SHADOWED  by PreciousGundo1
SHADOWED by Gundo Maano
"I want to have you scream my name to the heavens as I thrust into you." he elaborates, causing me to shut my legs. "I-" I stop, not knowing how to r...
  • personalassistant
  • hate
  • love
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Mi Amore ✓ by NotShort_FunSize
Mi Amore ✓by Quinn
Alice Lee had always love Neilson Yi, since the first day they met when he moved in next door. Many doubted her love for Neilson, merely brushing it off as a crush Afte...
  • mafia
  • projectbadboys
  • tragedy
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Stay With Me ✔ by ksstories5
Stay With Me ✔by K
"You would think that with a name like Rave, he would be intense and moody, like your classic bad boy. With the amount of cigarettes he smokes in a day, you would i...
  • boyfriend
  • love
  • party
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Hunter's Heart (#Wattys2018) by DarkAngel2oo0
Hunter's Heart (#Wattys2018)by DarkAngel2oo0
What do you do when you're cut off from the only world you've ever known and suddenly thrown into one you wished you'd never been apart of? When you want so badly to be...
  • supernatural
  • werewolf
  • heartache
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🥂 walk through trials, tribulations, and fuckboy shit as two best friends slowly fall in love. mature content. a lucas coly fan fic.  2017 bartierbri. cover by me. hit...
  • lucascoly
  • mature
  • love
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Victoria by fantasy_differ
Victoriaby Dark-Chocolate
Being a single mother is one thing, but being a single mother in the dating pool is another. Victoria has blocked herself off from any form of a relationship for the pas...
  • singlemom
  • heartache
  • badboy
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The Wolves That Are by LyssFrom1996
The Wolves That Areby | Lyss |
Sailor Webster doesn't know what happened the night her sister died, but she knows who does. Sailor Webster never expected the night of her prom to end in a hospital af...
  • contemporary
  • youngadult
  • loss
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Other Half (STU#1) by PenOfEnzy
Other Half (STU#1)by l'amour de soi
All Rights Reserved 2018 Other Half (STU1) by PenOfEnzy WARNING: This story contains graphic and sensual scenes. Foul and vulgar words that are not suitable for 18 below...
  • sexy
  • spg
  • lawyer
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Accept Me (kinda slow updates) by _Makav3li_
Accept Me (kinda slow updates)by _Makav3li_
Sarah is at her all time low. She doesn't have any family, no friends, and she just lost her job. Matthew aka HotBoy is the well known kingpin in all of Georgia. After g...
  • heartache
  • faith
  • generalfiction
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Is This Love? || Vminkook || by BTS_ARMY333
Is This Love? || Vminkook ||by BTS_ARMY333
A popular, An outcast, And a new boy... When three boys with very different backgrounds meet, do they become friends? Enemies? Or maybe something more? Vminkook story...
  • bullying
  • taehyung
  • beach
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When The Battle Is Over by sae-xx
When The Battle Is Overby sae-xx
From the moment I met her, I knew she was different. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to stay away from her, no matter how hard I tried. I was intrigued by her. T...
  • sickness
  • teenromance
  • cancer
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Broken by HIM ✅ by ambu1008
Broken by HIM ✅by Kammeliesh Sachithanandan
#1 in Anushkashetty 11/5/18 #13 in heartache 9/8/18 #14 in heartache 1/7/18 #87 in broken 6/8/18 #96 in broken #454 in romance 15/4/2018 #484 in romance 10/4/2018 #487 i...
  • anushkashetty
  • pranushka
  • romance
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Paper Bride   ✔️  (Book 2 - DP Series - COMPLETE) by kario12
Paper Bride ✔️ (Book 2 - DP Ser...by Kari
{Complete} {Book 2 in Dismantled Pride Series} --- It's been four years since they sealed the deal, and yet he still makes her heart flutter with the undeniable ache of...
  • drama
  • chicklit
  • marriage
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Elysian by ayemaaaaaan
Elysianby Aymen.
1st in spiritual on 14th August, 2018 1st in Pakistani on 6th August 2018 3rd in Pakistani on 9th July 2018 2nd in spiritual on 13th September Jannat, a barely eighteen...
  • romance
  • young
  • cousins
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Someone Like Him by nessa129
Someone Like Himby Vanessa
We all have someone who is hidden in the bottom of our hearts. When we think of him, we will always feel a little pain inside, but still we can't forget about him. I ca...
  • captivatingc
  • sadlovestory
  • teenromance
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Evelyn • Tony Stark by AlexandraGiovanni
Evelyn • Tony Starkby Tony Stark
❛❛I just don't want you to leave even though I gave you reasons to.❜❜ She grew up with him. She befriended him. She cared for him. She showed...
  • misery
  • wedding
  • ironmanfanfic
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Somebody That I Used To Know by Wowchilee
Somebody That I Used To Knowby H.N. Von Ward
Jade and Julien. Best friends forever. Or at least, that's what she thought. It has been two years since the day that Julien moved back to Paris with his family after li...
  • heartbreak
  • badboy
  • somebodythatiusedtoknow
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Too Hot To Resist  (#Sytycw) completed by khassal
Too Hot To Resist (#Sytycw) compl...by Mel
Eighteen months ago Alicia was left standing at the alter. Lisa, Alicia's best friend has had enough of her moping and demands her to go out and get laid. So what do you...
  • wattys2015
  • love
  • laughter
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In Love with my Brother by natashamcnairrr
In Love with my Brotherby ScottishWriter
School leaver Melissa, 18 who is in love with her 20 year old brother, Michael are on a cruise ship which will bring the two together in more ways than siblings bonding...
  • love
  • heartache
  • heartbreak
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Former Gangster Princess In Disguise (Editing) by kailah_baria
Former Gangster Princess In Disgui...by UndeniablyCute
What if a gangster princess quits her job as a powerful gangster because of danger and a person.. What will happen if she continues to be a gangster princess.. Will she...
  • gangster
  • heartache
  • romance
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