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The Tennis God Next Door

The Tennis God Next Door

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Natalie By BabyInACorner Updated Aug 26, 2014

When clumsy nobody, Millie Richards, ran over the hottest boy in school’s most prized possession, her world changed. She had to pay him back for every dime of damages, and the favours he called in weren’t just about money.  She had to pay him back, and everyone knows how payback is a…
This is a love story.  Hot boys like Luke Dalton never pay attention to nobodies like Millie .  But here they were, two kids from opposite ends of the chain, set to turn the whole hierarchy upside down.  Because no one can stop attraction.  When opposite attract, the spontaneous reaction can be a combustion or a downright explosion.  With Luke, my money’s on the explosion.
We’re talking public humiliation, rollercoaster emotions, drama among cliques, prissy sisters, crazy mothers and a whole lot of hotness from resident bad boy and neighbour, Luke Dalton.  This may be my first story, but I’d love to hear your feedback.  You’d make it infinitely better by telling me what you like and what you don’t, what you want and what you won’t…  Shoot me a comment and I’ll make sure to read it!
And FYI, (c) copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved.
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yowzerss yowzerss Nov 21, 2016
I don't care if she's your sister or whatever, the least I would do is punch the bitch
Nikky223 Nikky223 Dec 14, 2014
ohh HELLL NO!!!  you better say something back punch her do something
smeagols_precious smeagols_precious Oct 26, 2014
U were supposed to wait for UR sister :( but haha whatever she's a anyway
smeagols_precious smeagols_precious Oct 26, 2014
whoa dude I think 300$ is a lot for a racket hahaha no need to flaunt UR money like that
xxlovelie xxlovelie Aug 04, 2014
Maybe he's a vampire and now he has permission to your house! Silly girl.
Nano_C13 Nano_C13 Apr 16, 2014
If you read this Chapter and at the same time listen to Alexandre Desplat, Marry Me Bella, it makes you love this chapter more.