boysrjerks by caitylou002
boysrjerksby Caitlin Louise
a piece of my mind, good luck figuring it out
  • dwell
  • heartbreak
  • hate
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we belong together by jayakkanha
we belong togetherby jayakatare
she was afraid she was lonely he was powerful he was feared she used to have hope in her life he never trusted anyone. what happens when they cross paths. Cover by 💓Kri...
  • fairytale
  • heartache
  • powerparadox
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Broken by princessk2301
Brokenby Kirsten
Collection of my damaging past experiences put into words.
  • brokenpromise
  • fboys
  • lies
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Pain by Swiftioner_4ever
Painby Zoe :)
Read at your own risk.
  • burden
  • unknown
  • mentalhealth
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HIPPIE GIRL AND PUNK BOY by peaceful_hobo
in which two teens meet at an abandoned record store by accident.
  • heartache
  • poetry
  • coffee
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Let's Not Fall In love(One Shot)#Wattys2018 by Quinn_Arabells
Let's Not Fall In love(One Shot)#W...by Quinn_Arabells
"Pwede bang maging masaya nalang tayo..yung wala ng iyakan..Kahit ngayon lang" Tugon ko.. Nagsimula sa pagkakaibigan,Pero Hindi umabot ng magka-ibigan. Masakit...
  • teenromance
  • oneshot
  • romance
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between milk tea & notebooks | poetry by tsushibui
between milk tea & notebooks | poe...by grammatically drunk
they drink up my presence they swallow my grief they spill me on pages my mistakes on repeat they crumble me down claw at my skin but nothing seems to come out i told m...
  • loss
  • teen
  • angst
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An unexpected arrangement by CreateSawyer
An unexpected arrangementby CreateSawyer
"Alexandrina.... Boy that is a mouthful, isn't it?" He smirked, gazing at her. She seemed unaffected by his stare as she replied, "Tell me about it, call...
  • love
  • historical
  • victorian
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What Happens In Vegas by Shannon_Demetria
What Happens In Vegasby Shannon
'He's not coming. He says he's sorry.' That was the seven words that destroyed everything. She was ready to walk down the aisle, ready to meet him at the alter and he d...
  • vegas
  • joejonas
  • jemi
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A Million Tears by ayeayecaptain97
A Million Tearsby a y e n . k a n g
"Even though I cried a thousand and million times, if the reason is you it's okay." @ Lola Lewis "I always makes you cry but he always...
  • brokenhearted
  • ongoing
  • lovestory
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The Glassy Truth by LexyGettingLit
The Glassy Truthby Alexis Forte
"I love you.." The words we use is the result of how we feel. Most do not know how to use certain words to express certain emotions. So we know all basic emoti...
  • drama
  • highschool
  • heartache
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already gone ↠ william nylander  by tr2626
already gone ↠ william nylander by trinity
"remember all the things we wanted. now all our memories they're haunted. we were always meant to say goodbye" sequel to all i want [toronto maple leafs] [wil...
  • hockey
  • love
  • nhl
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the things i wouldn't say. by bogoshitduh
the things i wouldn't say.by daze
it's her tears, longingness and the thoughts she couldn't voice out. it's her cry and her heartbreak for the person she loves.
  • heartache
  • poetry
  • prose
Voice Of The Reticent Heart by Mackenziejisoo
Voice Of The Reticent Heartby Ann21
Just wanna lessen Just wanna tell Just wanna share Just wanna heal If you don't give a care Well, I don't give a dare Just wanna voice out the hidden secrets of my tiny...
  • heartache
  • love
  • poetry
The Word Swallower by PoMalone
The Word Swallowerby Molly Anne :)
This is a fan fiction on the book thief. or maybe it isn't. Maybe it is just me obsessing about this book and loving it so dearly.
  • himmel
  • liferuined
  • blood
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Surrender Your Heart by MarieHiggins
Surrender Your Heartby Marie Higgins
After a lifetime of heartache, Adam Hamilton knows he's cursed. He dares not get too close to anyone for fear something terrible will happen to them... something as terr...
  • secrets
  • mystery
  • humor
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Betrayal !! by mystery_me54
Betrayal !!by mysteryme
A series of poems questioning every single person responsible for the pain this girl goes though.
  • god
  • betray
  • heartache
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Abandoned - James Potter Lovestory by chlorweasley
Abandoned - James Potter Lovestoryby Nicole Weasley
A girl like no other, and definitely not like her twin sister, Marlene McKinnon, is forced to move back to England where her family disowned her, after her best friends...
  • heartache
  • heartbreak
  • lupin
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The day I fell in love  by derah_alex
The day I fell in love by Chiderah Onyechere
Falling in love is a wonderful experience but it also comes with a lot of heartache. The day I fell in love is a book that portrays the intriguing events that occurred i...
  • breakup
  • unfaithfulness
  • infedility
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