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The Howl Of Claim | ✓ by MyDearAuthor
The Howl Of Claim | ✓by ProQueen
Story of a Lycan King and a Female Alpha "I am an Alpha, Female Alpha. I have made many enemies only because I am a female. They say that, 'A female cannot rule'. T...
Complete [Jikook ff] ✅ by mybiasisjimin
Complete [Jikook ff] ✅by mybiasisjimin
I woke up feeling pain all over my body. Jungkook must have left last night after he bathed me. Just like always. Every month Jungkook will come to my house when his r...
He is Ghost by eI-LEEN6
He is Ghostby eI-LEEN6
The Heat. It comes once a year sending their whole species into a whirlwind of aggression and chaos. It's a fight with teeth and claw, and death is sure to follow. Deat...
Heat Brought Us Together by A-unstoppable25
Heat Brought Us Togetherby A-unstoppable25
A story of two werewolves who are brought together by fate, it's pull keeping them together. Sometimes physical intimacy can lead to deeper and emotional connections and...
Three Alphas by LeeroyLoveMarcy28
Three Alphasby 💜 Ric Tomlinson💜
Charlie is just a boy who moved to a small town by a forest. He is your average small, shy, and lonely boy. He has a father who is never home. But he likes to be alone...
Ellas Haze (Book One of Ellas story) by SykoStrix
Ellas Haze (Book One of Ellas stor...by Sinead J Harber
this book is dedicated my no1 fan my mom who would always tell me how good my writting was in the most inapropriate way. thank you and enjoy. werewolf haze/heat based fi...
'HEAT'~BakuDeku by Mikan__Kinnie
'HEAT'~BakuDekuby Mikan ╥﹏╥
I stopped writing this book because I didn't feel motivated anymore so enjoy my stupid, dumb, bad grammar smutty book XD. (Here's the description i guess:) "P-Pleas...
Are We Mates? boyxboy by Namaari_is_hot
Are We Mates? boyxboyby Happy
WARNING - Please do not read if you feel uncomfortable with any of the aspects of this story obtaining: - Boy x Boy, BL, Yaoi, Etc - Descriptive Sexual Content - Ince...
The Warlord's Pet (boyxboy)(on hold) by Ocean_Eyes831
The Warlord's Pet (boyxboy)(on hol...by Ocean_Eyes831
The future. Where being a shifter means hiding. Lukha is a young cheetah shifter just leaving the confines of his mothers watchful eyes. He lives in the savanna where o...
Transformers oneshots by 07Lilith
Transformers oneshotsby 07Lilith
A transformers one shot, lemons, and small stories. Transformer bayverse, transformers animated, transformers prime, transformers robots in disguise, tfa, tfa, tfp, tfri...
Lycan Love by Connorbby
Lycan Loveby ♥︎Griffo♥︎
Alpha!Lycan Karl Heisenberg x Omega!Lycan Ethan Winters. This fic is gonna contain some nice domestic fluff, smut, lemon, heats and ruts, and mpreg. Karl is also gonna...
Beerus's Heat: A Goku x Beerus Love Story by DemonIkari
Beerus's Heat: A Goku x Beerus Lov...by DemonIkari
After the battle with Frieza and Goku Black, things have returned to normal and Goku & Vegeta go back to training on Beerus's planet. At an inconvenient time too. Beerus...
The Female Sigma - Book One by bluebutterflies06
The Female Sigma - Book Oneby gemma
She pretends to be human in order to blend in. She keeps her wolf shape hidden effectively, and everyone in her pack knows not to discuss it. Being the offspring of an a...
His To Keep (COMPLETED)✔️ by ChicagoDreams
"What's your name?" He gently asked as he approached me, the rage and hatred that had once painted his features now gone. "A-Avery," I stammered out...
Their Home | Alpha Bakugou x Omega Midoriya by ErmozaWatt
Their Home | Alpha Bakugou x Omega...by VeradicityWatt
There was nothing wrong with parking the car inside their garage. Nothing wrong with turning off the ignition and locking the car while still inside. Not even when the s...
Racing Heartbeats by Zoepolyoly
Racing Heartbeatsby Zoe
When the Reader and Tony Stark get into a argument about a movie and bring their friends into it they had no idea one of them was about to start their rut. And the Reade...
Puppy {BoyxBoy} by Liavena
Puppy {BoyxBoy}by Liavena
Sora never wanted to be an Alpha. It was in his blood but not in his nature. A Rogue attack when he was four ended the life of his mother, gave him a brother, and change...
My Mate by msroo123
My Mateby msroo123
In this story, Riley has her 16th birthday and is destined to find her mate. It turns out to be Wes, who already has a girlfriend since he hasn't found out that Riley is...
For-est Sight by Lil_B0y_Lawr
For-est Sightby Lawrence
Miro, a 17 year old high school boy was meeting up with a few friends to go camping with, they decided to go camping in a far away forest where people have been found mi...
Against All Odds by forever-evermore
Against All Oddsby Malena
After over a year of trying to get pregnant, Milo Katz is told that he is infertile and that the fertility treatments are not working. That fateful day sends the rest of...
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