Dirty Little Bastard by littlepumpkinz
Dirty Little Bastardby Paula O’Hara
"I know how to play rough, Tinker Bell. I can also score from any position". I'd see him on the field, and knew that both those statements were very true. ___...
  • mature
  • fiction
  • student
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Eye of the Beholder  by strictly_anonymous
Eye of the Beholder by strictly_anonymous
Karrington Walker is the sister of the infamous Brittany Walker. Brittany gets whatever she wants. Karrington works for what she has. Brittany has a gorgeous fiancé, Sam...
  • newadult
  • angry
  • hate
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Nursing The Bad Boy (Completed; Slowly Editing) by swimmer_28
Nursing The Bad Boy (Completed; swimmer_28
He hissed as the alcohol touched his bleeding wound and he grabbed my hand. His touch ignited a flame and I knew that later I might have to treat myself for burns. "...
  • love
  • boy
  • bad
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His Nurse (Book One In The Possession Series) by Nikepo
His Nurse (Book One In The Nikepo Ekundayo
He's white She's black He's a billionaire She barely has five hundred dollars He's perfection She trips on air He's always with a scowl that hides his broken self Her sm...
  • klutz
  • yoruba
  • nigerian
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An Honest Kiss by Sarahbeth552002
An Honest Kissby Sarah Jones
Rachel had survived and she had moved on with her life by following a dream that she had always had, to be a medical relief worker in West Africa. She would finally be f...
  • romance
  • nurse
  • africa
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Chance Encounters [Complete] by HayleBales
Chance Encounters [Complete]by -HAYLEY-
❝I've been looking for someone like you. And all this time, you were right here.❞ A tale of chance, hope, and missed opportunities. After her last relationship ended in...
  • chance
  • chicklit
  • featured
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The Devil's Henchmen - The Lone Wolf by ByRavenRayne
The Devil's Henchmen - The Lone Raven Rayne Books
"Because only a demon could recognize an angel when he saw one." Wolf was a club assassin, he had no time for things like relationships, or emotions. He neve...
  • lust
  • fighting
  • biker
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Love Me Sweet (Love Me book 1) by Sarahbeth552002
Love Me Sweet (Love Me book 1)by Sarah Jones
Lia's new neighbor is a thorn in her side. He has a beautiful house that she's watched fall further into disrepair, there are horrible rumors that paint the man in a sin...
  • author
  • nurse
  • savannah
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Stranger Danger ✔ by jamlessmochijimin
Stranger Danger ✔by ㅤ
"You promised me we'd get married when you turn 21. Happy birthday" He whispers the last part before getting to his feet and exiting the shop. You don't know...
  • doctor
  • darkandwildawards
  • bts
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Female dead by daylight killers X male reader by Username19870o
Female dead by daylight killers THE AWESOME PYRO
Left alone with several killers that are in love with him how will one deal with this. (there will most likely be lemons)
  • nurse
  • femalesxmalereader
  • deadbydaylight
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My Protector by LillianneYoung
My Protectorby Lillianne Young
I've only ever wanted one thing. Peace. I'm tired of the pain, of the abuse. I've seen and been given it more than any girl should. Since I was a little girl, pain was...
  • death
  • hopeless
  • nurse
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Never Alone: Dead By Daylight by MidnightShin
Never Alone: Dead By Daylightby Midnight is King
Y/N was a guy with a dark past. He was not like other people where they would close everybody off because of his past. No. He has been abused by his father and uncle for...
  • escape
  • huntress
  • harem
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Cerita Seks Merasakan Tubuh Dokter Muda Yang Masih Perawan by okekiu
Cerita Seks Merasakan Tubuh Okekiu Monica
OKEKIU - Shinta adalah seorang dokter muda yang baru saja menamatkan pendidikan dokternya pada sebuah universitas ternama di Sumatera. Sebagaimana dokter baru ia harus m...
  • nurse
  • ceritadewasa
  • ceritahot
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Cold, so what? (Min Yoongi ff) ✔️ by Elli_Sadrija02
Cold, so what? (Min Yoongi ff) ✔️by Elsa Sadrija
"You've fallen for me, haven't you?" He said so sure of himself, even if the told the truth "I have higher expectations than this" I said while poin...
  • nurse
  • jeonjungkook
  • doctor
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Ann-Marie and the Trooper by Bethanyblue71
Ann-Marie and the Trooperby Bethanyblue71
NaNoWriMo 2018 project start- current plan is to do a 3 story series- Hopecreek Ranch- genre- family life and romance. Ann-Marie Holderman had moved away for college an...
  • police
  • frenemies
  • nurse
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Decay Of The Stars by EBrookerose
Decay Of The Starsby Elizabeth Brookerose
A busy lawyer, by the name of Elton Reynolds, takes up a case of a slightly crazy, struggling painter, Esmai Charlton, who recently went through surgery. Her paranoid, f...
  • nurse
  • romance
  • lawyer
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Psychopath's Innocence (18+) by Quinn_Btchs
Psychopath's Innocence (18+)by Quinn_Btchs🌸
Mia Flores' life changes when she met Lucas Evans , A psychopath. Mia is born with in-born analgesia disease, in other words she cant feel 'pain' or anything that contac...
  • mafia
  • obsessed
  • violence
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Florence Nightingale :Dorbyn: by impunstoppable
Florence Nightingale :Dorbyn:by eat my shorts
the one where Corbyn falls in love with one of his patients. :loosely based off of a oneshot i once wrote:
  • gay
  • danielseavey
  • corbynbesson
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My All (Sequel to Around The Way Girl) (completed) by DreamDoll0V0
My All (Sequel to Around The Way Leilani🌺
Read Around The Way Girl first
  • sequel
  • boomer
  • hospital
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Old Hearts, New Flame *9-1-1 Evan Buckley* by Abby0977
Old Hearts, New Flame *9-1-1 Abby
Kenna Taylor is just living her life as a lead nurse in an emergency room. What seems like a normal day turns into everything but. Her world is turned upside down when s...
  • nurse
  • show
  • 911
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