Spare yourself, 'BadBoy' ... by krumble
Spare yourself, 'BadBoy' Katie Rumble
COMPLETE: ''I'm bad for you.'' ''Yet I still keep coming back for more. Funny how it works isn't it?'' ''You, badboy, need to spare yourself.'' ''Or what, exactly...
  • tommy
  • cher
  • bad
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Devil's Daughter (Completed) by alphafyers
Devil's Daughter (Completed)by Mia
Innocent, she was, with eyes filled to the brim with wonder and curiosity. She was a mere child, pure, Elena Whitewood. She was five when her innocent, pure mind was sto...
  • mates
  • werewolves
  • mate
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A D R E N A L I N E by Geminiseason
A D R E N A L I N Eby Gemini
"Leave me alone Dante!" I said while pushing him back but he didn't even move an inch, I rolled my eyes at his stubbornness "Ah ah ah baby we wouldn't wa...
  • hot
  • gangleader
  • princess
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Badass Love by Elenhxox
Badass Loveby Elenhxox
"I couldn't ask for a better gift kitten.You have changed me in ways I have never seen myself changing to." Skyler Gray is a 17 year old girl living with her...
  • gắng
  • highschool
  • girl
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What's To Come (BWWM) by _Bubbles1121
What's To Come (BWWM)by _K-Dizzy😍
#1 in Eyes #1 in Mixed #1 in Mafia Princess #2 in Uniqueness #1 in Talent ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ {Not Edited} Amora Rose -She is gorgeous to everyone's eyes a true beau...
  • mixed
  • bwwm
  • beautiful
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I Still Hate You by lenamae01
I Still Hate Youby Mae.Mae
Being the new girl is hard epically if you are different from everyone else. Veronica is moved in with her aunt because her parents were killed in a car accident. Moving...
  • goldenawards
  • romance
  • gắng
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Teach Me How to Love by SilverSavage2
Teach Me How to Loveby Silver_savage
Jazmine: nerd soon to become a badass ready for revenge! Bullied in school by her brother, Jason and his friends, the school's bad boy being the ring leader. Constantly...
  • silversavage
  • fly
  • rebel
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Hugs and Kisses by internettqirl
Hugs and Kissesby internet girl ♡
"Aww, poor little player doesn't have anyone to hook up with for fifteen days!" I made a sad face but inside I was dying of laughter. "Actually I do,&quo...
  • hope
  • badass
  • badboy
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She Always Fights Back by KenzieMayC13
She Always Fights Backby Kenzie
I was a loner, I was a nerd, I am a fighter. A street fighter to be exact. Mia Smith was a total loser in school, but when school was out she was a total badass. She d...
  • streetfighter
  • love
  • gangs
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She's back and she's bad  by BabySilver101
She's back and she's bad by ✨💋 Isabella 💋✨
Winter Del Rosá was always bullied and abused at school by her peers and looked down on It wasn't until her bestfriend ditched her to become apart of the plastics and p...
  • bitchez
  • girl
  • comedy
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Endless Love by Isla1991
Endless Loveby Isla
Amber Davis is a 17 year old girl, who has just moved to Los Angeles from New York, due to 'business' reasons. Not many people know this but Ambers dad is the Don of the...
  • lovestory
  • highschool
  • badass
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My Dangerous Italian|✔ by QueenBee1573
My Dangerous Italian|✔by Queen
|c o m p l e t e d| |U n d e r E d i t i n g| Leonardo and Michael Giovanni are ruthless mafia brothers,Leo being the oldest had to grow up the fastest,Their mother Ste...
  • bwwm
  • heartless
  • mafia
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His Bad Girl by shortINA918
His Bad Girlby Ani
"Oh, do you really like me?" I asked him once again. He did something I didn't imagine him to do again. He kissed me once again, but it was only for a short t...
  • family
  • friendship
  • bad
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stoic by potnoodlee
stoicby aria
"Because Mackenzie... We'll never be a thing. It's never going to happen." I'm hurt by his sudden words and I take a step back. He lets out a small laugh whic...
  • kidnapped
  • cheerleader
  • teenfiction
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Teacher | l.h by xlashtonhemmo
Teacher | l.hby i love 5sos
"I won't hesitate to punish you if you don't start following the rules Miss Irwin." "Well Mr Hemmings Isn't it too bad that I've never been one to follow...
  • michaelclifford
  • love
  • calumhood
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The Bad Boy kissed Me  by toxic_girl2002
The Bad Boy kissed Me by I'm amazing
Xena deli is california's badass She causes havoc everywhere She's a party animal but what happens when one day she's gets kicked out of her 23rd school and her parent...
  • gangs
  • love
  • fight
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Gang Leaders Claim  by auciana
Gang Leaders Claim by miranda ™️
Salty tears burn my eyes as I sink to the floor, my whole world has crashed down on my shoulders and I don't know if I can take it. With my palms sweaty and heart racing...
  • projectgiggles
  • love
  • joreviewplanetawards2017
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Mrs.Mafia by LexyGettingLit
Mrs.Mafiaby Alexis Forte
"I can make your life hell."He whispers in my ear huskily as he points the gun at my head. "Then I'll be your Angel." I saywith a crazy smile while...
  • taco
  • lesbians
  • jesus
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Pay Back is a Bad Bitch and Baby I'm the Baddest by Artemis-evie
Pay Back is a Bad Bitch and Baby Antonia
My name is Alexis Skylar Daniel and this story is how I went from a nerd to a gang leaders daughter to a Badass . "Lee how could you I thought we were friends!"...
  • goodgirl
  • badass
  • gone
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Adopted by a gangleader by Phoenix10440
Adopted by a gangleaderby Phoenix10440
A little baby girl left at a orphanage door step. The only given information about her was she was born on October 31st on Halloween in 2004 and that her name was Blake...
  • fighting
  • badass
  • adopted
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