Secrets and Scars by LuisFilipe529
Secrets and Scarsby Luis Filipe
A year after the Giant War, everyone is at Camp Half-Blood to celebrate. The members of the Prophecy plus a few other characters are at the beach when someone suggests t...
  • grover
  • stollbrothers
  • frank
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Thimble by Starstruckitten
Thimbleby Starstruckitten
Falling. We fall in love. We don't fly.
  • misunderstood
  • loss
  • caring
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Behind The Broken Glass (Gay, BDSM, ManxBoy) by Boe_N_Arrow
Behind The Broken Glass (Gay, Boe Genesis
Matt was a normal kid until he came out to his father. After that, his father sold him to a man in New York to be his sex slave. But is this man's intentions all that th...
  • domination
  • hurt
  • masterxslave
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Selfish by BTSrulestheworld
Selfishby Tae is Bae
Y/n is ready to do anything to claim her love Kim Taehyung . Will he realize her love for him? Read to know what happens next!
  • love
  • taehyung
  • hurt
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The hard truth. by Asiaa5159
The hard 아시아
No one really cared since the moment i was born. Its been rough for me, I must admit though. I didn't think I would last this long. (From the beginning to the end of my...
  • teens
  • hurt
  • sad
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PAST & PRESENT by panda8sun
PAST & PRESENTby Amanda Sun
  • pain
  • hate
  • hurt
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My Life by Twyla1938
My Lifeby Twyla Elaine Smothers
This story is an autobiography about my life. Everything that I have ever been through up until this point. I have been through physical, mental, and sexual abuse since...
  • pain
  • hurt
  • biography
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when it's real  by witchandmoon
when it's real by anonymous
I don't know yet
  • sad
  • love
  • alone
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Sunstreaker x Sjiba (OC) by vyd53qpz
Sunstreaker x Sjiba (OC)by Sasha Holgersen
Sjiba is a dragon that can shape swift, she is a gold dragon, which means she loves everything that shine or reminds of something valuable. Sunstraeker finds it hard to...
  • sunstreaker
  • oc-mine-
  • transformers
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Broken Hearts and Battle Scars- TWD FanFic by Terminated_Nathan
Broken Hearts and Battle Scars- Nathan
DARYL BASED The group finds out horrible things about Daryl's past when they arrive at Terminus. But things are about to go from bad to worse
  • terminus
  • injury
  • fanfic
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Poems by shootingdreamingstar
Poemsby shootingdreamingstar
My mood swings in a written format.
  • love
  • poetry
  • short
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Nate's Diary by Huttonfan
Nate's Diaryby Huttonfan
Inside Nate's Diary.....
  • shot
  • hurt
  • eliot
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Everything I Can't Say to You by RazorWords
Everything I Can't Say to Youby Venus Penn
Okay so I know you're never gonna reply, but I need to talk to you so yeah... I'll just pretend you'll reply someday Haha 😬
  • never
  • friendship
  • goodbye
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Adhoore 💔💔 by Choco_Chips2000
Adhoore 💔💔by Aadya 💕💕💕
A businesseswoman who have everything except family fall in Løvê with a married business tycoon .. It's SťôřY of SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI & Anika Singhania .. A deal of maki...
  • nakul
  • shivika
  • ishqbaazpagal
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Lost And Broken by vikesenokweho
Lost And Brokenby vikesenokweho
These are when words gets less and feelings get to speak more
  • misery
  • love
  • soul
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A Lie of Omission by lucifer-in-my-head
A Lie of Omissionby lucifer-in-my-head
There's a reason Virgil wears eye-shadow, and it's not just for the aesthetic. Thomas Sanders/Sanders Sides
  • hurt
  • angst
  • tsdeceit
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My Bestfriend Is The Main Reason(On Going) by JhudielGlorioso
My Bestfriend Is The Main Reason( my_story
Ken,ken howard is the bestfriend of zhoue ken have a girlfriend and she really felt happy and everyday ken always tell to zhoue how much ken love nicole but ken didnt kn...
  • bestfriend
  • inloved
  • jelous
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Quotes by Oh-Whatsherface
Quotesby Emma❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
My quotes
  • hurt
  • sayings
  • quotes
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