empyrean | pjm (wattys2017) by shooknae
empyrean | pjm (wattys2017)by 〰️mochi〰️
Best ranking: #12 in fanfiction God!Jimin AU Park Jimin, a mysterious super natural being falls in love with Yoona , a small town girl, but refuses to reveal his true id...
  • chinnychimchim
  • bangtan
  • jin
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Lie Until You Laugh by writerbug44
Lie Until You Laughby Madeline
Sienna Mast is a tough girl and she always has been. But everybody has their breaking point. Sienna's abusive household becomes too much for her, so she seeks outside he...
  • dance
  • penn
  • fighting
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Lie - by SakuraFlowah
Lie - Jìng
Sometimes we just have to lie to protect ourselves... In this case, Jungkook has to lie about him not being an omega to protect himself from the Alphas and Betas. But w...
  • toptae
  • jungkook
  • alpha
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The Perfect Lie by RaineManlapas
The Perfect Lieby Raine Manlapas
Ace Enriquez had to come home to his family for Christmas after eleven long years of being away because of his disagreement with his father. On his way home, he encoun...
  • family
  • protector
  • billionaire
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TJL#2#The SECRETS √ by HiddenInTheEpic
TJL#2#The SECRETS √by Arshia Saif Kayanat
Screaming fans around her, she is an international singing superstar. Only 21, created history in music. She has immeasurable beauty, a heart melting smile and powerful...
  • billioner
  • rockstar
  • secret
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Reunited || A.A Fanfic Series by yumgucci
Reunited || A.A Fanfic Seriesby Mother of 3k+ <3
{ Book Three } Alexis and August are still going through a few things, and they end up coming together. A few things cause them pain and also, Mello has a few ups and d...
  • mature
  • august
  • love
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Falling for my Bodyguard by jody244
Falling for my Bodyguardby jody244
This story is base on high school girl named Jasmine Hastings. She is the most popular kid in school on the richest too, she's the daughter of Micheal Hastings. He's a b...
  • romance
  • anger
  • love
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The Perfect Lie by greenwriter
The Perfect Lieby Janelle Ruiz
One perfect lie to make her problem go away. One man to make it all happen. One crazy family to make it difficult. One group of crazier friends for backup in case she ne...
  • college
  • perfect
  • willie
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My Sisters Boyfriend (Completed) by IdkFortune
My Sisters Boyfriend (Completed)by Kaitlyn Shaw
Rosalyn life has never been easy. Her dad died when she was 10 years old. She dealt with depression for about 2 years. Over that time, she developed a thick skin. Her li...
  • pregnant
  • cheater
  • boyfriend
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The Valentine's Note by TryTillYouSucceed
The Valentine's Noteby TryTillYouSucceed
"Strange," I remarked as the waitress left us at a table in the corner. "You seem like a person who has lots of confidence. Why'd you send me the anonymou...
  • betray
  • hot
  • motorbike
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Everybody's Fool by Babywolf-Lover
Everybody's Foolby Elisha
Summary: Naru struggled with the fact that no one believed in her, and that no matter what she did it didn't matter and wasn't worth it. One day she meets Ibiki Moreno;...
  • noncon
  • training
  • torture
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Dark. [Jason Mccann]  by ItsKrissy
Dark. [Jason Mccann] by Kristina
gangs, violence, crime... what does all that mean? well Kristina doesn't know either but what she also doesn't know is she'll know later on and it will NOT be good. What...
  • friendship
  • fights
  • jason
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[H]Misi Memikat Ex-Boyfriend : ❝❀taehyung❞ by revelived
[H]Misi Memikat Ex-Boyfriend : ❝❀ kau stalk, kau noob
+ siapa kata senang nak pikat ex? Meh tunjuk demo sikit ! Disebabkan dare aku kena buat .. tapi semua tu sekejap sahaja, apabila ada yang merosakkan segala rancangan aku...
  • bbma
  • sowhat
  • kth
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Lie to me?(Second book to my not so sweet daughter) by AugustNeverson
Lie to me?(Second book to my not AugustNeverson
Rachel and her daddy just got back to the house and everything's fine and dandy for now!
  • baby
  • rachel
  • daddykink
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Obsesi CEO Tampan  by deliafikrian
Obsesi CEO Tampan by Beng_Beng
Langsung ke prolog aja:) Delia_ 29 Januari 18
  • obsesi
  • cold
  • percintaan
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Love Is A Lie...{Jeon Jungkook FF} by kim_jung_jim
Love Is A Lie...{Jeon Jungkook FF}by fans_in_luv
You:WHY ARE YOU LEAVING ME??? TELL ME WHAT I DID I CAN CHANGE I PROMISE I WILL!!! Jungkook:Let's go Irene it's getting cold. They walked away into the distance leaving m...
  • blackpink
  • heaven
  • j-hope
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My FAKE Boyfriend by Kay_Turner15
My FAKE Boyfriendby Kay_Turner15
My Fake Boyfriend. Sienna is the loner girl that nobody notices and when Elijah the popular guy in school dose take a notice to he it surprises her. When he asked her t...
  • breakup
  • saved
  • justwrightit
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❝ DO YOU WANT TO BE WITH SOMEBODY LIKE ME? ❞ in which your least fave gorlie cries over jackson wang + cats [SEASON SIX] © 2017-2018 VESCENTBAM [ ONGOING ]
  • nct
  • angst
  • loona
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Chasing Cassandra ✓ by whoispablo
Chasing Cassandra ✓by angelo
❝The truth not only hurts, sometimes it can kill too.❞ Tyler Tyson's world revolves around a world of money, girls and power. But his perspective will change once a gree...
  • humor
  • thriller
  • disguise
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A Maid For Mr. Arrogant by dandan101
A Maid For Mr. Arrogantby Danielle
Life couldn't get any better for Xia Cameron, she's run away from a negligent mother and an abbusive father, she's about to be evicted from her apartment, She's behind o...
  • finish
  • twins
  • envy
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