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Magical Sacred Academy: The Long Lost Princess ( On-Going ) by Writers__Black
Magical Sacred Academy: The Long Insecure me
Meet Ayumi. An innocent, sweet, lovely girl. Have a rich family and a top model. She never have a friend because she's studying in their mansion. She was secretly train...
  • romance
  • sacrifice
  • adventure
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My Mistake //Ethan Dolan  by xxdailydolanxx
My Mistake //Ethan Dolan by xdailydolanx
COMPLETED•Ethan Dolan fan fiction . #1 on mistakes - "Sometimes two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together" - "Tha...
  • graysondolan
  • cold
  • lies
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FAME by Emo_Trintity
"Fame... was my ultimate downfall." By Cyanni441 Cover by Cyanni441
  • tragic
  • alcohol
  • talent
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AURORA (short story ) by hakuryuu_ken
AURORA (short story )by Hakuryuu
Cause its the story of the queen who's castle has fallen to the sea ~ Alec Benjamin " I faced the mirror, since things this early have reminded me of thousand ever...
  • cryreads
  • fairy
  • fairytale
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I, Wish by navy_denim907
I, Wishby navy_denim907
True happiness, what is that? **** He looked at me, his green eyes unsure. "What do you feel like doing today?" With a small smile in his direction, I swung my...
  • humour
  • teenfiction
  • tragic
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He's The Only One For Me by solavellanangst
He's The Only One For Meby SolavellanAngst
Brief scene, post-Trespasser. Death, angst, sad songs, and closure. Songs rewritten from and sang to the tunes of: Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy Tell Lorrie I Love Her...
  • posttrespasser
  • solavellanhell
  • solavellan
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One of the Fallen by dreamaries
One of the Fallenby Dreamaries
A very short Story about how an angel became fallen, and she becomes human. It was gonna be a prologue, then describes the life of the girl on earth and her encounters w...
  • teens
  • dagger
  • tragic
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Heartaches by AmberAkira
Heartachesby AmberAkira
One shot stories
  • heart
  • heartbreak
  • ache
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Love and Other Disasters by erinelee
Love and Other Disastersby erinelee
Leigh Martin, a seventeen year old piano prodigy, had been living his whole life being dragged by his father across the country. Moving from one place to another, trans...
  • mystery
  • romance
  • tragic
No Forgiveness by LevisPersonalCadet
No Forgivenessby LevisPersonalCadet
How do you live with yourself? They all died, and it's all of your fault. How long will you survive under Erwin's watch of hate?
  • erwinsmith
  • aot
  • erenjeager
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We, at the end of everything. by Patrickwho
We, at the end of PatrickAlmario
This is my first time to write a story. Please, bare with me kasi ito pa yung pinakaunang piece ko dito. I hope you will like it! Tara na't samahan natin si Khea at Luci...
  • firstlove
  • comedy
  • romantic
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Dead Rising by XxTehyaTurtlexX
Dead Risingby Tehya Tiger
A new age apocalypse has hit Florida. A young teen, the love of her life, and her little brother struggles to survive the deadly virus that consists of flesh eating zomb...
  • love
  • tragic
  • survival
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Assist My Suicide Act by KillerJaws
Assist My Suicide Actby LanderJohn DelaCruz
Hi ako nga pala si Larynx John samahan niyo akong mabuo ang aking makulay na kwento kasama ang aking kapartner na si Cristina Mae Ano kaya ang maaaring mangyare ? Bakit...
  • tragic
  • student
  • lovestory
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Blue Ribbon by jhersydignadice7
Blue Ribbonby J.Dignadice
The girl who has everything, but there is still something missing.
  • lovestory
  • tragic
  • fantasyadventure
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Adopted By Bryan Stars by SuicidalAngel666
Adopted By Bryan Starsby Broken Joy
Christina Rae was recently abandoned after a tragic accident. She's been in an orphanage for about two months, almost everyone there's been horrid to her. Everyone exce...
  • story
  • tragic
  • readplease
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Smile - A Story of a Boy who lost his Smile by ConanLevi
Smile - A Story of a Boy who FK_Levi
Its a story of a boy from a rich family which was full of comedians for centuries but then a genius was born. A genius who could make anyone smile with his own. His smi...
  • teen
  • story
  • humor
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I Can Hear You Calling Me by michaelise
I Can Hear You Calling Meby Michaelise
The final part of Nagi Naoe and Tot love story
  • lovestory
  • weisskreuz
  • nagixtot
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Gratitude of the dead by lorddissic
Gratitude of the deadby lorddissic
Fighting is what makes us. As long as I live, I will fight you. No matter what it takes, I will deliver you what you deserve. This fate that bounds us, I'll deny it. I w...
  • kindaweird
  • tragic
  • bounty-hunter
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The Fault in our Stars- Not Okay. (Sequel) by BrielleClark
The Fault in our Stars- Not Brielle Clark
What would you do if you lost the one person you care about most? Hazel Grace Lancaster has just lost the love of her life, Augustus Waters. Now she has to learn how to...
  • tfios
  • thefaultinourstars
  • love
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