His To Bully by callmeshrimp
His To Bullyby callmeshrimp
"L-leave me a-alone Hunter" I stuttered out painfully, while trying to put my last suitcase in the trunk. Hunter merely glared at me, while pushing harder agai...
  • washington
  • alphamale
  • romance
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The Alpha's Expectations (#1) by penguinlover4life
The Alpha's Expectations (#1)by Sweta
Hudson doesn't really want a mate, but he knows he'll have one regardless of what he wants. So he decides that before he accepts her, she has to meet his expectations...
  • mean
  • possessive
  • pack
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Rejected by pandora_101
Rejectedby pandora_101
"Are you..are you my mate?" I asked, as I stuttered, and blinked. "What?! You high? I'll never have a mate as fat as you, and as ugly too. Get lost.&quo...
  • love
  • rejection
  • people
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The President's Son by 8821459krystal
The President's Sonby Krystal Francis
Bipolar, sexy, hot, handsome, naughty, nice, player, rich, sexy fierce, a girls charmer, every girls dream, there you have Reynaldo Dixon the son of the president, Mr.Al...
  • bipolar
  • mean
  • wattys2018
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Vanilla (Jikook) by Gotuan7
Vanilla (Jikook)by ❣CJ❣✔
Where Jungkook tops. Jungkook wants Jimin. Will Jimin want him back? (ongoing story you can expect an update at least twice a week)
  • bighitentertainment
  • jhope
  • namjoon
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My New Roommate- Nct Taeyong ff- Completed by KyraGunura
My New Roommate- Nct Taeyong ff- Dibidibidis
Elena is a 17 year old girl who is given the opportunity to continue studying in the city and also to live in the city by herself. Elena is a good girl who is shy around...
  • fanfiction
  • kpop
  • good
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Her Fallen Empire: The Prophecy
 #Wattys2018 by ToTheExtreme95
Her Fallen Empire: The Prophecy S. A. A
Hanna Aset had a pretty normal life. With the hardships of finishing her last year of University, getting enough money from her waitressing job to survive and tolerating...
  • trilogy
  • humor
  • funny
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Blackmail ✵|G.B.D|✵ by -harsh
Blackmail ✵|G.B.D|✵by ;нєвα ❂
"So here's the deal," he glared at me, an evil look in his eye. "From now on, you are going to be my girlfriend, so I can get my revenge." I was take...
  • jensenackles
  • graysondolan
  • dolantwins
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The bad boy in town  by JexProxy
The bad boy in town by Jex Proxy
I'm in highschool and it's my junior year. I live in a small town so nobody moves here without everyone knowing within 24 hours or so. But him, that's a hole different...
  • dominance
  • romance
  • protective
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Controlled // COMPLETED by ktk446
Controlled // COMPLETEDby Hi
  • mean
  • controlling
  • imagine
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CREDENCE (TINN/CAN & PETE/KAO)  by Secretlyperv_ed
TIN/CAN "Y-..You trust me? Really?" Tinn eyes are widely staring at him. Wholeheartedly hoping he didn't misheard anything. A chuckles. And follow by a low k...
  • taytawan
  • iplann
  • tinn
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Chameleon Eyes {MingKit} by Rispins
Chameleon Eyes {MingKit}by Rispins
Green, blue, grey, yellow... What else can there be...? -- Characters; Not mine (excluding some secondary characters) Plot; Ours Pics; Not originally mine, but edited by...
  • mean
  • ming
  • fantasy
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Unwanted// #wattys2018 by marcie_lou
Unwanted// #wattys2018by Marcie Lou
Both were born unwanted by their birth parents and were placed into the foster system. Fortunately, they were placed into the same foster home and together, Avery and I...
  • foster
  • wattys2018
  • abusiveex
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kinky texts by teddybear_child
kinky textsby Taffy
Just some random kinky texts between a lonely girl and an obnoxious guy. Honestly it gets worse the more they talk. M A T U R I T Y bc its kinky [Started: 14/07/2018]
  • phonecalls
  • shortstory
  • read
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Stay Away From Georgie by Ms_Horrendous
Stay Away From Georgieby Jakayla Toney
Georgie is no ordinary friend. Georgie lies, makes false promises, and he does other things too. Very, very bad things. That's why if you meet Georgie, you should stay a...
  • mean
  • gore
  • basement
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The dark secret  by NadaMarei4
The dark secret by Nada Marei
Just some quick introduction: This story will be kind of scary and will include lots of surprises (so I suggest that you stay awake here). The main character is a girl a...
  • help
  • practice
  • scarystories
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One shots by starskies-
One shotsby -rαιηε-
One shots. Sad, Mysterious, Romantic, Science Fiction, Fanfiction. Any genre! You've came to the right place! Also, requests are always taken. Though it takes a bit of t...
  • imnotgoodattags
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Sad Rich Kids| ♛ by cuddlyxharry11
Sad Rich Kids| ♛by cuddlyxharry
They had it all. The cars, money, girls, the houses. But the one thing money can't buy them, they can't get. Happiness. Here's the prestigious Golden Lake High, wher...
  • spoiled
  • fanfiction
  • kids
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Bullied By The Janoskians But Saved By 5sos by titanicmikey18
Bullied By The Janoskians But faceache
Cameron springs best friend is luke hemmings but he previously moved away since then her life has been hell, a group named the janoskians bully and beat her everyday, w...
  • beaubrooks
  • bullies
  • love
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  Shush! The Bad Boy Has A Crush by NISHATRONAK
Shush! The Bad Boy Has A Crushby NISHATRONAK
She's an elite and straight A student. She's snarky and real mean. She's a preppy queen. She hates him She ignores him She doesn't want to do anything with him. Too bad...
  • quarrel
  • hate
  • music
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