My scary stories  by EdgePlays1
My scary stories by EdgePlays1
Scary stories, all r true
  • horror
  • sleepover
When Worlds Collide (The Sans Sleepover) by Tardis11Gal
When Worlds Collide (The Sans PGRated Almost Family Gaming...
You get to Sans' cabin after work...just to find many other Sanses that you don't know. Let's have a sleepover with Classic and the Sanses!
  • sans
  • sanses
  • utau
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Balloons  by 11MadhouseMelanie11
Balloons by Pleasing
  • scream
  • sleepover
  • creepy
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Sleeping Bags Can Suffocate by LanceYoung144
Sleeping Bags Can Suffocateby Lance Young
The story of how a sleepover can turn these friends into a pair of love struck boys. Can their friends win them over. (Gay fluff) A/N: Fayte deals with anxiety so he FEE...
  • lgbt
  • gay
  • love
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Danganronpa V3 - Truth or Dare by mint_pupperino
Danganronpa V3 - Truth or Dareby Random Stuff
truth or dare one-shot! since my truth or dare app is random.. we'll see which ship sinks.
  • drv3
  • truthordare
  • sleepover
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Everyday Struggles by rainbowyag
Everyday Strugglesby rainbowyag
Katie is finishing up her eighth grade year at school. Her teachers are handing out projects like their lives depended on making students suffer. She's also trying to de...
  • eatingdisorder
  • groupchat
  • gay
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Just Besties? ~ Nalu Fairytail  by fairytaillife24
Just Besties? ~ Nalu Fairytail by fairytaillife24
Natsu and Lucy are just besties ~ or are they? the guild has a massive week sleepover and they are always together. and if worst comes to worst then Mira has a plan ~ Tr...
  • sleepover
  • fairytail
  • romance
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I Can't Sleep 💗 by IssaDiana
I Can't Sleep 💗by IssaDiana
My sister Signa invited a friend to sleep and i cant sleep by the noise they make 💗
  • sleepover
Midnight Horror by JordansCollection
Midnight Horrorby Jordan
All Happened At Midnight No One Knows What Happend Or Who Did It. It All Started At A Sleepover.....
  • horror
  • kills
  • sleepover
|| Things To Do When You're Bored || by FanfictionCrack
|| Things To Do When You're ☁️Aesthetic Queen☁️
Exactly what the title says! Over 100+ things to do when you're bored ! Each categorized for different events ! (For all ages! Teenage things to do are in here as well...
  • random
  • sleepover
  • thingstodowhenyourebored
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The Sleep Over // Marcus Gunnarsen by LoreGunnarsen
The Sleep Over // Marcus Gunnarsenby MandMlover_Belgium
Hei!! Ja dit is een verhaal die niet in het super mooi Nederlands zal getypt zijn. Sorry daar voor. Maar dat gebeurt alleen bij de berichtjes. Het kan een beetje dirty z...
  • sleepover
  • marcusandmartinus
  • tinus
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The Sleepover | Bts  by BangtanKittens
The Sleepover | Bts by BangtanKittens
It's Friday night, it's raining and the power is out. So what better way to make time go by than a Bangtan Sleepover. Join BTS as they tell their little tales and have f...
  • jokes
  • taekook
  • vkook
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Five Nights at Yandere's by Snorlax1211
Five Nights at Yandere'sby Your_Mate_Dave
Yandere Invited us all for a sleepover. People go missing one by one. What is going on? This story will be in small parts.
  • yanderesimulator
  • senpai
  • yandere
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Saved by his sister by m0lly1356
Saved by his sisterby m0lly1356
What happens when your brothers best friend suddenly falls ill at your house? Will he be saved or will you live with the guilt of not being able to help him? Does he not...
  • brothersbestfriend
  • romance
  • sleepover
Ask or Dare te Creepypastas/MH by applejackthepreety
Ask or Dare te Creepypastas/MHby Singing Mimiker
Warning!!⚠:There are swears and warnings and some innapropriate words so if your sensitive to these stuff pls don't read this! Ask or Dare the pastas and MH(marble horne...
  • askordarebook
  • random
  • dare
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A Week Stay At School by Sapphire_Otaku
A Week Stay At Schoolby Harukaze Wendy
『 For the grade 6 this year! You are quite lucky, a week before graduation, after your farewell party, we shall let you stay at school and make memories with each other...
  • sleepover
  • family
  • classroom
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I am so Heckin' Tired by wafflefalafel27
I am so Heckin' Tiredby A LGBT F-ing Prick.
Stories of me and my unhealthy sleeping habits.
  • whyme
  • whydididothis
  • wth
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Akademi High, Truth Or Dare, or Kill... by Kaimscho
Akademi High, Truth Or Dare, or Kaimscho
Write in the comments your Truth or Dare and you'll see what happens. If you want to be a Character in Akademi High, that is fine just tell me which character you want...
  • deth
  • lovesick
  • suicide
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