Demon in Salem - Supernatural City Book 1 by LauraLCab
Demon in Salem - Supernatural Laura C
After ending a bad relationship, Sara is just looking to start a new life, in a new town, under a new name. All she wants is a simple life, to be left alone for awhile...
  • demon
  • wattpride
  • maturethemes
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KATI SA LAMAN - SPG  (ON-GOING) by ava0217nico
WARNING: SPG Kuwento ito ng mag-inang Magda at Carol at ang kanilang SEXPERIENCE sa kanilang house boy na si Harrold. Gaano kaya kagaling sa kama ang lalaki at nagawa...
  • threesome
  • daughter
  • mother-daughter
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Her Plan (Fake marriage)  #Wattys2018 by RomanticaA27
Her Plan (Fake marriage) Etta
Alexa is faking her marriage to a player just to escape her dramatic family...
  • house
  • stubborn
  • romance
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Book 2: Magical Mythix Academy: New Generation  by Lily_Yuuki
Book 2: Magical Mythix Academy: Lily Yuuki
MMA: New Generation. Rose Paulyn Smith is my name in mortal world but my real name is Rose Paulyn Alisha Myrillen Lee my real name in immortal world I'm the Long lost...
  • academy
  • magic
  • family
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Abused by nikknakk3
Abusedby Nikki Robinson
Since she was 10 years old Kendall's mother had abused her and her father had never noticed it. After eight years of abuse, one day her father walked in on her mother vi...
  • nightmare
  • mad
  • towel
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The Haunting Of 5H by Jauregui_Cabello456
The Haunting Of 5Hby IG: laurenbadlands
Five college girls buy their first house together in Miami Florida. It was built over 100 years ago and the girls didn't think of anything when they heard footsteps ever...
  • jane
  • fifth
  • jauregui
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My New Roommate- Nct Taeyong ff- Completed by KyraGunura
My New Roommate- Nct Taeyong ff- Dibidibidis
Elena is a 17 year old girl who is given the opportunity to continue studying in the city and also to live in the city by herself. Elena is a good girl who is shy around...
  • mystery
  • deathandlife
  • taeyong
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The Mad One (Max X Reader) by aroundsound87
The Mad One (Max X Reader)by Alex
You are ross' best friend from high school. When he takes you to work in the offices you meet Max, the editor..
  • house
  • thatguybarney
  • mithzan
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Welcome to the Loud House by PerkyGoth14
Welcome to the Loud Houseby PerkyGoth14
The Weather family moves into the neighborhood and they meet their eccentric new neighbors of one boy and ten girls. Follow Zoe and Hercules as they have crazy misadvent...
  • house
  • loud
  • perkygoth14
This Kitten Has Claws by Lol5679
This Kitten Has Clawsby Rae Ann
Waking up naked in the middle of the woods wasn't exactly on Amanda's summer wish list. With no recollection as to what happened to her or where she came from, Amanda mu...
  • sims
  • seriously
  • scream
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The Real Stuff: Mithross. by amarooze
The Real Stuff: MagsieKathleen
**(Written by amarooze/MagsieKathleen)** **(WARNING: LANGUAGE NOT SUITED FOR YOUNG CHILDREN. ALSO, NOT HATING ON ROSS' WRITING, BUT MEH.........)** Ross had just gotten...
  • boyxboy
  • redney
  • skydoesminecraft
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Lincoln Loud x Reader by PGVincentsPiano
Lincoln Loud x Readerby Savannah Krajnik
This is not a romantic x Reader however the reader is a girl. The character is Lincoln Loud from The Loud House.
  • house
  • lincoln
  • loud
Punto de quiebre by TheIndomitus
Punto de quiebreby IndomitusTitoh
Lincoln Loud un joven niño es llevado a su limite, tanto físico como mental, despues de los sucesos de "no tanta suerte"...
  • quiebre
  • lynn
  • lincoln
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Genderbent Loud House X Reader by destinycopley13
Genderbent Loud House X Readerby Chasity Copley
You X The Loud House brothers, it really isn't that hard people. Please stop commenting about Bobbys female name this is not originally my story and I am not gonna chang...
  • romance
  • house
  • brothers
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The Loud House: New Friends by AddictReaderLife
The Loud House: New Friendsby WriterReyes
Everything was normal for the Loud family, but there was a new family that recently moved in right across the street. Join the Loud's as they meet these new people and g...
  • leni
  • theloudhouse
  • lincoln
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Trap house Imagines by Wolfyyy_666
Trap house Imaginesby Emo! at her computer
Some trap house imagines it also includes elton castee and brennen taylor
  • webber
  • friendship
  • house
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The doctor's lover (House x reader) by BandGeek2263
The doctor's lover (House x reader)by Megan Stevens
SNEAK PEEK AT PART OF THE STORY "This is the third time this month, (Y/N). You're perfectly healthy. Why do you come here so often?" Your doctor asked you paci...
  • house
  • hospital
  • job
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Soulmate||Jonah Marais by -psychosunshine
Soulmate||Jonah Maraisby L✨
Margo smiled as she looked down at her wrist, her finger tracing the tattoo for the millionth time in her 19 years of life. She found it odd yet amazing that the first w...
  • alternateuniverse
  • love
  • beach
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Yandere loud house x brother reader by Wikemp
Yandere loud house x brother readerby Flare dreamurr
This is not a good time to talk about it
  • mẹ
  • loud
  • help
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Amsterdam. by Dakota_Blvck
#20 Dakota :)
A collection of short fanfiction stories about the Dutch DJ Martin Garrix.
  • edmpreferences
  • edmimagines
  • music
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