ALPHAS (BTS) by parkjibooty95
ALPHAS (BTS)by Beyond The Scene
Jungkook finally presents after waiting for a long time after his 18th birthday.
  • omegajeonjungkook
  • btsxbts
  • love
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Elu (ManxBoy) by lickmynutsack
Elu (ManxBoy)by .
Hakan, a fierce Native American warrior and alpha of the tribe Catori (modern USA) has ruled his nation for hundreds of years. Yet strong and merciless he has not found...
  • drama
  • manxman
  • nativeamerican
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Pleasures Of The Flesh (Restricted Chapters) by shaerzam
Pleasures Of The Flesh (Restricted...by Shaz
Restricted Chapters. Mature scenes from His Duchess and His Camelia. You must follow me in order to view the steamy stuff. They will not appear in the original storie...
  • heat
  • billionaire
  • kiss
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My Rejected Mate. -boyxboy- M-preg  by Baby_Jesus12
My Rejected Mate. -boyxboy- M-preg by ~Queen_pedant~
First book of the series. UNDER HEAVY EDITING ( you can read it but there might be some of the things you'll find confusing, while it's under editing.) This is my firs...
  • alpha
  • omega
  • mature
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I dare you.  by Mistress_Psycho
I dare you. by Mistress_Psycho
''Call me oppa one more time-''He says strictly. ''Yeah?'' You ask ''What are you going to do about it?'' You lean forward,and soundlessly mouth ''Oppa'' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
  • kookie
  • idareyou
  • bts
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The Alpha's Breeder by Taytay91
The Alpha's Breederby Tay
"It has taken me far too long to find you. How could I let go of you?" he rumbled softly as if in contemplation, "How could I reject the best part of me...
  • wattys2018
  • humanmate
  • matebond
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Omega Kittens (Discontinued) by littlemeepwas
Omega Kittens (Discontinued)by 𝔴𝔥𝔬𝔯𝔢🥀
❤️Read❤️ Just a little story about two Nekos and an Alpha ? - - - - A boyxboyxboy story ?
  • nekoboy
  • heat
  • werewolf
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Marked by Aria_Blossom
Markedby Aria_Blossom
Talia Reed never met her mate. One night, she was attacked. Bitten, marked and then left alone. For years she spent thinking that she was rejected but, the pain never ca...
  • mates
  • featured
  • mated
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Texas Rollercoaster  by MissTAYTAY1
Texas Rollercoaster by Tayanna
Jay didn't come from a place filled with happily ever afters. He was a black kid growing up in Harlem. Like most boys in his neighborhood Jay was drawn into the gangster...
  • lgbt
  • black
  • gangster
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The Alpha's human mate by JohanneThorup
The Alpha's human mateby JohanneThorup
"We're mates," He said, looking just as confused as I was. "But I'm human," Was all I could think of saying. He knew that, obviously. "You come...
  • dark
  • werewolf
  • death
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Feral Blood by Sufferance
Feral Bloodby Sufferance
She was born of werewolf and wolf; her mother had committed the ultimate taboo... and now she was to pay the consequences. She is untameable- she does not submit to any...
  • halfbreed
  • wolves
  • lust
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All Time Heat (re-done) by Paelon
All Time Heat (re-done)by Pae
"So you really wanna know this story?" Grandma Fran said, slowly rocking in her chair. I nodded my head eagerly and begged, "Pleaseee!" She chuckled...
  • mature
  • shewolf
  • breeder
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Secrets At The Edge Of Night (Goku x Vegeta Fanfic) by PinkfluffySaM
Secrets At The Edge Of Night (Goku...by KlanceAnimeOutsiders
~Goku x Vegeta fanfic~ (I'm too lazy to write a description about the backstory, just ready the first chapter and it's there) Couples/Ships: -Goku x Vegeta -Trunks x Got...
  • trunksxgoten
  • gokuxvegeta
  • dbs
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Sans in Heat (UT FONTCEST) by UpperManagement_
Sans in Heat (UT FONTCEST)by UpperManagement_
Hope you enjoy you lil' sinners... (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  • sans
  • sansinheat
  • heat
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Play [myg.pjm] by taetaejjkk_
Play [myg.pjm]by ✨
Jimin wanted a pet for his birthday but instead got a grumpy hybrid. When Yoongi gets into heat, Jimin has no idea of what to do. Book status: COMPLETE
  • hybrid
  • agegap
  • kitty
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Don't touch me, Alpha freak! ( Kim Namjoon ff) by lmoon98
Don't touch me, Alpha freak! ( Kim...by Lmoon98
Bora went to celebrate her sister's birthday, little did she know her mate would be present.
  • jimin
  • kimnamjoon
  • jungkook
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The mate in my bed by AlexsandreaHunter
The mate in my bedby AlexsandreaHunter
Jess can't remember her life before she joined the pack, all she knows is that she was lost and Hunter found her. Every night she dreams of the horrible past she left be...
  • heat
  • teen
  • romance
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Wild Life (Tomtord) by StarEmmi
Wild Life (Tomtord)by TheClumsyPurpleHoodie
Everyone is their own animal and in a way it represents you! Also everyone lives in the wild (Forests, mountains, deserts, all that good stuff) Heights: Matt: 6'7 Tom: 6...
  • domtom
  • subedd
  • dommatt
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Red Riding Hood [yandere werewolfxreader]√ by x_MinAgustDaddy_x
Red Riding Hood [yandere werewolfx...by x_MinAgustDaddy_x
A loud growl emitted his beautiful plump red lips "Mate..." Ranked #10 in KSJ [COMPLETED] Will contain mature content #Werewolf fan fiction Started : 31 M...
  • rivalry
  • mate
  • romance
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Mated to the Alpha  by ttoxicmin
Mated to the Alpha by Jiminie
My name is Ember Daniels and all I do is run, running until my legs burn running until I can't go anymore to get away from my past. finally escaping the clutches of my s...
  • romance
  • love
  • paranormal
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