Goddess assassin (BOOK ONE) by hiddensouth
Goddess assassin (BOOK ONE)by hiddensouth
My name. Well that's classified Know My history. Expect to die Disrespect me. The pain will thrive. After years of torture and abuse my heart went black After yea...
  • rogues
  • assassin
  • rejection
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The Elementalists by SydCarv
The Elementalistsby Sydney Carvahall
:❤: Highest Ranked #108 in ROMANCE :❤: :🔥: Highest Ranked #1 in 'elements':🔥: Fiera has lived in the human realm her entire life. Her destiny as clear to her as it cou...
  • orphan
  • dimensions
  • air
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The Ruka Wild ↠ Book 1 > A:TLA [Avatar: TLAB-LoK Watty Awards 2018] by xdistantwords
The Ruka Wild ↠ Book 1 > A:TLA [Av...by Anya ✨
Ruka (ROO-KAH) is the middle sibling between Sokka and Katara. Unlike her younger sister, she didn't believe the avatar would return and save the world. Ruka isn't afrai...
  • avatarthelastairbender
  • zuko
  • yue
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L i t t l e   C u l l e n  ↠  C,M,A by --Apollo--
L i t t l e C u l l e n ↠ C,M,Aby leeann
"I like me better when I'm with you."
  • water
  • felixvolturi
  • ice
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Phoenix by willowtree147
Phoenixby ~Wanderlust~
When the world seems to be at it's quietest, it becomes the warning before the disaster. It can either be the calm before a storm or the eye of the tornado, it cannot be...
  • undercover
  • elements
  • school
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The lost princess by nicolett_74
The lost princessby nicolett_74
Brooklyn is a senior at Ridgewood High. She lives a normal teenage life but what she doesn't know is that she isn't even close to normal. What happens when 2 new mysteri...
  • princess
  • air
  • romance
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Animals by AnimalsBook
Animalsby C. Nichols
Clara Nichols has been on the run ever since she witnessed her sister's murder four years ago. Forced to do whatever it takes to survive, she's haunted by a painful past...
  • death
  • werewolf
  • fire
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My Twin Mates by Water_Doodles
My Twin Matesby Water_Doodles
Hello Harry Potter here. This is the story of my mates George and Fred Wesley and I hope you love it as much as I do because it's still happening for me.
  • fredweasley
  • fred
  • harrypotter
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The Alpha's Kitten by Xplicitt
The Alpha's Kittenby Kathryn Hayes
Catherine Daniels wasn't aware werewolves existed until she met Jason Kingston. He's a possessive, sexy, cocky Alpha that gets what he wants when he wants. Jason doesn't...
  • little
  • romance
  • power
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Doubled Elements by draninator
Doubled Elementsby Maryam Durrani
"You and Azula are almost sisters," Ozai pressed, kicking fire from his feet. My hair fell around my shoulders loosely, strands in my face as I rolled away fro...
  • airbender
  • firebender
  • atla
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Good and Evil || An ATLA Fanfiction by MissPrima
Good and Evil || An ATLA Fanfictionby E
"I won't let your view of my country define your view of me" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some may say her royal title is a blessing. Others say it is a curse. All Azara w...
  • air
  • firenation
  • earth
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Uncontrollable by XxRiah916Xx
Uncontrollableby ˗ˏˋI PURPLE YOUˎˊ˗
Ten years ago, a gruesome event took place in the home of sixteen-year-old Scarlett Wright. Her home used to be filled with laughter and excitement, now it's clouded wit...
  • the2017awards
  • death
  • past
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What Evil Brings (abused reader X RWBY Female) (Book 1) by RyanJersey
What Evil Brings (abused reader X...by RyanJersey
This is a description, there are many like it but this one is mine
  • male
  • revenge
  • bad
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Seize the Day (Wattys 2014 Award Winner) by KatieSpektor
Seize the Day (Wattys 2014 Award W...by Katie
* A Wattpad Featured book! * ** Winner of the 2014 Wattys Instant Addiction Award ** In a world of magic and chaos, seventeen-year-old Lannie Brackenbury has only ev...
  • fantasy
  • safelove
  • elementals
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The Water Sprite by moosesforgooses
The Water Spriteby moosesforgooses
Bai Qian, the young Princess of The Fox Clan flees the Den in search of peace and quiet after an argument between her parents leaves her tearful and confused. Never cou...
  • fantasy
  • yuan
  • water
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I'm A Bad Mother (BWWM) by ElizabethDavis9
I'm A Bad Mother (BWWM)by LizzyInColor
Cascade is a young wild girl that moved away from her family when she was only 12. She lives by no rules and does whatever she feels. She runs with not pack and with her...
  • water
  • werewolf
  • badgirl
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Under the Cherry Blossom ↠ Zuko x OC ✔️ by SparklyWaffle
Under the Cherry Blossom ↠ Zuko x...by anna
Arlington and her pet dog, Peanut, miraculously end up in the World of Avatar in search for her mother. Through her journey she meets a certain Banished Prince of the...
  • avatarthelastairbender
  • zuko
  • katara
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The Four - Book 1 by gracey_liz
The Four - Book 1by gracey_liz
-"You're special, fire boy," the man grins, "you and the others are just getting started." - Fire. Earth. Water. Air. It's 2890. In the US, eve...
  • action
  • exciting
  • earth
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Clouds ( Avatar: The Last Airbender) by FinlessShark
Clouds ( Avatar: The Last Airbende...by Thresher
Kumo was abandoned as a baby, left for the water tribe of the north. With white hair like a spirits and ice coloured eyes that pierced peoples' souls, She was an outcast...
  • sokka
  • benders
  • air
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MADEby + Ash +
Mari's life is turned upside down when she is left nearly dead in a parking lot by someone who she thought loved her. It was a miracle she lived until the next morning w...
  • prophecy
  • elements
  • air
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