Lab Partners [BXB] [COMPLETED] by OminouslyAnonymous
Lab Partners [BXB] [COMPLETED]by Anon Ominous
*Completed* "Oh, come now, Eli," his breath fanned against my skin as he stared down at me. His hands pressed against the wall on either side of me, preventing...
  • bullied
  • lgbtqawards2017
  • boyxboy
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Love, Anonymous by EverlarkCatoniss
Love, Anonymousby Liz
*COMPLETED* "I just want to know why." I say as I turn over, trying to find his figure through the dark of my room. "Why what?" He asks. "Why...
  • fate
  • heartwarming
  • teenage
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Stephen James Is My Husband??  by MarlineHoods
Stephen James Is My Husband?? by marline mara hoods
Karina is the famous wife of the British model Stephen James. They were both heavily in love with each other, but they were in a tragic accident. Luckily Stephen made it...
  • stephenjames
  • confused
  • alexminsaky
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Nerd (Lesbian Story) [Completed] by megannn
Nerd (Lesbian Story) [Completed]by megannn
Ever wonder what school life could be like if you weren't the norm. Rebecca Wilson has two identities; school she is a book worm nerd - outside she is what all guys woul...
  • girls
  • writher
  • nerd
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My Billionaire Boss by ilovelore
My Billionaire Bossby ilovelore
Candice O'stenner has been married for two miserable years to the most rude and inconsiderate woman ever. Day by day her marriage wavers over a thin line. Her life aft...
  • lies
  • boss
  • girlxgirl
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The Hudson Boys by Megzyh
The Hudson Boysby Meg Hay
It only takes a moment for everything to change and Maya Thompson knows this first hand. Sister, daughter and now supposed orphan. Maya's life is turned upside down whe...
  • teenager
  • brothers
  • orphan
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Heart Of Iron (GirlxGirl) by CharlesBalzitch
Heart Of Iron (GirlxGirl)by Charles
It was then, when she said those horrible words, that I finally obliged to what my mind told me. "Build a shield around that damn heart, lock it, and throw the key...
  • pain
  • lesbian
  • confused
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Pregnant with my brother's best friend's baby - COMPLETED  by damned_by_love
Pregnant with my brother's best Peyton Griffin
Hazel Selvage is your average 17 year old girl, but she's had a few problems in her life. Hazel just got out of therapy 3 months ago and is trying to get her life straig...
  • abusive-relationship
  • highschool
  • hotboys
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Stepbrother Grayson Dolan by Jenna5630
Stepbrother Grayson Dolanby Jenna5630
My first story Y/n moves into a huge house with her mom and step dad Sean and meets her two Stepbrothers, twins Grayson and Ethan. She than starts talking to Ethan and G...
  • stepbrother
  • love
  • graysondolan
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Our Love Story #YourStoryIndia by sanyabhardwaj20
Our Love Story #YourStoryIndiaby sanya bhardwaj
Arjun Rai a well know businessman across the globe. He owns many industries and a travel airline also. Arrogant,womaniser,cold and a Greek god. He only has his mom dad a...
  • love
  • commitment
  • togetherness
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Confused (Lil Skies)  by LilSkies2024
Confused (Lil Skies) by LilSkies2024
You meet Lil Skies he acts all lovely and shit but the next day he's a complete bitch, he just makes you confused.
  • love
  • fake
  • rapper
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Love after Marriage by anjali37
Love after Marriageby anjali37
Come here" he said With fear I went near him. "Sign this" he said giving me file. "What is this?" I asked him holding the file. "It is a co...
  • billionaire
  • angry
  • ceo
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Besides Being Werewolves, They're Weird, Rude, Confusing, and Clingy by VersionTwoPointOh
Besides Being Werewolves, They' Alexis Harris
Alicia Lindros just wanted to make it through her Junior year, but never expected a Group--rather Pack--of boys to change her life completely until a twisted story and p...
  • change
  • dance
  • paranoia
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The Futa by shailynwalker
The Futaby Shailyn Ruby Walker
Everyone has secrets. She has tons of them. My name is Noah Hervy and I'm just a simple reporter. I was offered a promotion if I interviewed a very wealthy woman named H...
  • reporter
  • maids
  • relationship
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Hope You Know by tisayanrie
Hope You Knowby Tica
"Siapa?" "Dava." Aku hanya menundukkan kepalaku kebawah. Gadis dihadapanku kini terkejut dan tidak percaya dengan jawaban yang kukatakan. ___________...
  • friendship
  • sad
  • teenfiction
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Betrayed. by Jessicaaaxa
#16 xo.jessxca
Isabella is raising her three year old son, Noah as a single mother after her boyfriend dies in a freak accident or so she thought ...
  • betrayal
  • lies
  • confused
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Sold to a vampire by ThisCrazyGurll
Sold to a vampireby ThisCrazyGurll.xo
Only 18 and her dad gave her up for slavering. She knew it would happen but not today. There she was standing there actually wishing to go back home. But there he was...
  • regret
  • romance
  • vampire
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Twenty by wwl1102
Twentyby lily
This is not the kind of story where two people crush on each other, go on dates, and fall in love. In fact, there isn't much real romance at all. Instead of looking forw...
  • freshman
  • homophobia
  • confused
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Pregnant By A....What?! by Beautiful_Starz
Pregnant By A....What?!by Beautiful_Starz
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap!" Iris murmured lowly as she threw the stick that held her new found destiny towards the ground...
  • pregnancy
  • sciencefiction
  • confused
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What It's Like To Forget by Chocolate013001
What It's Like To Forgetby Chocolate013001
Book One in The Forgotten Children When Levi wakes up in a cellar, hungry and confused, he knows something terribly wrong has happened to him. He soon realises he is no...
  • paranormal
  • confused
  • shifters
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