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Smoke and Mirrors (BoyXBoy) by scarabimi
Smoke and Mirrors (BoyXBoy)by Hollow Mourning
A spinoff of Alice in Wonderland (part 2, through the looking glass) focusing on the Cheshire Cat from the first novel and Alice in the second. "That same day Kraii...
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My Girl (That Girl, #2) by hemmocliffxrd
My Girl (That Girl, #2)by mak
Sequel to 'That Girl' May's a tiny bit less different now. She still seems to always be in the spotlight and adored by all, but now I know who she is. About a week ago...
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Snow White in Zombie-land by Kyuuri
Snow White in Zombie-landby Kyuuri
Have you heard of Snow White and the seven dwarfs? How about Alice in Wonderland? This time, it's about Snow White in wonderland, but not just some wonderland, a zombie...
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Red Eyes by 7imekeeper
Red Eyesby 7imekeeper
Skylar is the Otono family Generation Shapeshifter. Yes, it's a big deal. Because only the oldest sibling from every other generation gets these special genes... Carolyn...
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Roscoe by Hyukka
➻ Stories are told in words, phrases or pictures. Lyrics, images, timings or love. But there is never a telling before a story, and neither at the end. You must first tu...
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Funny Random Stuff by ciarakoko
Funny Random Stuffby ciarakoko
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Red Wolf by HunterHudgens
Red Wolfby Hunter Hudgens
This is not the story you remember, and that's they way they want it.
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CreepyPasta - a collection by cringelee
CreepyPasta - a collectionby lee
Disclaimer: NONE of the stories in this are mine, they all belong to the sole writers. I've merely gathered them here for people to read.
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The Baron's Daughter. by Prettylittlestorm
The Baron's Awesome people
Lies. Betrayal. Loss. Innocence. Fear. Florence never really knew the meaning of these words, truly, until that day when her father got arrested. That was the day e...
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Mine~ [Yandere!RedxReader] by LeiHanane
Mine~ [Yandere!RedxReader]by Leia Hayaine
Disclaimer: I do not own Legend Of Zelda, you and the photo! Just the story line...
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Johnlock by AndisChronicles
Johnlockby Andi
This is going to be a Johnlock fan fiction.. I have no clue what the title will be or where it is going yet, but one thing is for sure I promise there will be lots of lu...
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Woman of the Night by EmbersofBetrayal
Woman of the Nightby EmbersofBetrayal
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A Collection Of Young Justice One-shots by BronzegothLuv
A Collection Of Young Justice ●•Slowly But Surely•●
The title. ONLY INCLUDES BOYS FROM SEASON ONE. Season two is, how you say, harder.
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red by magnificentia
redby Miksha [inactive]
"The only thing I have ever wanted was a lovable family and friends. My parents abandoned me when I was just a tiny little baby. I had to survive on the streets all...
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Red Robot: The Action Series for FA's by Coke-Zer0
Red Robot: The Action Series for Coke-Zer0
Hey! I'm Coke-Zero from DeviantArt: And I've decided to bring the Red Robot series to Wattpad. If you're a Fat Admirer who enjoys actio...
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The boy in the red jacket by CAMILLE_BARROW
The boy in the red jacketby Camille
She gets bullied she's anorexic, her mom's a single mother. She even does self harm. And when she thinks no one cares and she's all alone she meets a boy. The boy in the...
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A Shapshifting love ( Sequel to The Red Thistle) by Gingersnapped97
A Shapshifting love ( Sequel to Gingersnapped97
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Origin of Trainer Red by Clawzchan21
Origin of Trainer Redby Clawz
The Pokemon Master Red was born to Suicune and a human, which is a secret that she and very few others know. Team Rocket decides to come after him during his journey as...
Paper or plastic? by cupcakezrule101
Paper or plastic?by cupcakezrule101
There he was. Scanning away, one by one all my items. Lost in his beautiful eyes I didn't realize, "paper or plastic ?" He said. "Plastic." I replied...
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Splashes of Red on a Pure White Canvas by Charcoal_Face_Paint
Splashes of Red on a Pure White Bex Beukers-Stewart
They say the devil is a fallen angel. But... he can't be the only one to fall, can he? So what happens to all the other angels that fall?
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