THE Media Baron's Heiress (BOOK 2) by Sinaidkincaid16
THE Media Baron's Heiress (BOOK 2)by Sinaidkincaid16
Tessa left her promising life as a corporate attorney behind in New York. She left her beloved childhood home in Scarsdale to follow the man she loved to England. Was...
  • anxiety
  • adventure
  • generalfiction
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Betrothed to the wrong gentleman: Historical Fiction by Sinaidkincaid16
Betrothed to the wrong Sinaidkincaid16
SYNOPSIS Lady Madison Sanford dreams of a blissful life being married to a gentleman with a title, and settling down to a contented life, taking her place as a lady in t...
  • love
  • hope
  • tea
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XXXTENTACION • badass by AnnabelleGodzieba
XXXTENTACION • badassby AnnabelleGodzieba
Lexi Brown was never your normal girl. She had always been fighting and arguing with anyone who got in her way, until she got involved with the law and sent to a home to...
  • argue
  • jahsehonfroy
  • skimask
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The Pharaoh Stole My Panties by KM_Warcop
The Pharaoh Stole My Pantiesby Krista Warcop
Being careful and following the rules were for chumps, taking risks and any sort of opportunity is how life's supposed to be. At least, that's what Leah Cummings thoug...
  • historicalfiction
  • humor
  • betrayal
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Top 100 awsome comebacks by j_trigg
Top 100 awsome comebacksby Hope u like my books
Do u need to get back at somebody Just use some of these come backs as a way to start your revenge
  • gettourownback
  • hopeuenjoy
  • comeback
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The Michael Perspective by MJamesonOfficial
The Michael Perspectiveby Michael Jameson
A place to love and be civil while we constructively criticize others, both left and right.
  • wattys2018
  • freedankula
  • right-wing
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Arrogancy Vs Attitude - CRAZY MAHIZ by crazymahiz
Arrogancy Vs Attitude - CRAZY MAHIZby MAHII / CRAZY
#1 in familyandfriends (12/05/18) #2 in kkb (13/07/18) #3 in kumkumbhagya (09/05/18) #60 in general fiction (15/07/18) #221 in fantasy (19/7/17) Winner of Second Prize i...
  • familyandfriends
  • enemieswithbenefits
  • generalfiction
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Those Eyes by AnakNiJollibee
Those Eyesby Rphll Estrd
Grant James... a handsome successful bachelor who is every woman's dream to be with... the problem is... he's no longer available because of his girlfriend which is just...
  • memories
  • home
  • divorced
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Unexpected Visit  by isforever105
Unexpected Visit by Izzy
What happens when the Robinsons decide to visit there best friends, the Davidsons in New York City. What happens when the siblings start to fight and come into different...
  • martin
  • newyork
  • donovan
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Hum ko pyar hua (Story - 1) by Mr__al0ne
Hum ko pyar hua (Story - 1)by Faizy Sayed
Best RANKING : #argument = 05 #Everywhere = 03 This is a love story of Divya and Sanjay. They meet in train Accidently and then some bad guys come and harassing her. Thi...
  • family
  • heartbreak
  • fighting
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Magicks, Simon and Baz (Snowbaz fic) by Avidwriter114
Magicks, Simon and Baz (Snowbaz Avidwriter114
A Collection of Simon and Baz arguments and kissing, and hopelessly wondering whether or not they are in love
  • fanfiction
  • simonoliversnow
  • wrenagade
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Bang Me (The Big Bang Theory Fan-Fiction) by ArielBlack
Bang Me (The Big Bang Theory ArielBlack
Penny's old friend Maddie moves into town. With nowhere else to stay, she decides to room with Penny. She meets all of the boys, but only one sticks out to her. Will her...
  • argument
  • raj
  • bigbang
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Unforgettable // E.D fanfic by DolanJaws1999
Unforgettable // E.D fanficby DolanJaws1999
"Leilani! Get dressed into something nice we have visitors" my boss shouted "Yes sir" "Open the door!" "Y-yes sir" I walked towa...
  • fanfiction
  • sequal
  • fight
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Laxus x Reader: Body Swap by DistantSpark
Laxus x Reader: Body Swapby ⚡ S P A R K ⚡
During a fight, you and Laxus switch bodies! You don't know why or how, but you know you need to get back into your own skin. Can Freed, Evergreen, and Bickslow find a c...
  • freed
  • laxus
  • evergreen
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Unwritten by jess_tal
Unwrittenby Jess Talien
(TEMPORARILY ON HOLD) What if a story wasn't just a story in the end? Young aspiring author Fiona Sinto has been through a lot over the last few months, and it's been pu...
  • argument
  • hiding
  • danger
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Short stories by Ijustliketoreadman
Short storiesby Simone Howard
I like to write stories, maybe people will like them?
  • tension
  • illness
  • shortstories
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Running back to you (Peterick)  by Sammiethemoose
Running back to you (Peterick) by Megan Lyall
Pete hurts Patrick. Really badly and he regrets it. He now is writing Patrick letters and texts. That is until Patrick comes running back. Will everything work out? War...
  • peterick
  • pete
  • fanfiction
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Six Months Kiss Rule With My Professor (#Wattys 2018) by FunnyIsInLav
Six Months Kiss Rule With My Ms. Lavigne
Tiffany, she is the girl who never fears about anything. Siya yung babaeng kinatatakutan sa school nila. Yung tipong halos lahat na ng professor niya ay mapalayas niya d...
  • settlement
  • romance
  • argument
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Rant Book by BloodyR0se
Rant Bookby 𝘋𝘪𝘺𝘢
Just a place where a spill out my opinions and frustrations. Don't read it if you can't handle somebody else's opinion. I don't own any images used in this book or as m...
  • arguments
  • books
  • rant
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Why Harry Potter Dominates Twilight √ by edgymetalkid
Why Harry Potter Dominates lyn
Highest ranking: number 54 in Random ------- Self-explantitory. Potterheads and Twihards may both comment. As a Potterhead, I don't discriminate! Please enjoy! And I w...
  • betterthantwilight
  • argument
  • twihards
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