Wrong Number Included | ✔ by taledust
Wrong Number Included | ✔by g h a e v i a
"Aurel?" "I told you I'm not a girl" "Well, since I haven't seen you, your sexuality is not confirmed" "You want me to send you a pic...
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•Mystic Messenger Smut (18+)• by Sasakure
•Mystic Messenger Smut (18+)•by Mistou
I'll be taking requests from anyone! Warnings: Smut and very inappropriate use of speech! Follow my tumblr: Kruits I'll post as much as I can!
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text me / JUNGKOOKby KAT
a girl who's dumb enough to not realize she's texting her idol and not some random girl.
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changes | zach herron  by -herronshappiness
changes | zach herron by -bridgette
IN WHICH SHE CHANGES BECAUSE OF HIM! written: 8/5/18 posted: 8/5/18 finished:
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talk - jachary by miserableroses
talk - jacharyby malia.♡
where zach, falls for his band mate and best friend jack avery who's stubborn and believes he can't like zach. ___ "bro i'm not fucking gay," "me either...
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Talking  by JordynHise
Talking by Shy,Weeaboo
Random book
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Open When... by icrownless
Open I
A series of "Open When" letters... To: You From: Me *Originally created for my best friend, but if others can benefit from it, then all the better. Please feel...
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How I feel by WifiIs4Waffles
How I feelby WifiIs4Waffles
I feel alot of different things so this is to rant and talk about stuff
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Talk Tonight by AdlerKapranos
Talk Tonightby AdlerKapranos
Hablaba todas las noches con ella, la conoció en el set de "The Night Manager", pero en las grabaciones ella se mostraba un tanto distante. Sin embargo, Tom Hi...
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⭐My Book Of Randomness⭐ by TheDragonsFriend
⭐My Book Of Randomness⭐by Anti-Bitch
Welcome little b****s!! I'm sorry... Just hype. Anyway, come see what's on my mind 24/7... Or just join for fun. Here, I'll make edits of drawings or collages, talk abou...
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Suicide Quotes by MysticalNobody
Suicide Quotesby Lover
Includes Depression, suicide, and so much quotes that people can, sadly, relate to. Need someone to talk to? Talk to me, or anyone else. Anonymously or not, I'm here to...
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Coffee & Cats | ✔ by taledust
Coffee & Cats | ✔by g h a e v i a
"I may work here, but that doesn't mean I drink coffee." "Why?" "Well, why dont you like cats?" "I'm allergic to cats." "The...
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[COMPLETED] "Hello?" *deep voice*"It's done. I hid the dead body.... Heading your way. Got you on GPS. You better have my money." "WHAT...
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After The Accident  by bomski04
After The Accident by Boma
When Natasha Grayson was involved in a car accident after getting a job as a fashion designer for a well known fashion label, she was taken to the hospital to be cared f...
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Mr. Unknown | The Secret Admirer | by ShinySparklesxox
Mr. Unknown | The Secret Admirer |by harm
"A stranger can become your life." -Mr. Unknown. Aria Clarkson is an ordinary 19 years old girl who lives a normal life with crazy family and friends. She is a...
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Conversations with Dippy by DipStick45
Conversations with Dippyby D҉I҉P҉P҉Y҉
This is just a place where I can have conversations with my readers! Where you can ask questions and we an both get to know each other better! Pretty much talk about any...
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LEYNA'S TALK by aleenatasy
LEYNA'S TALKby aleenatasy
Hanya sembang-sembang biasa apabila kebosanan melanda diri yini . Yang nak kenal tu . Ha and dialukan ke Talk ini . Yang nak jadi haters? ha tepuk! blah la brader siste...
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Why dont we - Paul brothers Little sister  by AshleyH6363
Why dont we - Paul brothers Ashley
All my life I've seen princesses and happily ever afters.. All I wonder is if I'll ever have one one those. Or Maybe happiness just doesn't last a lifetime.. fucking lia...
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My Safe Haven  by orangedaniel
My Safe Haven by Leah
A 14 y/o boy gave me the idea so if it sucks... I apologize but comment and vote. Love and hugs(:
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Ranting (inspired by SixLTwilight)  by The_Wannabe_Director
Ranting (inspired by SixLTwilight) by Fern
Go follow SixLTwilight. She inspired me to write the story. Even though half of my fans don't care about my rants. But I still enjoy writing it so I'm just like somewhat...
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