have A Kick Of Romance In Them Like, Seven Seconds In Heaven, Th...
  • out
  • touch
  • king
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Stars by republicans
Starsby @AnneeSparrow
❝ They watched the stars, night after night ❞ { Watty 2015 Winner Copyright © enchanto. All Rights Reserved }
  • hurt
  • stargaze
  • night
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A Wolf's Touch by sweet_Buttercup17
A Wolf's Touchby sweet_Buttercup17
Rumor has it that a young werewolf living on its own in the middle of the high mountains, is miraculously returning the humanity within rouges. A werewolf's touch they s...
  • werewolf
  • brothers
  • rouges
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Touch of Tainted Love (The Faery Meadow Book 5) by lumtrexa
Touch of Tainted Love (The Faery Lumtrexa
When a certain demon woman, Piper, comes proclaiming she is the true mayor of Hegley Hallow and that Viktor is her mate, things only get more complicated. However, when...
  • series
  • thefaerymeadowseries
  • faeries
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Plz stop........... by radha_14989
Plz radha
first read story then u will understand...........
  • pain
  • love
  • în
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Arshi TS: ASR's Marriage Approach by Kalaisworld22
Arshi TS: ASR's Marriage Approachby Kalaisworld22
A three shot of our Arshi... When the mighty ASR's eyes fell on our Khushi who is really allergic to romance... What will happen.... Get in guys....
  • kiss
  • arshi
  • anger
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A Touch of Poison by ironkite
A Touch of Poisonby Aaron Kite
Gwenwyn is the most miserable princess ever, and for good reason. Merely brushing up against her or touching her exposed skin is enough to cause painful burns, or worse...
  • fantasy
  • prince
  • gwenwyn
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-My Bad Girl- by _D4RK_4N631_
-My Bad Girl-by {...D3Let1Ng...}
OC X OC ~~~~~~ The bad girl in school, the most scariest person at school. She knows how to deal with people and she is incredibly observant and smart. What happens when...
  • boyfriend
  • action
  • drama
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Don't Touch by -tsundoku
Don't Touchby Kersh
Tia knows trouble like an old friend - or the high school rival some people have weirdly good chemistry with. Cracked wrists, cats in trees, gunshots, lost tourists, mug...
  • mayormaynotbeaharem
  • authorisaweeb
  • containsasians
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Forbidden by MaaariFaaat
Forbiddenby Fatima Roxas
This summer, an immortal guy and a girl from the city meets. The guy who is forbidden to touch. A forbidden love will slowly grow. Could they have a happy ending in thei...
  • summer
  • love
  • touch
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Taeyong's Manager by LeeTaeyongiie
Taeyong's Managerby Taeyongie
This story is about a girl who got accepted to be taeyong's manager. Taeyong is a very popular celebrity in South Korea. Taeyong is very arrogant and ego but he has a go...
  • nct
  • touch
  • cherrybomb
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My Best Friend | 정호석 by V14girl
My Best Friend | 정호석by 초콜릿 애호가
Lee Y/N and Jung Hoseok are best friends ever since they were in diapers. Your mother and his mother are just as similar as you two. Inseparable. This one word can be...
  • love
  • junghoseok
  • bantansonyeondan
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