Teacher•grayson.d by drizzydolanzz
Teacher•grayson.dby babygirl
"Fucking look at me when you speak!" Started-14 Feb 2018 Completed-27 May 2018
  • school
  • work
  • grayson
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Upper East Side by weltington
Upper East Sideby ᴥ
the rich kids of the upper east side.
  • secrets
  • private-school
  • richkids
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My Sexy New Jerk of a Gym Teacher by EmmaMichelleGordon
My Sexy New Jerk of a Gym Teacherby Emma Michelle Gordon
I felt shivers and sparks from the contact of our skin. His lips on my neck were leaving a heated trail that created butterflies in my stomach. "I'm not letting you...
  • class
  • teenager
  • jerk
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Notes || jaenoren by -Threads-
Notes || jaenorenby jesustakethewheel
Renjun really thought he was being a nuisance when the two boys on either side of him kept asking him to pass their notes to each other, but when he sees what they're ta...
  • verygay
  • parkjisung
  • cute
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Bullied by Joey Birlem by baddybirlem
Bullied by Joey Birlemby Fanfics 🖤
It's worth the read ~•~ Date completed: October 26, 2017 #105 in fan fiction #1 in Joey Birlem #1 in aaron melloul #108 in harry styles #8 in joey ~•~ Copyright © 201...
  • class
  • birlem
  • aaronmelloul
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My Hero Academia x Reader by MyHeroDeku
My Hero Academia x Readerby Secret
I would think that the title says everything to be honest. All of your favorite characters from My Hero Academy.
  • eraserhead
  • lida
  • anime
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My Stone Heart (Lams) by SmolJohnL
My Stone Heart (Lams)by SmolJohnL
As designated class clown, no one ever really took John Laurens seriously. He was fine with that. As long as he could start some smiles, he was fine. Alexander's heart...
  • class
  • school
  • ship
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Mated to my teacher! by LuvIzOverRated
Mated to my teacher!by Nena Rivera
Stacie Gonzalez is a seventeen year old senior in her high school. on her first day of school she meets her hot new math teacher Mr. Lorenzo who happens to be her mate. ...
  • alpha
  • class
  • revenge
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The Tiara And Earrings by EveryKarmaLegend
The Tiara And Earringsby Clever Karma
(Completed) Netherlands big day is coming up soon, The Princess Big Revealing! Queen Bridgette and King Felix had to send their little daughter away in fear after a mys...
  • djwifi
  • fluff
  • royalty
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Little Surprises  by MamasBakery
Little Surprises by MamasBakery
" Marinette.... your pregnant?" The Ball, the dancing, the fun, the confessions, the danger, the challenges, and the love. It all leads to one thing... one th...
  • class
  • babies
  • pregnant
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Mr Bad Boy is a Prince by tavanalee
Mr Bad Boy is a Princeby Tavana Whamond
"You love the fancy gowns and expensive jewelry" Ethan said angrily. "No! You're so stupid! Can't you see that I'm here for you!" I exclaimed back...
  • sarcasm
  • friendship
  • romance
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Jealousy-Norenmin by -woAhLucAs
Jealousy-Norenminby Hiatus
//Typical story line// Jaemin and Jeno are the most perfect couple you could ever imagine. Everybody wants to be them and possibly join them. Jaemin and Jeno felt whole...
  • love
  • norenmin
  • chensung
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Target | (Karma x Reader) by ItsWeirdz
Target | (Karma x Reader)by Weird
A huge mission has been placed down upon a most terrifying army of all... A classroom. An Assassination Classroom! What's the mission? To kill the most dangerous person...
  • assasinations
  • karma
  • akabane
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The Boy at the Back of the Class (BDSM) [SLOW UPDATES] by xyoutubetrashx
The Boy at the Back of the Class ( Hunter
" Lose the shirt and the shorts." He says demandingly. I strip off my clothes like he said. I stand there in my black lace underwear and bra. "Put these o...
  • kink
  • sub
  • school
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Light A Way (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) by Inconvenient_Ideal
Light A Way (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)by Charlie
Being a performer in some backwater travelling show is a life of hardship, pain and unhappiness. Not liking the fact that her powers caused her heartbreak in the past, a...
  • hank
  • magneto
  • film
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We Met in Gym (Royce-Short Story) by MoneNemo
We Met in Gym (Royce-Short Story)by ♥
They met in gym class . *RocxPrince♥boyxboy Copyrighted material©2014 by KeraMindless143 . All rights reserved.
  • gay
  • rocroyal
  • class
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The  new guy in my class (completed) by sdazzell
The new guy in my class ( Cutie Pie
I went to school and discoved a cute... yet slightly strange guy in my class... in less than ten minutes of knowing eachother, he kisses me on the lips!
  • highschool
  • class
  • new
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Harry Styles Imagines by ImpossibleHarry
Harry Styles Imaginesby Shania
Here a bunch of Harry Imagines I made up!! Hope you like them!!
  • concert
  • onedirection
  • harrystyles
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Egyszer élünk - #yolo by belladonna_77
Egyszer élünk - #yoloby belladonna_77
Katica és Macska a tengerparton! A Francois-Dupont hírhedt osztálya idén olyan rosszul teljesített, hogy az igazgató kénytelen közmunkára ítélni őket. Ezzel olyan esemé...
  • tikki
  • akuma
  • miraculous
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She's Not Who You Think She Is by zichi_11
She's Not Who You Think She Isby CdPb_1129
Why do people who knows her so well always tells me ... She's Not Who You Think She Is ?... What's her secret ? Who is she ? Why is she so mysterious ?
  • wattys2018
  • romance
  • twins
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