SHADOWED  by PreciousGundo1
SHADOWED by Gundo Maano
"I want to have you scream my name to the heavens as I thrust into you." he elaborates, causing me to shut my legs. "I-" I stop, not knowing how to r...
  • sadness
  • growth
  • desire
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Don't Look Back by ravuluto
Don't Look Backby ravuluto
"I, future alpha of Full Moon Pack, Zayn Miller, reject you, omega, Ashley White as Luna and as my mate." It felt as though my heart literally broke in two. I...
  • badass
  • regret
  • help
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His Lost Gem by Iqra_Bieber
His Lost Gemby Iqra1994
She Was His Queen, He Was Her World, But He Fucked Up Big Time And Lost His Gem..... The once high-school sweethearts turned into the most adored college couple, to enga...
  • mafia
  • possessive
  • billionaire
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Signed Away by maryash12
Signed Awayby maryash12
A signature, a signature was all it took for Diane's life to come tumbling down and smashed into a million pieces. Diane knows what betrayal is. She is the definition of...
  • children
  • rejection
  • pain
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The Mafia Never Let Me Go by lisaa1391
The Mafia Never Let Me Goby lisaa1391
l watched as she served drinks standing behind the bar her beautiful face and curvy body, nice ass long brownish blondish hair, with big brown eyes. I wanted to claim he...
  • kidnap
  • drama
  • forced
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Goody Two Shoes #Wattys2017 by RomanticaA27
Goody Two Shoes #Wattys2017by Etta
He married her to please his dad. It was just another business deal for him. He had a girlfriend from the start and wasn't willing to give her up. He h...
  • wife
  • arrogant
  • opposites
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The Girl He Never Loved by Rainbowblooms7
The Girl He Never Lovedby Nagma
"He needs me. In this crucial part of his life. Please let me go adhiraj..." I said with tears down on my blood shot red eyes. "No you're not going a...
  • writersdebut
  • marriage
  • dharaj
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Betrayed By Fate by alice-ayuzawa
Betrayed By Fateby Alice Ayuzawa
PREVIOUSLY CALLED "My Coldhearted Beta" Highest Rank #2 in Werewolf And again Idk how tho lol *************** "I , Jake Anderson, reject you Lily Kim as m...
  • regret
  • rogue
  • love
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Alexis Mathews is forced to marry the introverted Addy Mores ,the only daughter of Mores shipping Company. Frustrated with her closed off personality he finds comfort in...
  • arranged
  • ex-wife
  • introvert
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[JUNGKOOK] Painful Regret  by exotaec
[JUNGKOOK] Painful Regret by let me love you
"Forgive me, please.." "I swear I won't do it again." "I'm sorry." "I miss you.." "Come back to me." "Just forgi...
  • taehyung
  • namjoon
  • suga
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Blamable by insaneheadcase
Blamableby Megha Saboo
He crouched down next to her bed beside her motionless body and took her small hand in his big ones and intertwined his fingers with hers. His eyes wander over her beaut...
  • wattys2017
  • guilt
  • exwife
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His Regrets by oh_my_sam
His Regretsby Sam
"I'll show you what happens to cheaters and whores like you." Aamir muttered before lashing her. Zara arched her back in pain and writhed on the floor as the...
  • romance
  • arranged
  • muslim
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The Alpha who plays me by blackgirl421
The Alpha who plays meby blackgirl421
#303 in werewolf What would you do if your mate rejected? What if her mate through you into a spider pit? What if you did something worse....and accepted the rejection. ...
  • love
  • runaway
  • smexy
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Love After Rejection by Amiauron
Love After Rejectionby Marissa Teng
|Highest ranks #3 in Action and #14 In Werewolf 7/2018| Zoe Grayson never expected her mate to reject her. She also never expected her mate to be dating the same female...
  • alpha
  • love
  • alphafemale
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The Italian Adonis {DRAFT} by BumofLouis95
The Italian Adonis {DRAFT}by Keyla Gonzalez
It has been about 2 years since the last time I saw him. 2 years since he asked for a divorce. 2 years since I left the mansion with only my broken heart, tears, and a b...
  • love
  • affair
  • rejection
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The Luna He Once Bullied ✔✔ by anotherworldofbooks2
The Luna He Once Bullied ✔✔by ElishJK
"Wh...what are you... do..doing?" She struggled while saying those words as, she felt his warm breath against her lips. "I'm doing what I craved for, when...
  • love
  • werewolf
  • humor
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Consequences [BxB] by Yeon-Jae
Consequences [BxB]by Hyun-Ji
Hunter, the next in-line Alpha, is your typical bully. He constantly taunted and intimidated the weak ones in his pack, to such an extent, making them hate their very ow...
  • alpha
  • regret
  • boylove
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Made for him- Completed  by MokshDa_xoxo
Made for him- Completed by Moksh
"Don't tell me what to do," Celeste said to Jason angrily as she yanked her arm out of his grip. "You need to listen to me," Jason said looking fumin...
  • hurt
  • ceo
  • neighbors
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bts x reader(smile) by chimpinky
bts x reader(smile)by
Y/N is a shy,cute,fun sized 17yrs old girl that is secretly depressed,but the sad part about her is she never smiles.Her boyfriend broke her heart very badly and not onl...
  • got7
  • bts
  • liars
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LUST by Inspireskook
LUSTby kookielover❤️
when she come face to face with her destroyer and agreed to his proposal.... she needed money.... and he needed her body... what happens when his ice cold heart melts f...
  • jungkook
  • jungkookbts
  • regret
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