Alone With You by kumamon_cute
Alone With Youby Pebbles
No one notice's me. I am, though, a straight A student. I have no friend's. I am, though, happy. I have a father that drink's and goes to party's and abuses me and does...
  • friends
  • protectors
  • violence
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His Love(sequel to His Slave) by Frozenheart10947
His Love(sequel to His Slave)by Stay close to me
This is the few months after the ending of His Slave. Jack and Elsa are happy as ever with their family.Jack still don't like Elsa do stuff.You going to find out why Sno...
  • happyfamily
  • sequel
  • yelling
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Bad Girls Club S1 : Los Angeles by thatsjewellll
Bad Girls Club S1 : Los Angelesby Jewel 👑
  • fighting
  • crying
  • yelling
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Wild West Candy Kingdom Junction (Gumshall/ Gumllee) by ImaniJackson6
Wild West Candy Kingdom Junction ( IJar
Gumball is the young governor of an attractive settlement that thrives in the production of candy luxary goods, hence its name Candy Kingdom junction. Marshall is the ba...
  • love
  • yelling
  • adventure
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A (ppgz) Maids Life by Sweetcici123
A (ppgz) Maids Lifeby Sweetcici123
  • romance
  • yelling
  • rrbz
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Lemon Scream (Kagehina Lemon/Yelling)  by tae-cup
Lemon Scream (Kagehina Lemon/ r 🦋
it starts off with lemon then ends with yelling. Credits to @Jennlvn
  • kagehina
  • haikyuu
  • yelling
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can i shoot her? - RANTS AND STUFF by -fragilebones
can i shoot her? - RANTS AND STUFFby problematic
welcome to the book of the rants. here lie all of my thoughts, all of my rants, my anger, my excitement. everything. you read this, and you will enter a world, a world f...
  • capslock
  • rants
  • yelling
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Howlers by jessicagong0722
Howlersby jessicagong0722
Blaise Zabini gets 3 howlers. Who are they from, that makes him get mad, nervous, and proud? What does Cedric, Nevile, Luna, Hannah, Justin, Susan, Draco, and Hermione h...
  • secret
  • demigods
  • hogwarts
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Screams (A very short descriptive story) by FlowrR
Screams (A very short Flowr
A short story to help others understand what happens to me when I have an anxiety attack.
  • story
  • flowrr
  • yelling
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Cry-Baby by simply_criss
Cry-Babyby Cristina
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
  • bullshit
  • tragic
  • sob
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