How to get that Kpop Body! by bangtansounds
How to get that Kpop Body!by bangtansounds
Kpop Diets, Kpop weight loss, my weight loss diary, workouts, skin care, make up and more! Credit: @bangtansounds Highest ranking: #1 - body ...
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Body Rock 2: Time Heals All by doeneseya
Body Rock 2: Time Heals Allby doeneseya
How would you feel if the love of your life didn't know who you were? How would you feel if your dreams were snatched away from you? Relationships will be tested and bou...
  • justin
  • drugs
  • violence
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Seducing an Emperor  by Grace034
Seducing an Emperor by [insert name here]
UNDERGOING EDITING "Our daughter is all wrong Iotiva her body is not bountiful. No man in Roma wants to marry her. They won't marry her for her intelligence that i...
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Alpha Grayson by charjenkins91
Alpha Graysonby Charley Jenkins
He was painfully beautiful, a gift from the angels. A body of a god. His temper was uncontrollable. I wanted him desperately and he isn't even mine. Bethly Collins was...
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  • alphasmate
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Light by ItsAyhn
Lightby ItsAyhn
Octavia (Avi), engaged to her fiancé who she dated for 6 years, is living a spoiled "happy" life with Max. She soon learns that he isn't the person she wants t...
  • body
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Love More Than My Body (Book 1 Of 4) First Love Series  by RaysofKays
Love More Than My Body (Book 1 K
When you look at me, here's what you see, a big round butt as plump as an apple, large lips and decent amount of chest to make a guy take a second look. Guys were attrac...
  • olderguys
  • selfesteem
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Moon/Sun/Eclipse Child Yummy Chapters by world_joy_
Moon/Sun/Eclipse Child Yummy World Joy
Private Mature/bonus Chapters for the Moon Child Series -Moon Child -Sun Child -Eclipse Child
  • bonus
  • moonchild
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Sonic Boys X Reader Story, The Sleepover Games(Reopened!!) by Chloe_The_Hedgewolf
Sonic Boys X Reader Story, The Roleplaying
You, A Sleepover, Games, And Tons Of Sonic Boys?! Read Stories About You And A Sonic Boy Play Games That Have A Kick Of Romance In Them Like, Seven Seconds In Heaven, Th...
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Communication [2] Carlisle Cullen by -actuallykai
Communication [2] Carlisle Cullenby ✨ oh my stars ✨
"You saved me." COMPLETED Book two Sequel of Interpretation. Book two of the Twilight Fanfic Series
  • ïm
  • twilight
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Switched! (PpgzxRrbz) by MaryJoeycoco
Switched! (PpgzxRrbz)by × Mary Jo ×
Everyone knows the Powerpuff Girls defeat evil. Everyone knows that the Rowdyruff Boys are evil. But what happens if they switched? That's right, Ppgz and Rrbz has switc...
  • brick
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Measurements by 1001words
Measurementsby Ottia
"You're beautiful," he looked me dead in the eyes and I saw that he wasn't joking. He stood up and pulled me up with him. "You are the most beautiful girl...
  • girl
  • love
  • bodyissues
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The Good Wife by ZubairTolulope
The Good Wifeby Tolulope D Zubair
Sixteen-year-old Ino is stuck in the body of her older self. Now she must embark on the journey of an adult, a wife and a mother while deep down she's still just a child...
  • naruino
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  • youngerbody
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Swap by greenwriter
Swapby Janelle Ruiz
Bridgette and Cara have parted ways ten years ago as enemies and when they found themselves trapped in the body of the other due to an unknown phenomenon, they are up fo...
  • bridgette
  • friendship
  • cara
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Body Rock 5: 'Til Death Do Us Part by doeneseya
Body Rock 5: 'Til Death Do Us Partby doeneseya
Unspoken words and undone actions are haunting Marissa. She just lost the most influential person in her life. Her wedding is just days away. She's dying inside, not to...
  • real
  • book
  • body
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I like her,she's a BADASS... by Sehunniexx
I like her,she's a Sehunniexx
Aurora is an italian,curvy (she says she's fat) and shy girl who left her mum and her home because of her violent dad. She's forced to live in a place where everyone is...
  • freeyourbody
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The Assignment (Lesbian Story) by gabbysanerd
The Assignment (Lesbian Story)by gabbysanerd
Alex Woods has just received her first assignment to protect the famous musician, Tegan Quin. Will she find out that her job is too much to handle? Will she choose love...
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Body Swap / kth by gucci-kth
Body Swap / kthby 안판만
Lee Jiyoung discovers a group called BTS and one of the members rang a bell to her, and suddenly she recalls a boy from her past, whose name she hasn't heard in years. T...
  • bts
  • switch
  • jungkook
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DADDY by xoxoBizzlexoxo
DADDYby xoxoBizzlexoxo
Elizabeth Austinová je 15 letá studentka, která je vlastně jako každá jiná. Kluci ji příjdou naprosto zbyteční a nechápe svoje kamarádky, které mají každý pátek novou zn...
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insecure ;; seungkwan by starryryujin
insecure ;; seungkwanby paige 💘
you are so used to cursing out every inch of flaws you have that you never even realize how beautiful you truly are to me. [boo seungkwan fanfiction] lowercase intended...
  • pledis
  • insecure
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The Art Of Seduction(Slowly Editing...) by No_Limitations
The Art Of Seduction(Slowly unpronounceable
I let a smirk take it's place on my face as I sauntered over towards him. He looked very amused, but I knew what I was doing. "I heard you're a player." I stat...
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