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Cry-Baby by braycriss
Cry-Babyby Criss
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
Brawl Stars Dares by Antimatter162
Brawl Stars Daresby antiMatter162
DARES FOR BRAWLERS!! Requests are open. No inappropriate content, please! I've seen a lot of these so I'm doing my own! :)
Brawl Stars Dares [DISCONTINUED] by FuzzyDog104
Brawl Stars Dares [DISCONTINUED]by FuzzyDog
So, I've seen tons of these... Requests are open. Probably going to delete the book if I don't get much views... So, have fun! (I'm not very good at the personalities of...
Decepticon Arrival by Halseboys
Decepticon Arrivalby Halseboys
A group of friends just wanted to have a good time at TFcon dressed as the combaticons, not get sent to another world. Now this group of friends are stuck in a world tha...
You're My Shining Stars (KNB x Bandori KuroTsugu Fanfic) by King23679
You're My Shining Stars (KNB x Bima Pradiga
My First KNB x Bandori Story Based on My Friend @Sayanara_Boy It More Focusing on Tetsuya Kuroko and Tsugumi Hazawa Story: What Do You Think If Seirin Has another new St...
Brawl Stars: Shipping Galore by BushBandit
Brawl Stars: Shipping Galoreby BushBandit
((THIS IS STILL ALIVE AND UPDATING maybe...???)) 🔞 If you like shipping with any gender then come on iiiin! except for Leon x Nita and all that nonsense.
Brawl Draw (Dibujos Mios de Brawl Stars)/ by ButtercoWon by The_ButtercoWon
Brawl Draw (Dibujos Mios de ButtercoWon!
Dibujos, weas y quien sabe que de Brawl Stars... ships? probablemente, cosas raras? Puede ser... . Espera leiste esto?...wau casi nadie lee las descripciones ya que el t...
Fate of Love by cynthia_lyn_16
Fate of Loveby Cynthia
Transformers X Reader One Shot Story
Brawl stars headcanons by Mrukya
Brawl stars headcanonsby Mrukya is kil
Just mah headcanons ok ok these tags are crazy ok Please enjoy ok Thank you ok
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Brawl Stars Chatroom by Antimatter162
Brawl Stars Chatroomby antiMatter162
Just a chatroom. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? oh i don't know just about EVERYTHING? (@hackerpro666 started with the chatroom thingy)
LEON STORY by leonforever12345
LEON STORYby rockerduck
QUESTA STORIA è COPIATISSIMA DA ATTOCK ON TITAN MA VABè. I personaggi di questa storia sono: Leon, Nita, Bibi, Rosa, Corvo, Spike, Jessie, Eugenio, Stecca, Colt, Shell...
Slowly (A Brawl Stars Fanfic) by LibroDeDragon
Slowly (A Brawl Stars Fanfic)by ∾∘ℓιвяσ ∂є ∂яαgσиѕ∘∾
[Updating again, but not as often] Brawl Town is where all the Brawlers from the game Brawl Stars (by Supercell) live. Every month, a match of Showdown is called to play...
Brawl High by MisulOpeka
Brawl Highby MisulOpeka
Powerful brawlers are put together in a private school called Brawl High, where death matches are encouraged and skill is put to the test. What could possibly go wrong...
🔥Jessie x Leon🔥 (High School Update) by Coceeemon
🔥Jessie x Leon🔥 (High School Coceeemon
[ Leon x Jessie HIGH SCHOOL UPDATE ] It's a Leon x Jessie story and an exciting one too. [⚠️WARNING: THIS STORY MAY CONTAIN SOME FLUFF⚠️] It's from Jessie's 9th birthd...
SAVIOR | Yandere! Sandy x Reader by bunnychan101
SAVIOR | Yandere! Sandy x Readerby bun ! ‧₊˚✧
༄ ‧₊˚ She was his savior. And he was her obsessed follower. ☆ BASED OFF @OfStarGazing's headcanons! Permission on using was granted. 🚨 TW: extremely disturbing themes...
Super Smash Bros Brawl University by zeldaxlink12
Super Smash Bros Brawl Universityby ❥ zelda
Super Smash Bros Brawl University is a high class college. A group of different people find themselves becoming friends. Some closer than others. Together they go throug...
dibujos de bs by JESSIE--BS
dibujos de bsby fakiu
DivujAR ez mi pazi0n 💩 la Jacky esta pidiendo ayuda por que la dibujo fea 😭
Hell On Earth  by its_vant3
Hell On Earth by LivingTheNightmare
A teenage boy name Jv move from his toxic but memorable neighborhood to a new place where new opportunities is destined to happen. Hoping to leave and desert his dreadfu...
El Origen De Brawl Stars by KEVReadINg
El Origen De Brawl Starsby KEVReadINg
Esta es una historia basada en un videojuego llamado Brawl Stars. Ya que los personajes (Brawlers) de dicho juego no tienen un transfondo muy profundo he tomado la tarea...
Just a Brawl Stars Game by ThirdFries
Just a Brawl Stars Gameby Darwin🌱
This is a Fanfic with different stories and ships in it Please don't be agressive or mad if any of your ships are figuring in my story (it's maybe because I'm not comfo...