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Reasons to Live by HisBeautifulMess
Reasons to Liveby HisBeautifulMess
"One day you'll leave me. You don't want a girl with a rape story," I said as I desperately try to stop my sobs and hiccups. "You deserve someone who is...
  • school
  • cutting
  • reina
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The Abused Luna(COMPLETED) by wolfieMK
The Abused Luna(COMPLETED)by Maui
Aisha is the omega of the Red Moon Pack. She was beaten, starved, and bullied by her pack mates. She doesn't have and know her parents. She doesn't trust anyone. Jakob i...
  • gay
  • luna
  • cute
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Keeping Secrets From Brother ✓ by obliviongirl14
Keeping Secrets From Brother ✓by Lights L.
Savannah Brewer had lived a tragic childhood. Her father, being desperate for money, sold her to a man for the night. Threatened to keep the event a secret, she is force...
  • memories
  • school
  • scared
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Bullied by why don't we {COMPLETED} by Annika092
Bullied by why don't we {COMPLETED}by WhY sHoUlDnT wE
«Move away slut! » "why do you guys bullied me..? " «šťäÿ ãwâÿ fřôm ť h ê m» . . . [ COMPLETED] (BOOK 2 OUT [ NOT FINISHED!]) .. Š Ť Ä Ř Ť Ē Đ: may 1, 2018
  • jonahmarais
  • moving
  • whydontwe
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ADDICTED : MewArt CUT by jungjoonyoung5555
Mew took Art to a nice place just in the corner of the office. It serve Korean Food. They were talking about works and random stuff until out of the blue, Art smirked an...
  • addictedcut
  • mewart
  • boyslove
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bullied by magcon by Lexiispeeeerf
bullied by magconby Lexiispeeeerf
Chandler has her hands full with life, traumatized from when she was younger, bullied , and beaten. Read and find out this journey with Chandler, o2l, magcon, and many o...
  • shawnmendes
  • bullied
  • bulliedbymagcon
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The Alpha's Abused Mate. (On Hold!) by TTKinz
The Alpha's Abused Mate. (On Hold!)by Tess
Luna is a 16 year old girl and she's a werewolf, but she doesn't know that yet. Her mother is dead and her father is an alpha, but he also abuses her. She cuts herself t...
  • rogues
  • guardians
  • abuse
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The Last by Ice_Kitsune4801
The Lastby Ice_Kitsune4801
"This is why you are weak, you can't handle anything or do anything right!" What would your thoughts be if those words were the last you'd ever hear from your...
  • sad
  • death
  • sasuke
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Lines | LH by avenlina
Lines | LHby avenlina
"In which a suicidal teenage girl and a boy who hates her got tumbled by destiny and wrote their ending together."
  • 5sos
  • change
  • âu
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Too quiet... Jeff The Killer X Ben drowned by depression0
Too quiet... Jeff The Killer X I'm just me
Jeff used to be quite a happy and loud person, but he suddenly becomes a quiet shut in killer. He thought that he was stupid for liking another guy. But only Ben seemed...
  • creepypasta
  • ben
  • suicidal
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Anxiety [Muke af] by OopsHiYouFool
Anxiety [Muke af]by •Emma•
Luke has severe anxiety and depression. It kind of controls his life. One day, when he gets a panic attack at school, he hides in a toilet stall. What happens when Mich...
  • cut
  • selfharm
  • brokeheart
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Broken|Corbyn Besson by -whydontwejust-
Broken|Corbyn Bessonby A N N A
''I'm sorry," Corbyn said breaking the awkward silence. I turned my head and looked over at him. "I saw your wrists, and I just feel bad, and I don't know what...
  • wdw
  • corbynbesson
  • depression
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scars(l.h) by smirkyluke
scars(l.h)by ............
scars- a mark left on the skin or within the body tissue where a wound, burn or sore has not healed completely and fibrous connective tissue has formed
  • 5sosluke
  • cut
  • fanfic
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CAGED by YaoiPony95
CAGEDby YaoiPony95
PREVIEW: Marissa was sitting in her back yard enjoying the nice weather. Sun bathing in her bikini on the edge of the yard, avoiding the shade cast down by the large oak...
  • taken
  • cutegirl
  • cut
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Falling For Addison. by Naomiraine4
Falling For Naomi
Addison Parker is a 17 year old girl who has been bullied since 3rd grade. When she was 14 she was raped by a boy at school who had been bullying her. She couldn't take...
  • cut
  • romance
  • depression
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Tales of a Drowning Soul by Grey_Orchids
Tales of a Drowning Soulby Grey_Orchids
These are poems that will be happy, sad, odd, and many other things. They might be long or they might be short. And most likely they will be free verse. Also, most of...
  • poem
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  • poems
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Beautiful Scars [1] ✔ by RandomNugget14
Beautiful Scars [1] ✔by Katlyn DeRouen
The face is normally the first thing a person sees when they look at you. Physical appearance is what makes the first impression. But what if you had a horrendous physic...
  • projectyou
  • projectrecovery
  • wattys2016
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Kidnapped by why don't we  by Kay_Simone13
Kidnapped by why don't we by Kay_Simone13
This is a redo of I'm fine by @Queen_Kay_12 which is me
  • werewolf
  • zach
  • corbyn
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Without You~ by EquestrianFanfics
Without You~by Equestrian._.Fanfics
(Highschool AU) The school year starts with everybody with high expectations. Tom knows he won't stick around, but is the new student going to change his mind, or will h...
  • cut
  • highschool
  • eddsworld
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Broken Hope (Newt fanfic) by Taylah2112
Broken Hope (Newt fanfic)by ~OneLove~
Never lose Hope. That's what the note said when the next greenie came up. Her name was...Hope. No one knew if it meant the only girl in the glade or the thing that peopl...
  • depressed
  • gally
  • jamesdasher
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