The Alpha's Expectations (#1) by penguinlover4life
The Alpha's Expectations (#1)by Sweta
Hudson doesn't really want a mate, but he knows he'll have one regardless of what he wants. So he decides that before he accepts her, she has to meet his expectations...
  • cold
  • hot
  • werewolf
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Leonardo's Untouched Property ( #1 UP Series ) by r_and_n
Leonardo's Untouched Property ( R & N
Innocent Roslyn is finally deciding to take a chance to get away from her small hometown, her part-time job at the bakery, and her abusive stepfather. Rose takes a risk...
  • scenes
  • innocent
  • hottie
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Beautiful Mistake by LaizaMillan
Beautiful Mistakeby LaizaMillan
(Completed) Emma Collins never planned to bump into him ever again. Not to mention the fact that she hated him. But fate had other plans. Emma just had to make one beaut...
  • rejected
  • pregnancy
  • nanowrimo
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Possession of the Russian Mafia by TaintedExcuse
Possession of the Russian Mafiaby TaintedExcuse
Sydney Barts life was hell. She had student loans, her mother's hospital bills, and debt her father left behind. How did she pay them off? She became a stripper. She sta...
  • mafia
  • russian
  • drama
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The girl beneath the bruises by kindaextraordinary
The girl beneath the bruisesby ✨✨
Ashley is basically the Queen of Nerds at her stereo-type filled high school, and being abused at home doesn't really help. But what happens when the most popular boy at...
  • teenfiction
  • fiction
  • wattys2015
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His To Bully by callmeshrimp
His To Bullyby callmeshrimp
"L-leave me a-alone Hunter" I stuttered out painfully, while trying to put my last suitcase in the trunk. Hunter merely glared at me, while pushing harder agai...
  • alpha
  • innocent
  • college
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Sad Rich Kids| ♛✅ by -midnightxmagic-
Sad Rich Kids| ♛✅by p r e t t y b o y
They had it all. The cars, money, girls, the houses. But the one thing money can't buy them, they can't get. Happiness. Here's the prestigious Golden Lake High, wher...
  • highschoolteens
  • fanfiction
  • comingofage
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Unexpected night by sosobts
Unexpected nightby sosobts
Pete is tired that Can and Tin can't get along so he decided to make a plan with Ae to help them becoming friends. based on the character from the novel my accidental lo...
  • bl
  • mature
  • tincan
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[TinnCan/Klano/aepete]MORE BY LOVE by m34nplann
[TinnCan/Klano/aepete]MORE BY LOVEby tincanXforthbeam
More By Love Maybe i have a bit copy like 'Love by chance' and another story i own that story okayy.. im not copy anyone FF?? Enjoy it Coment Likeeee im not own the char...
  • can
  • lbc
  • plann
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Belonging to Two  by aPieceOfGranite
Belonging to Two by JustNiamh
Wendy lived a comfortable life. She was nearly finished college and was still living at home with her mother, At her best friends' wedding, she locks eyes with two men...
  • werewolf
  • mxfxm
  • adrian
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Mr BadBoy And I by mkayyxamyy
Mr BadBoy And Iby xAmesx
» I'll play you like a toy; I'll kiss you like you've never been kissed before; I'll make you moan as loud as you can, and you will love it ≪ ...
  • ace
  • kisses
  • tattoos
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Controlled // COMPLETED by ktk446
Controlled // COMPLETEDby Hi
  • dark
  • what
  • mean
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Peach Kisses And Kandy Kards ✗ by Frappucious
Peach Kisses And Kandy Kards ✗by ♥️frαppucíσus♥️
→ Tɾυϝϝʅҽ Pҽαƈԋ....cute name for a cute girl. Truffle is not only insanely innocent but also quite spacey. Some say it's due to blood loss from an accident, others say s...
  • friendship
  • spacey
  • mental
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He's Back by lliizz15
He's Backby Iiz.e
He's my neighbour, and something about him is so familiar. He reminds me of Xavier Parker, my long lost best friend who was kind, sweet, caring, and polite. But this boy...
  • mean
  • rude
  • badboy
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2Hearts! TinCan by itsrighthere
2Hearts! TinCanby itsrighthere
This is a love story about #tincan Original characters belongs to My Accidental Love Is You written by MAME
  • josswayar
  • meanplan
  • mean
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Saved By A Thug's Love by lovememorecute4
Saved By A Thug's Loveby lovememorecute4
London (aka Dreeka)Gets Abused By Her Mothers Brother Who Is Her Uncle. Her Mother Roshell Doesn't Wanna Interfere Because Her Brother Issac Pays All The Bills. One Day...
  • thug
  • famous
  • thuglove
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Area Alpha 101 (Wattys 2015) by KateeSmurfette
Area Alpha 101 (Wattys 2015)by Katlego 'Katee' Moncho
They call it Area Alpha 101... It doesn't appear on the world map or the satellites, but it's rumoured to be there. It's unofficially the largest continent on Earth, but...
  • mate
  • wattys2015
  • evil
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The Difference in Me and You (Lesbian Stories)  by pinkobsidian
The Difference in Me and You ( Sarah Rei
She acted as if she was the most reserved and elegant person on the planet. Whenever her eyes met anyone else's her face darkened in seconds, scaring off anyone that may...
  • age
  • lesbian
  • mature
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School A.K.A Hell by TheTrueDuckLord
School A.K.A Hellby TheTrueDuckLord
Ellie just wants to survive school. Middle school.
  • popular
  • school
  • mean
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A New Thug Love - Completed by Curves_
A New Thug Love - Completedby Tae
Nia is a shy and smart girl. She's the smartest actually. She's quiet and doesn't have a lot of friends. Her only friends are Courtney and Jasmine. She's just quiet shy...
  • snitch
  • girl
  • nia
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