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changes | zach herron  by euphoriaherron
changes | zach herron by -bridgette
IN WHICH SHE CHANGES BECAUSE OF HIM! written: 8/5/18 posted: 8/5/18 finished:
  • wrongnumber
  • herron
  • jackaverymusic
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Insufferable by apathetic_Remorse
Insufferableby Tee
I stepped towards him, the Mate that was to be mine for all eternity. But before I could leap into his arms, he put his hands up, as if to tell me not to do what was an...
  • hate
  • hurt
  • mate
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Him, Her and Nothing In Between  by curlynerd4ever
Him, Her and Nothing In Between by CurlyNerd
Do you wish you could love someone? And have fallen deep enough to do so? Diana Romano Lucciano has finally escaped her past tremors. After a year or so of being flung a...
  • teenfiction
  • hatred
  • emotion
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•Mystic Messenger Smut (18+)• by Sasakure
•Mystic Messenger Smut (18+)•by Pretties
I'll be taking requests from anyone! Warnings: Smut and very inappropriate use of speech! Follow my tumblr: Kruits I'll post as much as I can!
  • jaehee
  • girlxboy
  • girlxboyxgirl
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Wrong Number Included | ✔ by taledust
Wrong Number Included | ✔by g h a e v i a
"Aurel?" "I told you I'm not a girl" "Well, since I haven't seen you, your sexuality is not confirmed" "You want me to send you a pic...
  • talk
  • dialog
  • short
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Why dont we - Paul brothers Little sister  by AshleyH6363
Why dont we - Paul brothers Ashley
All my life I've seen princesses and happily ever afters.. All I wonder is if I'll ever have one one those. Or Maybe happiness just doesn't last a lifetime.. fucking lia...
  • intoodeep
  • dirtyjokes
  • falling
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text me / JUNGKOOK by busanskr
text me / JUNGKOOKby KAT
a girl who's dumb enough to not realize she's texting her idol and not some random girl.
  • kik
  • readerxcharacter
  • fangirl
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Why Don't We Imagines  by theresejj
Why Don't We Imagines by romanova
We all know the NEW, amazing boy band from some of Logan Paul's vlogs. 'Why Don't We' the new boy band in town. With four EPs named 'Something Different', 'Only The Begi...
  • manband
  • somethingdifferent
  • thesegirls
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Silent by HiddenKnight
Silentby The Nerdy Girl
Whisper Woods. Yes, that's a name. Whispers life is a little bit different from what you would expect. She is quiet, shy,kind,sweet and overall a non-judgmental person...
  • bad
  • talk
  • badboy
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talk - jachary by miserableroses
talk - jacharyby malia♡
where zach, falls for his band mate and best friend jack avery who's stubborn and believes he can't like zach. ___ "bro i'm not fucking gay," "me either...
  • zach
  • whydontwe
  • gay
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malarkey by gallachester
malarkeyby Kaley 👅
ma·lar·key məˈlärkē/Submit nouninformal meaningless talk; nonsense.
  • friends
  • love
  • teen
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Watercolours | ✓ by Shyneepul
Watercolours | ✓by Pul
#1 in Dialogue (09.05.18) #1 in Colors (19.06.18) #48 in Short Story (11.05.18) "Did you hear about the artist that died?" "Huh?" "Too many st...
  • wattys2018
  • love
  • colors
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Stalker Girl [COMPLETED] by bmv555
Stalker Girl [COMPLETED]by VINU
[COMPLETED] "I could bring some lunch and drop it off at your house if you give me your address......" "Oh hell no!!! I don't want some 60 year old rapist...
  • projectbadboys
  • possessive
  • completed
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Love My Thug <3 by brenae97
Love My Thug <3by brenae97
Kira have this crush on this guy named Trent and he is the biggest drug lord in Miami! Will they finally get together or will everything come crashing down??
  • talk
  • know
  • girl
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lesbian one shots  by achlysnyx
lesbian one shots by <3
Title says it all babes ;)
  • kinks
  • threesome
  • lesbiandirtytalk
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Talk to me by aLittleFlowerGirl
Talk to meby A Flower_Girl
a girl living in the woods. -Mia- a killer exploring the woods. -Jules- they meet eachother. what will happen...? -A Flower_Girl-
  • cuteness
  • ewe
  • jules
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Cause and Effect || Jonah Marais by harrysblackpants
Cause and Effect || Jonah Maraisby Lily
Emma and Zach have been best friends for years, and Zach invites Emma to visit his band Why Don't We in LA. When she gets there, her and Jonah immediately have a connect...
  • support4zachherron
  • jonahmarais
  • bands
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Talk Tonight by AdlerKapranos
Talk Tonightby AdlerKapranos
Hablaba todas las noches con ella, la conoció en el set de "The Night Manager", pero en las grabaciones ella se mostraba un tanto distante. Sin embargo, Tom Hi...
  • smith
  • jessica
  • findlay
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Me and the  Maurderers yelling at each other! by Demigodwitch2001
Me and the Maurderers yelling Demigodwitch2001
No Peter. The Maurderers belong to J.K. Rowling
  • siriusblack
  • remuslupin
  • harrypotter
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Open When... by icrownless
Open I
A series of "Open When" letters... To: You From: Me *Originally created for my best friend, but if others can benefit from it, then all the better. Please feel...
  • music
  • letters
  • sad
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