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one shots | mainly Mairi |           by bbbirdstan
one shots | mainly Mairi |...by I Stan many <3
just a bunch of one shots based around tik tok boys ~ mattia x kairi // alejandro x alvaro ~ i don't post these anymore. i'm sorry for the cringe fest you read.
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Dirty collection Stories  by itsbaygurl
Dirty collection Stories by flawless♡
Here my collection of dirty stories enjoy
Naruto Various x Skilled! Unusual! Reader by MidnightSpear
Naruto Various x Skilled! Unusual...by Ari
(I REPEAT I DO NOT OWN NARUTO!!! MASASHI KISIMOTO DOES!!) (Y/N) has a very dark past..........BUT THINKS NOTHING OF IT!!! (Y/N) is a spunky,lazy,hot-headed,sometimes ar...
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Overwatch Oneshots COMPLETED by SerenityWindrider
Overwatch Oneshots COMPLETEDby Serenity
A/N: Welcome to OW Oneshots! #319 in Fanfiction! #50 In Random! #1 in Enjoy! REQUESTS ARE CLOSED BOOK IS COMPLETED ...
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Cry-Baby by braycriss
Cry-Babyby Criss
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
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Book Of Quotes by supernaturalbaby
Book Of Quotesby Tiny Otaku
Just another book filled with all sorts of quotes. I appologize if I give credit to the wrong person, I try my hardest to confirm things but sometimes its hard. I also...
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Zara's (Mostly) NSFW Instagram by thissomelewdshit
Zara's (Mostly) NSFW Instagramby p a t h e t i c
Some are picrew, my drawings, or YCHs, or some maybe wholesome-
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Wrong Number by AnotherUselssHumanCJ
Wrong Numberby CJ
Peter Parker breaks his phone and fixes it but it messed with his contacts. Most were saved but one was mixed around making a new number, who could it be? Dont judge fo...
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Top Ten Urban Legends by priya906
Top Ten Urban Legendsby priya
Urban legends...
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A Woman's Empire by aesthetic_bubbles
A Woman's Empireby bubbles
Where Audrielle Harrington is pressured to accept the cruel ways the family business is run. Oh, and also the fact that to keep the family tradition in tact, she's force...
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In The World Full of Lies by Shin04Jagiya
In The World Full of Liesby omae°
The title says it all. Cover 1 by: Don'tActViciously Cover 2 by: jinius-
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100 book cliches {Completed} by pancreak
100 book cliches {Completed}by whore inc.
HIGHEST RATING: #6 IN RANDOM WARNING: THERE ARE SWEARING MATURE THEMES AND TRIGGERING SUBJECTS Welcome to the Cliche Manual. I will explain to y'all the most known clic...
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please stay by babyleina
please stayby babyleina
Bole baca sendiri n fahamkan ea tq Baru2 je buat nih,
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|Falling for Octavia| by ffslucashemmings
|Falling for Octavia|by ffslucashemmings
Octavia just wanted a good senior year. That's all she asked for. But no, instead she was blessed with walking in on her boyfriend and her best friend getting it on at s...
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Yandere!Bill Cipher x Shota!Male!Reader x Yandere!Dipper Pines (REMAKE) by Dansel_
Yandere!Bill Cipher x Shota!Male!R...by Dansel_
(m/n) (l/n) from a wealthy family moved into these mysterious woods. A demon and a boy fell inlove with (m/n). Both have the desires to keep the boy as their own. Who wi...
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Even tho HE'S a MONSTER-{PJM} (On Hold) by BiBO-wb
Even tho HE'S a MONSTER-{PJM} (On...by BiBo☑
I touch the tip of my finger to his lips. "There are secrets in here," I say. "I want them out." °•°•°•°•° "I want you...
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Don't Leave /Daisuga/ by Lovely_KB15
Don't Leave /Daisuga/by Kadie💫🌙✨
Suga has had feelings for Daichi for quite awhile. What happens when everyone starts noticing Suga is distracted? What happens when Suga confesses? What happens if they...
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killer queen | joe mazzello  by jerjordan
killer queen | joe mazzello by ♛
'well versed in etiquette, extraordinarily nice' in which two people bond over star wars and the fact that both of their exes cheated on them with one another. [joe...
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Instagram Girls by imaunicornfightme
Instagram Girlsby YERRRRR
This is a book of Face Claims!💕 I really hope that you find the girl you want or if you're just here to read it. You do you boo, I don't judge. ...
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namjoon is online! ↬ namjin [nio: BOOK 1/2] by yeoslovebot
namjoon is online! ↬ namjin [nio:...by kk
"jin: i like the ocean. namjoon: that's cool. jin: don't you like it too? namjoon: i'm not sure. jin: why? namjoon: i've never seen it." in which a confiden...
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