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Cry-Baby by braycriss
Cry-Babyby C. Bray
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
  • beach
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  • streetfighter
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sympathy ~ e.d. by mosaicbrokenheartts
sympathy ~ im
~ rewriting ~ where a seemingly perfect boy meets a broken girl and starts to feel sympathy, according to her. However, he seems to stick around for longer than just the...
  • wattys2019
  • grayson
  • dolan
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Just What I Needed by chooseitwisely
Just What I Neededby Kelsey
In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one t...
  • foo
  • stones
  • city
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This Kitten Has Claws by Lol5679
This Kitten Has Clawsby Rae Ann
Waking up naked in the middle of the woods wasn't exactly on Amanda's summer wish list. With no recollection as to what happened to her or where she came from, Amanda mu...
  • illness
  • open
  • stop
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Obscure by luv_clyde
Obscureby Gypsophilia
• Completed • An 18 year old girl risks her life to escape from her country but what happens when she approaches a killer for help.. This is my first story and I will up...
  • tragic
  • mystery
  • suspense
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He Doesn't Love Me... Or Does He? |✓ [ Under Major Editing ] by _rosereads_
He Doesn't Love Me... Or Does roses & thorns
"You don't tell me what I do. You are mine now and I have control over you." he states, giving my hand a harsh hitch. His nails dig into my skin and I cry out...
  • diya
  • truth
  • rahul
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Was It Meant To Be? (COMPLETED) by saimaaaaaa
Was It Meant To Be? (COMPLETED)by Saima Malik
#1 Mistakes - 07.07.18 #3 Spiritual - 19.06.18 #1 Mistakes - 27.08.18 #1 Mistakes - 16.10.18 #3 Inspirational - 26.10.18 #1 Inspirational- 10.11.18 #1 Mistakes - 17.11.1...
  • beauty
  • family
  • inspirational
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She Controls Me by PopUnicorn0981
She Controls Meby PopUnicorn0981
Alex's family is not in the best condition. Her mother and father are constantly working to give Alex a somewhat good life. But soon her best friend, Angel, falls ill...
  • girlxboy
  • drama
  • slave
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My bully is My Mate?  by ___blankk___
My bully is My Mate? by ___blankk___
Brittney is a werewolve whose parents died in a rouge attack at the age of 5. Then theirs Alpha Brian who bullied Brittney since age 5, but on May 2 she is turning 16 wh...
  • hated
  • forgiveness
  • rejection
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Avenging My Sister by yashikochar
Avenging My Sisterby -caramelstars-
There are a very few people who would avenge your loved ones. My sister needed it. Though not like I did but he left no other option. I'll flex to my family's enemy. &qu...
  • avenge
  • sistersforlife
  • acidattack
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To Define This by Strangerstardust
To Define Thisby Strangerstardust
This is just some poetry I've written. It's about anything really. This and that. Some good, some bad. Just life, I guess. Some of these will be sad. Some happy. Some ho...
  • hopeful
  • growingup
  • human
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The Black Parade [1] by AttackOnNacho
The Black Parade [1]by Bonus Jonas
The untold story of A girl A guy And a notorious rock opera
  • rockopera
  • famouslastwords
  • way
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Drug Queen {Drug Princess Part 2} by Kimberlallay
Drug Queen {Drug Princess Part 2}by Bella The Great
With "Faith" by Kaiden side you'd think all is good after the death of "True". Starting a new life with Harmony, Grey, and Kiyona. With Kaiden promis...
  • connects
  • drugs
  • love
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Choosing Fate by RimUranium
Choosing Fateby Rim
Elementals, Destinies and Time Guardians. Three races gifted with powers that exist to maintain peace between humans and themselves. At birth, every child is given the d...
  • mysterious
  • friend
  • attack
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Living With It by OliviaKow
Living With Itby Olivia Kowtiuk
Isabella Thompson is a sixteen year old girl suffering from severe anxiety and depression. Having anxiety attacks almost every day, Isabella is very aware of her problem...
  • kiss
  • mentalhealth
  • anxietyattacks
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I'm Obviously A Girl. But none of you idiots have to know that... by RainDancer133
I'm Obviously A Girl. But none Charlotte
Everyone has their own obsession; 16 year old Samantha Stone's is Kale McCann. But how could she not? He's beautiful, funny, sweet, nice--and totally not interested. Pl...
  • undercover
  • mad
  • strangers
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My love by Bozo_Snailrator
My loveby Bozo_Snailrator
I love this girl.
  • loveofmylife
  • lesbian
  • theloveofmylife
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Sad short stories by chocodip_
Sad short storiesby honeybunlovely
Sadness. It's a feeling that comes after joy. (all details of this book is created by Chocodip_ unless otherwise stated)
  • sad
  • regret
  • meaning
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Rayuwar Salimah....
  • life
  • story
  • sympathy