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(Part 1)Perfect match to arrogant CEO  by cunanicole
(Part 1)Perfect match to Seventh Fairy
Stephanie has sacrifice her self and represented her sister to marry into the purple meanwhile .she also hope to settle his brother medical cost. She always thought that...
Mated To A Jerk |✓ by ranchchips
Mated To A Jerk |✓by jenna claire
Being mated to the future alpha isn't a breeze, especially for Cassandra. Wanna know why? Because he's a flat out cocky, egotistical, hot, demanding, possessive, indecis...
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The Mating Tournament by Ryder3113
The Mating Tournamentby Ryder3113
Chloe doesn't want a mate, and fighting in the tournament is what she has dreaded her whole life. All she has to do is fight off all the males in the pack and she will...
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The Fighters Girl by RascaIs
The Fighters Girlby Rascals
Previous title: The Fighter When Hawk and Hazel meet on a plane, they made a deal. Tell all, no judging, make out afterwards, and they will never see each other again...
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Matchmaker by fayeaden
Matchmakerby faye
[BOOK THREE] For Skyler Lahar getting stuck after school with the baseball team was never part of the plan, but neither was falling for the sexy, flirtatious, captain wh...
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An Arranged Match // Paul McCartney  by Little_Miss_Rocker
An Arranged Match // Paul 🍧louise🍫
"I f**king hate you, Paul." He smirked and replied. "Oh, we both know you mean the opposite of that, darling." »(This story is set in the PRESENT tim...
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Cry-Baby by braycriss
Cry-Babyby C. Bray
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
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Her Assassin's Heart - Book 2 by WriterByNight12
Her Assassin's Heart - Book 2by WriterByNight12
**SEQUEL TO HER SISTER'S FIANCÉ** London of the mid 19th century: a city of feigned propriety, snobbery, and tempestuous attempts at the upkeep of the law. Beneath the v...
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U.T.O.P.I.A. ✔ | BOOK 1 of Death of the Future Series by KrystalM
U.T.O.P.I.A. ✔ | BOOK 1 of Death Krystal Munroe
In World Population, the system called U.T.O.P.I.A. governs all five Areas, matching individuals of the age eighteen to their most compatible partner. There had been no...
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The Ring by silverblooms
The Ringby silver
Mia Rhodes is not your typical senior. She doesn't socialize or have many friends. Rhodes spends most of her time at The Ring with her single father who is the head coac...
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BFDII - Battle for Dream Island Insanity by CrispyRai
BFDII - Battle for Dream Island Crispy
This is my first ever story, I hope you like it! There may be references and cameos from Inanimate Insanity, but this is mostly just a BFDI story. Also oof in the tags I...
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The Unmatchable  Match by pixiestar94
The Unmatchable Matchby @le
What will happen when the guy you've been crushing for what feels like forever is paired with your best friend on a fake marriage and you get stuck with the guy you cant...
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My Mate is an Idol || Completed by WendilynnKerezman
My Mate is an Idol || Completedby Wendilynn
The Kpop group Midnight is the only Kpop group made up of werewolf boys. Every fangirl hopes they will someday be their destined mate. Julie just turned 18 and littl...
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Personality Match (#wattys2015) by hello-people-goodbye
Personality Match (#wattys2015)by Iris Ray
Isabella Ford, A girl sweeter than sugar, takes part in her school's new match quiz, never thinking she'd be partnered with the towns infamous bad boy, Noah Bridge. Now...
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I Play Football, Not Boys. by iamjustagirlhere
I Play Football, Not Tegan-Leigh
Lacey Loveheart is a 17 year old girl, who is different from other girls: She's the captain of her schools football team. When a new boy comes to town, he see's through...
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Can I Keep You? [Zarry] *EDITING* by Narrybear
Can I Keep You? [Zarry] *EDITING*by ㆁ Suga.Hobiㆁ
[Book 1] Harry never thought that he would fall for someone with just one look. Love at first sight to be exact. It may sound absurd and crazy but this time, it felt lik...
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Spellbinders: Daughter of Light by Scarlets_and_Roses
Spellbinders: Daughter of Lightby Scarlet Rose
Book #2 of the Spellbinder's Trilogy Ella has lost her memories and Callum's in chains. Both are imprisoned by Arran, the leader of the Cursed. As they plan their escape...
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A Kiss From Cupid by __a_i__
A Kiss From Cupidby Ai Jiang
"Aren't you a little too young to be a psychologist?" I eyed him suspiciously. "Aren't you a little too sane to be seeing one?" He countered with an...
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Behind The Mask by CAKerst
Behind The Maskby C.A. Kerst
When Brody challenges his stepfather who tries to rape him, his "step-loser" as he calls him has his revenge by throwing acid in Brody's face. Brody is almost...
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Bottled Up by september-gem
Bottled Upby quill !
Your destiny is already mapped out as soon as you're born - you just don't get to see it yet. In this era, people are given necklaces at birth. On these necklaces, an e...
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