Right Away [David Dobrik] by fanaticfalling
Right Away [David Dobrik]by fanaticfalling
No one ever really thought about David moving on after his break-up with Liza, not even the girl herself.
  • zane
  • gabbiehanna
  • toddysmith
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Your Cheating Heart by whoisaheretic
Your Cheating Heartby whoisaheretic
"I want to go back to my old ways." Ezra said in a monotone. It felt like he held no emotion. I stood dumbfounded not knowing what to do? "I tried you kno...
  • prom
  • popular
  • younglove
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Compton Loving 2: Los Angeles  by ZaaayZaaay
Compton Loving 2: Los Angeles by x.
Star is now in college! How is her life in LA different than in Compton?
  • college
  • cheerleading
  • breakups
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Meaningful Mistakes by hannahmcapper
Meaningful Mistakesby Hannah Capper
Hunter Kings despised 'the perfect girl' Lolita Brown as soon as their paths collided at school, and him living in the apartment next her and her best friend. Everyone...
  • highschool
  • bulimia
  • teenagers
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Frigid ✓ by silvercastles
Frigid ✓by aurelia
Helena Lyell didn't know what she was getting herself into when she embarked on a new-found friendship with the cold-hearted and seemingly frigid Damien Presley. Exc...
  • breakup
  • badboy
  • friendship
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Tom Hiddleston Imagines by MaliksMalika
Tom Hiddleston Imaginesby Aria
Title says all
  • lokisarmy
  • oneshots
  • fluff
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When The Ex meets by SweetaDebnath
When The Ex meetsby Sweeta Debnath
"Exes are meant to stay in the past." "They are meant to be 'forgotten'." Then why am I keep getting dragged towards him, again and again. Why doesn'...
  • breakup
  • love
  • tease
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Alpha Ragnar by Made1ineHatter
Alpha Ragnarby Made1ineHatter
Alpha Ragnar's mate has been murdered. He watched as she was taken from the world in front of the entire pack. Now, he's on a journey to deal with his pain, but what hap...
  • secondchance
  • crazy
  • alpha
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Someone Else by novelsandcoffee
Someone Elseby novelsandcoffee
COMPLETED (and Watty award winning!) Meet Elle Robinson, a woman in her mid-twenties who must rewrite the draft of the perfect life she planned out when the man she love...
  • jealousy
  • england
  • love
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The Secret Of Dance by lillirt
The Secret Of Danceby Lillie-May Brown
so I was on strictly and Joe came out. I was shocked that my boyfriend came onto the stage. I wanted to be partnered up with him. the fear struck me. I thought my luck w...
  • breakup
  • diannebuswell
  • kevinclifton
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Finding Delilah (DDLG) by Queen-Tanny
Finding Delilah (DDLG)by Queen-Tanny
Book 3 of 'Our Little Delilah." Who will find her?
  • babygirl
  • friends
  • dom
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Professor C (camren) by torunafter
Professor C (camren)by chase
A year and a half into their relationship, Lauren and Camila parted ways. Lauren left their shared apartment with a measly note and hopes of reconciliation but when she...
  • camilaxlauren
  • teacher
  • secondchances
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 Sasha Banks' Twin Sister by JazzyVenecia46
Sasha Banks' Twin Sisterby ♕Jazmine♕
Tanya Banks aka Vivian Varnado is the twin sister of Sasha Banks aka Mercedes Varnado. These two sisters were unstoppable together. They always had each other's backs. T...
  • charlotteflair
  • family
  • smackdown
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The High School Experience (BWWM) by Rachelcoolkid
The High School Experience (BWWM)by Rachel Palmer
I walked to where Autumn was sitting and sat next to her. "Thanks by the way for what you did on Friday," Autumn whispered to me. "No problem, you're wort...
  • boyxgirl
  • fame
  • bestfriends
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Long Time No See (Jerika) by ThatJerikaLove
Long Time No See (Jerika)by Alina G
Jake and Erika were high-school sweethearts. They broke up and years later they meet again. But Erika has a kid and a boyfriend. What happens when Jake really likes Erik...
  • jakepaul
  • sweethearts
  • kids
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Secrets//WDW  by lovergirls29
Secrets//WDW by 💖Rebecca💖
"Oh . . my . . god . . . I'm - I'm a M O N S T E R . . . " "Don't - don't say that . . . " "Well then, what else I'm I suppose to say? H U H...
  • cheating
  • limelight
  • boyfriend
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Why does it always happen by anjh12406
Why does it always happenby anjh12406
Hayley Anderson was a average teenage girl until she started texting this guy in her school. Alec Stone made her life a living hell once their texting has been going on...
  • relatable
  • boyxgirl
  • badluck
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Just a Distraction? (Rewritten) by tiktopshagger
Just a Distraction? (Rewritten)by tiktopshagger
Life is hard at the moment for Avery Kelly - a trouble making, emotional, headstrong 16 year old girl. She's being trying to get over her much older ex boyfriend for wha...
  • emotional
  • agegap
  • love
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My Best Friend  by VICMAD
My Best Friend by VICMAD
Copyright © 2015 by VICMAD -All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written perm...
  • bestfriend
  • louisiana
  • bestfriendlove
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My Forever🥰💞 by ForeverAriiiii
My Forever🥰💞by AriiiiWrites🤪🤩😽
This book is a love story about Clarence White and Treasure Lee🥰💞.
  • pregnancy
  • clarencenyc
  • breakup
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