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Heartbreak Plans by baeshai
Heartbreak Plansby baeshai
Persephone Grace Hart: A former nerd who was always pushed around by bullies, was called four eyes, and a teacher's pet. Now, senior year. She has the reputation of tyin...
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Good Girl Meets Bad Boy by Forever_Dark
Good Girl Meets Bad Boyby Emily
Every guy wants a good girl that will only be bad for him. A bad boy is known as a heartbreaker, troublemaker and rulebreaker. Meet Shane Collmen. The Walmort High Schoo...
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Dying for Revenge by toybooty_
Dying for Revengeby S.R. Bentley
Kevin, a married man, has been fulfilling his fantasy with Alisha. Once Alisha establish she wants commitment Kevin chooses to stay with his wife. Alisha does not take i...
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THE MONEY - BOOK 1 by Abby_Ung
THE MONEY - BOOK 1by Abby_Ung
The Levine's Series - Book 1. __________________________________________ ''I will destroy whoever want my money'' said by Enrique Levine. ''Why does it has to be...
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The Heartbreaker Billionaire by TeruTeruBozu
The Heartbreaker Billionaireby Teru Teru Bozu
He is the notorious playboy who is every woman’s dream – wealthy, handsome and charismatic, while she is a struggling waitress whose is desperate to leave her life of po...
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Tim's Sister by hayeslexi
Tim's Sisterby hayeslexi
Hi I'm Jack Daniels Shepard. I'm the little sister of Tim Shepard and big sister to Curly Shepard. I'm 16 and I have brown hair and dark brown eyes. I'm 6'0 I weigh 120...
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Rachel and Andrew (editing) by KevinaOyatedor
Rachel and Andrew (editing)by kevina
There's no denying the spark between these two neighbors. As Rachel and Andrew grew closer, it's hard to stay away. Beautiful cover by @justonebite
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The Break Up Girl (Slow Updates) by scrutinized
The Break Up Girl (Slow Updates)by Faith
Esme Lavanders has gone through boys quicker than a negligent student flipping through a Mathematics textbook, and that's a lot to say. Esme is the girl who can never st...
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How To Be A HeartBreaker ( Merome AU + BoyXBoy )  by RandomDancinMerome
How To Be A HeartBreaker ( Merome...by I'm Back?
Mitchell Hughes is a 16-year-old high school student. Mitch moved from Canada, The Caribbean island of Barbados to New Jeresy. He attends a new school called Heartly Hig...
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Set it Free by supersecretninja
Set it Freeby eli jones
One Shot for The Heartbroken Heartbreaker by SamMadison
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To see underneath the Mask by DoctorWeasley97
To see underneath the Maskby Amy
They say you attract the same type of person your whole life. For Emily Brace, that can't be more true. She is surrounded by murderers and thieves, but can she escape th...
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How to be a Heartbreaker by avedabave
How to be a Heartbreakerby avedabave
"Fine." I agreed "Really?" She squeaked. "Yes really he's a jerk who needs to be put in his place and you're my best friend, so if this makes y...
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¡UNO! by itsmadirayne
¡UNO!by Madison Paratore
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Love, Hate, and Confusion by HandR4ever2000s
Love, Hate, and Confusionby Hannah
Meet Nichole Collins, a senior at North Port High School who's life hasn't been to great. Between a parents divorce, lies, and fighting, everything's been pretty bad. Th...
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Heartbreaker ~ Luke Hemmings by loserfrangipane
Heartbreaker ~ Luke Hemmingsby loserfrangipane
Luke Hemmings is bad news. He'll lure you into a false sense of security, make you trust him, love him, and break you. I knew not to fall into his trap, but his little g...
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Justin Bieber imagines by ImaginesJB
Justin Bieber imaginesby ImaginesJB
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karma's a bitch and so am I by sofi8242
karma's a bitch and so am Iby sofi8242
meet jesse she's your average nerd big glasses , braces and super smart shes bullied 24/7 and treated like dirt. meet Jace Black popular bad ass player he gets everythin...
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Unexpected Love by jdb1dxxx
Unexpected Loveby jdb1dxxx
Eliana, an 18 year old college student in Australia; lives a normal teenage life until one concert, one person, one night, changes her entire life. She wasn't looking f...
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Temporarily Geek by cities-apart
Temporarily Geekby Indie
(Previously known as The Heartbreaker And The Undercover) “I know you hate my presence, Adrianne.” He took a step forward, closing the distance between us. “That’s why...
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Beneath The Covers by jaishapakiwag
Beneath The Coversby jaishapakiwag
Jasmine and Logan have been friends since 2 grade. Always together at eachothers sides. But what happens when Logan becomes the schools playboy. And what happens when Ja...
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