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Cry-Baby by braycriss
Cry-Babyby C. Bray
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
  • news
  • ocean
  • sigh
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Anxious  // Grayson Dolan  by grxciestyles
Anxious // Grayson Dolan by Grace
"Calm down, baby. It will all be okay".
  • anxious
  • depressed
  • youngadult
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Her Rock by pelton02
Her Rockby pelton02
A girl with major anxiety, not to mention who is extremely shy. A new boy who plays a mad game of football, a killer smirk that makes your heart melt. He is your typical...
  • youngadult
  • shy
  • cute
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Home by MunaSunuwar
Homeby Themunasun
I vent out my feelings at home.
  • poetry
  • sadness
  • life
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Mistake or Not? Natsu x Reader by iheartnatsuforeves
Mistake or Not? Natsu x Readerby iheartnatsuforeves
Natsu and (Y/N) were instant friends when she joined the guild. However one night, they confess their feelings for each other when they're hopelessly drunk. What will ha...
  • fairytail
  • anxious
  • natsuxreader
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Lilac skies by stormsonvynl
Lilac skiesby Stormy
A collection of poems I've written
  • slampoetry
  • anger
  • sad
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Untitled  by MunaSunuwar
Untitled by Themunasun
  • poem
  • depression
  • poetry
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Hannibal || e.d by chaoscupid
Hannibal || e.dby chaoscupid
'Hannibal rising' A serial killer and cannibal.
  • cannibal
  • feelings
  • blood
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Anxiety attack  by _Smexy_Sam_
Anxiety attack by _Smexy_Sam_
  • love
  • night
  • samandcolby
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The cuddle buddy code by sagetisdale0550
The cuddle buddy codeby Sage Tisdale
The rules were simple, 1) no kissing 2) come whenever it happens 3) no one knows 4) never go in the attic 5) never be afraid to ask for a ride & 6) no falling in love A...
  • fun
  • anxiety
  • buddy
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Wrapped in Bandages by Cloakedranger
Wrapped in Bandagesby Cloakedranger
Confined to a limited space within her own home, Dez acts as though her conditions are normal. She lives surrounded by workers and is kept under the watchful gaze of the...
  • watched
  • pink
  • curiosity
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Notice the Unnoticeable (JotaroxReader) by It-is-mystery
Notice the Unnoticeable ( IceeTrash
You always tried your best to exist as you always had. Completely unnoticed. You went to school, went home, and hung out with friends on the weekend. Rinse and repeat...
  • jjbapart3
  • jojo
  • xreader
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The Foul Weather Marquis by MuintirQueen
The Foul Weather Marquisby Arienh Forsyth
Benjamin Weathering has inherited the lofty title of marquis, but with that comes a responsibility to interact with his least favorite species: people. Luckily for Ben...
  • friendstolovers
  • hermit
  • meddling
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Dibs! (Lesbian, GxG) [Wattys2016] by Blake_is_Awesome
Dibs! (Lesbian, GxG) [Wattys2016]by Blake
Before Jules interrupted Callie's lunch hour with a (not so subtle) "Dibs!", Callie was a quiet girl whose only priorities are good grades and better talent wi...
  • rumors
  • crazy
  • disaster
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wdw imagines✨ by pancakexash
wdw imagines✨by 𝐚𝐬𝐡🌻
  • danielseaveyimagine
  • onelasttime
  • danielseaveyimagines
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Pretty Boy. by CodyEdwards706
Pretty Cody Edwards
Taylor weighs a whopping 98 pounds, and in his mind he weights over 300 all thanks to a comment a few boys made in the locker room. He goes through sweat, blood, and tea...
  • romance
  • hospitalization
  • depressing
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I THINK I'M OKAY. by irrexixtible
I THINK I'M helli.
❛ something's fucking wrong with me. ❜ ( title inspired by MGK & yungblud & travis barker's song "I think I'm OKAY" )
  • anxiety
  • heartbreak
  • posie
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ⓃⒺⓇⓋⒺⓈ ~ Memeulous x Reader- COMPLETE  by lottiebee__
ⓃⒺⓇⓋⒺⓈ ~ Memeulous x Reader- Lottie🐝
you accidentally bump into a anxious , dark haired guy. little did you know what would become of this small encounter completed 29/5/19 note: lower case intended y/n =...
  • jamesmarriott
  • anxiety
  • reader
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Flower fields ( deku x bakugou)  by well_hello_lovely
Flower fields ( deku x bakugou) by Well hello lovely
It's amazing How you can fall in love with someone You didn't even notice The first time you met them If no one in the entire world notice you, Did you even exist. ...
  • fanfiction
  • deku
  • bakudeku
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