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Taken by phantomgirl3
Takenby ❤️Sabrina❤️
Alexandra Fayth Reid-Isherwood is a small innocent 16 year old girl, who at the age of 13 lost both of her parents in a car crash. She was quickly moved from Maine to Wa...
  • pregnant
  • mafia
  • agegap
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His Best Mistake (Devils #1) by yashira_shakira
His Best Mistake (Devils #1)by Shakira and Yashira Martinez
When a one night stand leads to an unexpected pregnancy Sofia Smith doesn't know who to go to. she tried to find the man who got her pregnant but he is nowhere to be fou...
  • badboy
  • love
  • humor
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Kidnapped By A Billionaire (#1) ✅ by 12amwriting
Kidnapped By A Billionaire (#1) ✅by Grace [on break <3]
----- She was SUPPOSED to "dance" for the man. She was SUPPOSED to get seventeen thousand dollars. She was SUPPOSED to leave that club and shove the memory in...
  • movie
  • dominic
  • tattoo
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Stolen by PuppyPawsGreen
Stolenby Jay Bean
WARNING: This story was written a few years back and has MANY grammar and spelling errors so please don't read if that will bug you. You have been warned Story is also f...
  • kidnapping
  • love
  • romance
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Perfect Scars by mahumsheikh
Perfect Scarsby MahumSheikh
''How dare you step into my room after you have done?'', he fumed as he pinned me to the wall. His masculine scent reached my nostrils and I fought the urge to inhale de...
  • mystery
  • possessive
  • billionaire
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Taken by xXammeXx
Takenby xXammeXx
{Book One} It has been seven years since the werewolves took over. Within that time period, humans have had every aspect of their lives controlled. From where they lived...
  • future
  • kidnap
  • dystopian
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Sex dealer(completed) by touchsmez
Sex dealer(completed)by ivy🌹
"I kidnapped you to give me sex, not love." + We've all heard of drug dealers. Sex dealers? They do the same thing but with women and sex. + -spinoff to Assist...
  • sexdealer
  • love
  • dealer
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New to the Family by masonfitzzy
New to the Familyby Mason FitzGibbon
A spin-off to the Family Comes First series. The Wilcox family became famous for their kidnappings, brainwashing, murders, and let's not forget about cannibalism. This...
  • psychological
  • kidnapped
  • horror
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The Governors daughter by Liiaaahhh
The Governors daughterby Liiaaahhh
Nora Beckham is a young servant of the Governor. One night as she is admiring the sea, a ship appears. But not just any ship, a pirate ship. As the pirates plunder the s...
  • pirates
  • kidnap
  • adventure
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Psycho by brienicole
Psychoby brienicole
Katie is a psychologist for criminals, and is very good at her job. But what happens when she is faced with a new challenge that is Jason McCann, America's most wanted...
  • bieber
  • kidnapped
  • gắng
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Teenage Baby by Anyone187
Teenage Babyby Anyone187
Completed. #1 in Mystery/Thriller (29/5/2018) "No one will hurt you ever again, baby," he whispered. "Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle Lou will make sure of that...
  • psychology
  • mentalabuse
  • maleprotagonist
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His Worst Behavior by Monstreph
His Worst Behaviorby Lissa
Chloe Mars is taken captive by a lethal Alpha who refuses to let her go - and she's about to see him on his worst behavior.
  • romance
  • wolf
  • possessive
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A Little Flower  by galaxies_and_vodka
A Little Flower by can i pet ur doggo
A story that will probably make you angry, sad, joyous, hopeful and empty. There's no proper way to describe this story, but it's definitely worth a cheeky read. Contai...
  • baby
  • ddlg
  • daddiesgirl
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[#1 in kidnapping out of 14.3K stories! 13.3.19] Stalked and stolen-keep your friends close but your enemies closer. As the daughter of a rich, well-known successful man...
  • richgirl
  • love
  • taken
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His Blind Mate by Chloe_Elizabeth01
His Blind Mateby Chloe Elizabeth
Meet Mia Gray, she was an outgoing, funny, caring, amazing, and bubbly person. That all changed when she turned ten and got into a car accident making her loose her eye...
  • badassreads
  • hardsituations
  • newbeginning
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Taken by the Gang leader by BookQueen2021
Taken by the Gang leaderby BookQueen2021
Delilah Richards is twenty and definitely not what most people would consider kidnap material. She's sweet, innocent, smart and wouldn't dare of hurting anyone. Everyone...
  • kidnap
  • fiction
  • romance
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The Beauty of Grey by thatgabbykid
The Beauty of Greyby Gabrielle
*Mature/dark themes *A Silver Ashes novel ↠ "You're not going anywhere with me?" He asked, voice too calm. "Want to place a bet?" It was a threat...
  • kidnap
  • humanmate
  • dominant
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Alpha Raven ✔ by SmashingInnocence
Alpha Raven ✔by Aria Hale ✌
Even though the room was dark, I could still the one person who made my heart skip a beat. He stood there, his hands tucked in his pockets, staring at me. So entran...
  • abuse
  • past
  • luna
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Why Me? by RaWest04
Why Me?by Rayne Westley
Alexia was always telling her family she was old enough to be out on her own. But one night a crazy man finds her and decides he wants her do be his. He kidnapped her an...
  • alexia-kidnapped
  • murder
  • kidnap
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My Sexy Kidnapper [EDITING CURRENTLY  AND PUBLISHING SOON!] by livingthethuglyfe
My Sexy Kidnapper [EDITING Ghostface
Picture this: You enter the mall with your friends, and as you're making your way to buy a delicious strawberry smoothie, you notice a guy walking towards you. Not just...
  • funny
  • adventure
  • sexy
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