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That Wasn't Supposed To Happen ✎ by xFakingaSmilex
That Wasn't Supposed To Happen ✎by Steeply
Charlie Landon moves to America with her father after her mother passes away. Everything is confusing, including her feelings for Noah East, her woodwork teacher.
  • studentteacherromance
  • romantic
  • featured
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They Don't Know About Us (BWWM) by _Tisha_
They Don't Know About Us (BWWM)by The Afro Goddess
*Book 1* I looked up at him still unable to speak but he just smiled showing his pearly white teeth "I'm Mr Rivers" he said extending his hand "I'm...Ava...
  • student
  • bwwm
  • teacher
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Love Letters and Literature  by MissMaven
Love Letters and Literature by Haley Adene
Sophia Lane is the queen of oversized sweaters and perfectly brewed cups of coffee. She's beautiful and delicate and so painfully misunderstood, but her innocent stare h...
  • 18andup
  • funny
  • mature
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Miss Lovato (TeacherxStudent) by demistalents
Miss Lovato (TeacherxStudent)by demistalents
"My name is Miss Lovato. You can call me Demi."
  • demilovato
  • student
  • singer
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Damaged by valiumhoe
Damagedby 💫
"Did you just tease me?" He raises an eyebrow seductively and cocks his head to the side, green eyes devouring my figure. " That's no light thing to do.&q...
  • teenager
  • love
  • depression
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Sugar mommy's babyboy  by Ddeetje16
Sugar mommy's babyboy by Ddeetje16
"Miss woods ur my teacher... we can't do this" "what did you call me?" "Mommy... please..." "just tell me what you want baby boy an...
  • teacher
  • little
  • mommykink
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Without The Words (Student/Teacher) by xImmortality
Without The Words (Student/Teacher)by kay
Poppy Rose had obliviously changed her life only five years ago, resulting in the death of her mother. Constant blame, depression and suicide attempts came selective mut...
  • panic
  • depression
  • love
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The Jerk Of A Science Teacher by beautifullifemagic
The Jerk Of A Science Teacherby wefoundwonderland
Scarlett walked into her science class late. Which didn't please her new teacher Mr Harris. As the year carries on Scarlett dreads every science lesson. But in the back...
  • school
  • lesson
  • forbidden
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Wedding Bells by Ellisa_Evans
Wedding Bellsby 💗 Ellisa 💗
"Mom! Dad! I cannot agree to marry a man that I don't know!" I said. "Maxine! you are going to marry Nicklaus," Dad said. "What? Nicklaus? I can...
  • teacher
  • sexualharassment
  • couple
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Forbidden Love  by Gema15writes
Forbidden Love by Gema Ramírez
Mariana Crawford: straight A student, she's your typical good girl. -She's waiting for that special person to make her feel sparks again. Pietro Roman: he's a passiona...
  • drama
  • humor
  • forbidden
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Snape's Emerald Secret by KandRFanfics
Snape's Emerald Secretby KandRFanfics
Emmy is in love with Severus Snape, however, he is her potions professor and pays no interest to her, or so she thinks.... Emmy is a very powerful witch who (due to a tr...
  • severus
  • snape
  • severussnape
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A Woman's Best Friend by BetweenProjects
A Woman's Best Friendby Marit Brevik
When Allie is in need of a new seeing eye dog, she is set up with one that nobody else wants. He's big, scruffy, playful and very intuitive. And from what she can f...
  • love
  • handicap
  • werewolf
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My Valentine  by Just_Like_Magic
My Valentine by Just_Like_Magic
His name was Marshall Valentine. Not only was he married, but he'd been my History teacher since freshman year. He was probably the meanest teacher I had ever encounter...
  • teacher
  • boy
  • student
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short skirts : a.i by decolorings
short skirts : a.iby a r i e s
a story in which mr ashton irwin is sexually attracted to his high school student in her knee socks and short skirts.
  • agegap
  • calumhood
  • michaelcifford
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soft boy | joshler by tyjostrench
soft boy | joshlerby honey
"guess you're just my little soft boy aren't you,"
  • daddy
  • jishwa
  • student
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Chemistry by ssimplixity
Chemistryby Sophie
Beau Taylor was so painfully average, or at least that's what she thought. From the moment he saw her, he knew she was anything but. This girl was the girl he's been se...
  • teenage
  • student
  • trouble
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A Fractured Lover (Student/Teacher)✔️ by LittleMinx94
A Fractured Lover (Student/Teacher...by Alexandria Lee
The last two years of Alex's life have been emotionally challenging to say the least. Yet, this is a new year and all her unpleasant memories are behind her; including h...
  • newadult
  • professor
  • student
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Extra Credit (A Student-Teacher Romance) by jobeck0813
Extra Credit (A Student-Teacher Ro...by Author J.L Beck
All I needed was a passing grade. I never expected to sleep with my Professor for it. When Ava told me she couldn't fail my class or she would lose her student aide I m...
  • teacher
  • dirtyromance
  • fsog
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Mr. Jones (Student/Teacher) by ADig09
Mr. Jones (Student/Teacher)by Anonymous Writer
After moving to a new city, leaving her friends behind, a boy catches her eye while she's moving in. Alex Jones, gorgeous man every girl would be die to be with him but...
  • cute
  • romance
  • featured
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Knowing me, knowing you | (Student/Professor) by Uhtceare_
Knowing me, knowing you | (Student...by Uhtceare_
Alexia Saunders is a driven and hard-working senior at The University of Chicago. Being used to have everything figured out, even when the world is moving in the opposit...
  • agegap
  • chicago
  • fiction
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