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True Blue (Complete) by dlcroisette
True Blue (Complete)by D L Croisette
Does true love deserve a second chance? The summer before university, Emily met and fell in love with Finn. It was a love to stand the test of time. Until Finn disappear...
His Little Bride by _loveovevee
His Little Brideby Ritika
"I can't do this anymore, Karthik" I said to the man standing in front of me, letting my tears fall out of my eyes. His ignorance has broken me to no extent. I...
Cry-Baby by braycriss
Cry-Babyby Criss
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
The Distance Between Us [Completed] by lovestorieswriter
The Distance Between Us [Completed]by Evy
When Violet Brown gets the opportunity to interview an F1 driver in Abu Dhabi, she doesn't have to think twice about it. Despite not really being a fan anymore, it's bee...
Zaroorat [✔️] by -desigurllx
Zaroorat [✔️]by -desigurllx
-completed- Peep into know....
Toxic Love  by trappedoutniaa
Toxic Love by Nia 💙
You thought they were crazy and confused before?
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Manan- I wish I had never met you!! by black_heart100
Manan- I wish I had never met you!!by black_heart100
The story is about how a guy chooses his career above his love!! will he get back to his love?? or not To know that one has to read my story!!
Borrowed Air ~ Five Feet Apart  by xox-xoox-xox
Borrowed Air ~ Five Feet Apart by Lisa Taylor❣️
Will X OC "and I wonder if Beethoven held his breath the first time his fingers touched the keys the same way a soldier holds his breath the first time his finger c...
Cladestine (COMPLETED) by PrThDg
Cladestine (COMPLETED)by PDG
She was broken... not in the way people thought she was... he was the handsome hunk , rich philanthropist who could make anyone fall for him .. what will happen when the...
Every Little Thing by rowlings
Every Little Thingby s.l.
Evelyn Moore has been struggling with unrequited love for nearly two years. Reed Bishop has no idea. When the once-unreachable boy becomes her French partner and an even...
World's Apart by klutzy17
World's Apartby klutzy17
All Jack knew was that he loved her...and one day, any way he could, no matter what it took, he'd make it back to her... **Sequel 'A Promise Broken' must read!!** Highes...
After Falling Apart.  by its_bubbly_b
After Falling Apart. by writerB
* Completed * My Second Sidnaaz fiction is here. It will be filled with emotions, drama but still as genuine as possible .
In Love With The Bad Boy by nobodyisperfectt
In Love With The Bad Boyby nobodyisperfectt
Amelia Anderson (16 years old). Let me tell you something about her. You know that popular people that always look attractive, throw amazing parties and have a wonderful...
Falling Apart by RiceLover
Falling Apartby Vanessa
Everly Winter hasn't had a day without responsibility in years. Between dealing with her newly divorced parents and watching out for a suicidal best friend, Everly never...
Broken Rose (Harry Styles) FINISHED/EDITED!! by iloveu1dand5sos
Broken Rose (Harry Styles) FINISHE...by My Thoughts My Faith
(Ranked #4) When Amanda's boyfriend, Harry Styles, leaves her for his ex, how will Amanda live her life after her parents stated clearly that they won't accept her again...
Against Us (SONTAILS)  by KeniaTorres931
Against Us (SONTAILS) by Ally the Panda
Sonic and Tails finally realizing that it's not only brother love but something stronger, but what happens when someone doesn't agree?
"Dude Looks Like a Lady" by Nonbeliever
"Dude Looks Like a Lady"by Nonbeliever
"When your bandmates find out you're borderline transvestite, they'll freak." Sometimes the best way to find out where your childhood sweetheart has gone is to...
Possessive!Kurama x Reader: To Meet Again | Discontinued  by Keopize
Possessive!Kurama x Reader: To Mee...by кєσ
He promised, he promised you that he would be back. You kept holding him to that promise, even if it took millions of years. You would always hold him to his promises. *...
Two Lines by Suganthii
Two Linesby सुगंथी
❝They weren't alike, but poles apart connected to form two lines...❞ ----- [Completed | First Draft] [Third Person Limited Narration] ...
Kingdoms Apart. by Noctural_godess007
Kingdoms Apart.by Royalty
NAJWA AL-HAMMAD Daughter of Husain Al-hammad, the king of Ishbal. All her life, Najwa has lived in Ishbal, until she enters for College of Yale online and gets in, aga...