I feel in love with the bad boy by x-Em-x
I feel in love with the bad boyby Em
The truth of the real bad boy. very small chapters
  • boy
  • love
  • real
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My Family's Magical Powers Secret by SamarahGumbs
My Family's Magical Powers Secretby Samarah Gumbs
Magical powers is cool but in secret!!! It's hard to keep a secret like that
  • magicalpowers
  • prankwars
  • family
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My chaotic family by G-e-m-m-a
My chaotic familyby Petty Martinsen
In this book of wonders, I will be telling you lovely folks about my colorful, interesting, loud, unexpectedly big and absolutely chaotic, unfair, family life.
  • annoying
  • anothergrandfatherthathasjustrecentlydied
  • random
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One Mistake by Aminakhan22
One Mistakeby Aminakhan22
Mistakes can lead to the end of friendships. The end of relationship. And for Doctor sometimes the end of a life. However in this case it can lead to the building of a r...
  • mafia
  • disappointment
  • heartbreak
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An Angel's Hell by sides_of_time
An Angel's Hellby Jai Marie
"He ruined my life, but I guess that I'll have to save his." Alexis Ayers was a normal girl. Her life was mostly doing her best on homework, arguing with her f...
  • depression
  • shyboy
  • ambw
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7 Ways to Die. [BANGTAN] by kryssanderson
7 Ways to Die. [BANGTAN]by Krystal Sanderson
[WARNING: Illustrations of death and suicide ahead. Please read with discretion, or refrain from reading at all.] Out of the numerous methods of death, Here are seven w...
  • death
  • angst
  • arguments
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Just saying, shit happeneds by rin_is_child
Just saying, shit happenedsby R I N
I am ranting and this is all my opinions. So if you don't feel like getting angry then leave please :)
  • shortchapters
  • womensrights
  • opinions
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Questions  by Ella13xx
Questions by Ella13xx
•one girl •many questions •not many answers
  • homeschool
  • cornwall
  • ibf
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Heart Thieves by SolidBabe
Heart Thievesby Holly
Everyone knows that the youngest son in a family inherit nothing which puts many a good young man at a disadvantage money wise. So what is a lad to do? Indulge in gambl...
  • unpredictable
  • shenanigens
  • crazymen
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Desperado by pipilol453
Desperadoby xylapon123 (on instagram)
What happens when divorced jasmine crosses paths with her ex husband Jamie whom she was married to for only a year and divorced for two years to date?!
  • proposal
  • romance
  • complex
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Language Barriers by EmalineFoxglove
Language Barriersby EmalineFoxglove
Proper communication is more than just making yourself heard. Miniature Piece.
  • language
  • nonfiction
  • garychapman
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Bailey's School by Bri_Norty
Bailey's Schoolby Sabrina Norton
This school year for Bailey has been crazy! 6th grade was tough, but now it's on to 7th.
  • arguments
  • firstday
  • friendships
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Senior Year by dolxnstyles
Senior Yearby dolxnstyles
As I sit here and try to save every moment of the day of summer before my senior starts, I think about how everything is going to change, I lost my virginity this summer...
  • thevamps
  • direction
  • arguments
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The Strength of Two  by havanese15
The Strength of Two by havanese15
Kylie and Abigail are twins and best friends. They both love volleyball and are excited to try out for the school team. Kylie makes it, but Abigail does not. Abigail bec...
  • arguments
  • twins
  • bestfriends
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Disappointment by simplybasicaf
Disappointmentby simplybasicaf
A life. A day. Another time
  • arguments
Tainted Roses - Coming Soon by CourtneyJDBxo
Tainted Roses - Coming Soonby ˗ˏˋCourtneyˎˊ˗
Eleanor and Leo have been together for three years. Three years of laughter and bliss and three years of tears and arguments. Three years is a long time but it doesn't...
  • longdistance
  • romance
  • starcrossed
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I'm Not Into Bad Boys by __RoyalOnes__
I'm Not Into Bad Boysby __RoyalOnes__
Sabrina has moved to so many school before but nothing like this one. She's smart almost flawless. But stand up for herself and everyone she cares about. She's strong an...
  • hate
  • jason
  • arguments
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#RealityCheck by Caity-xx
#RealityCheckby Caity-xx
Will Catherine be able to keep her cool or will she eventually break?
  • arguments
  • drama
  • teen
*sigh* My arguments becuz i can by ItsJustGlee
*sigh* My arguments becuz i canby Michael Mell
*screech* there might be curse words
  • helpmeh
  • agh
  • arguments
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Forced To Live With The Bad Boy.. by aleyshastacey
Forced To Live With The Bad Aleysha Stacey
She is forced to live with someone she hates how is it going to work???
  • hot
  • badboy
  • sad
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