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Opposites attract by luann16
Opposites attractby luann16
"You're so bad for me". "And you love that". I gulped as he lent in closer, trapping me between his body and the wall behind me. The worst part of t...
  • goodgirl
  • romance
  • meangirl
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Her Personal Secretary (Vol I) ✔️ by -Nitasha
Her Personal Secretary (Vol I) ✔️by 👑-Nitasha 👑
Genre: Romance, Suspence, and Spritiual ranking#1 IN MODEL She is his boss and He is her PS. She is a model and He is Worker. She is Bold and He is revers...
  • rebellious
  • boss
  • spiritual
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His Delivery Chick by smoakly
His Delivery Chickby Trish
"It was basically love at first sight, but without the love and plenty of sightings." Semi-calm, cool, and collected Maxine Lane delivers pizza. Obnoxious, he...
  • opposites
  • attitude
  • boy
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Dying to Live by MackieJay
Dying to Liveby Mackie Jay
Sometimes there are no happily ever afters, only devastating heartbreak. Does that mean we shouldn't enjoy the ride? Adam Byrne never imagined he'd be diagnosed with ter...
  • bucketlist
  • grief
  • life
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Smart Alec by plantfeed
Smart Alecby alexis
featured | ALEC WILLIAMS is searching for a cure for love. Cold, introspective, and intelligent beyond his years, the aspiring scientist has always found it difficult t...
  • teenfiction
  • opposites
  • featured
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No Boundaries by bremcfarland
No Boundariesby Bre
Love knows no boundaries...hate knows no boundaries...the world knows no boundaries... [A series of short stories with no boundaries on the turns they can take]
  • noboundaries
  • lovestory
  • featured
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Neighbors with the Bad Boy (In Editing And Reconstruction) by BriannaT000
Neighbors with the Bad Boy (In Edi...by brianna
I wasn't different; I was like every other teenage girl at school. I didn't resist the bad boy, the bad-boy didn't resist me. We fell for each other—just like every othe...
  • confessing
  • some-humor
  • crush
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The Billionaire's Contract by LMCryBaby
The Billionaire's Contractby LMCrybaby
I hesitated. Then sighed. "What would I have to do?" "Marry me." ______________ Lucian King doesn't give a damn about anyone. The only thing that he...
  • wattys2016
  • drama
  • arrogant
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For Each Other by Shh_shomalllyy
For Each Otherby Shh_shomalllyy
Sometimes the people who infuriate us the most are the very people we need. Caia has spent her entire life being strong choosing to channel all of the hurt she faced as...
  • romance
  • interracial
  • bwwm
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Blinded by Perfection by Crystalclear_Em
Blinded by Perfectionby Em
Kirsten Blair ― an extremely stubborn teenage girl that hasn't even had her first kiss. Other than that, her life is what most people would call normal. If the definitio...
  • mystery
  • featured
  • perfection
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Opposite Sides by WrittenbyJanae
Opposite Sidesby Janae.
Johanna and Jose are from two different sides of the track, during the time of a power war between the Blacks and the Latinx's the two cross paths in more ways than one...
  • oppositesides
  • latino
  • chicklit
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The Antihero by myloveforwords
The Antiheroby myloveforwords
'I should have been the one to leave, not her' I said truthfully. 'You are right' He tiled his head and kept looking at me. 'Why are you doing this Armaan? Don't you rea...
  • muslim
  • lovestory
  • fanfiction
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Saint Rebel  by bremcfarland
Saint Rebel by Bre
Four years ago, Angel Black disappeared. Now, she's back and is a completely different person. The rumors about her have caught the attention of the notorious Jack Hudso...
  • femaleprotagonist
  • life
  • boyxgirl
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The Silence Between Us by mouseymouse144
The Silence Between Usby Mousey Mouse
Meet Via, your average teenage girl except for one small thing: she doesn't speak. ever. Nobody at her school dares to figure her out, instead labelling her as a problem...
  • oppositesattract
  • secrets
  • deaf
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A Thousand Years Alone: Klaus and Elena by bellaradw
A Thousand Years Alone: Klaus and...by Izzy
At the ball Klaus tries to win over Caroline, but why do his eyes keep wandering? Who do his eyes wander to? The one and only Elena Gilbert. She too, finds it hard to st...
  • theball
  • klauslovestory
  • gilbert
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The Homeless Boy by zelaughingqueen
The Homeless Boyby mary
❝This is a story about a boy who lost his home. And a girl who lost herself. In the end, they might find more than what they were looking for.❞ - REVIEWS: "The ho...
  • featured
  • shortstory
  • pure
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Zutara- Fire, Water, Steam by Vero100Fires
Zutara- Fire, Water, Steamby Veronica Cienfuegos
All kids gotta go to school. Katara and her friends just happen to go to the most hard-to-get-into fighting academy in the nation. An academy that includes sword skills...
  • fanfic
  • katara
  • opposites
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Along Came Seth by xinfiniteandbeyondx
Along Came Sethby Tj
"Seth?" He walked to the door and paused. "Yeah?" He murmured, hand poised on the knob. "Would you...Could you stay?" I asked unsure...
  • midnightmemories
  • highschool
  • hilarious
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Mr. Popular x The Emo (BxB) by LostInInsanaty
Mr. Popular x The Emo (BxB)by LostInInsanaty
Book 1 Luke is 'Mr. Popular' and Jace is the emo. What will happen when Luke starts to take a liking to Jace. How will Jace act when Mr. Popular starts hanging around hi...
  • bxb
  • cutting
  • highschool
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Met His Match [PUBLISHED ON AMAZON KINDLE] by sheldon_
Met His Match [PUBLISHED ON AMAZON...by sheldon
Noah davis is your typical college guy and he loves it. Used to being with a different girl every week, he relishes the chase of an impossible target. But when the new g...
  • attraction
  • cuddle
  • romance
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