Oh, Brother | ✓ by NeekieWriter
Oh, Brother | ✓by ❝ a r s e n ❞
"I want a brother. Someone who would protect me, love me, care for me." "I'll be that brother." ↟ ↠ ↡ When your the daughter, the only child, of tw...
  • family
  • shortstory
  • protect
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Age Difference (Rikara) by MickyMajhi
Age Difference (Rikara)by Micky Majhi
"mom... have you gone mad... she is just 19 ...and m 32... do u want to marry me a kid". "stop it.... it's your dadi's wish..." "to hell with...
  • rikara
  • omkara
  • hurt
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Goody Two Shoes #Wattys2017 by RomanticaA27
Goody Two Shoes #Wattys2017by Pearl
He married her to please his dad. It was just another business deal for him. He had a girlfriend from the start and wasn't willing to give her up. He h...
  • regret
  • cute
  • manwhore
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And You Become My Dawn by Nakuulsurbhi
And You Become My Dawnby Netiiyah😊
This is entirely different. shivaay is a 27 years old , broken soul due to haunted dark incidents in his life, due to one incident, his whole life changes upside down...
  • narbhi
  • arrangedmarriage
  • soulmate
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The Bad Boy's Girl by jessie4214
The Bad Boy's Girlby Jess
This is a story about Kaytlyn Flores. She is a beautiful, high school girl who lives in Lansing, Michigan, with great grades and amazing athleticism. But when she comes...
  • lovestory
  • longstory
  • trouble
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Him, Her and Nothing In Between  by curlynerd4ever
Him, Her and Nothing In Between by CurlyNerd
Do you wish you could love someone? And have fallen deep enough to do so? Diana Romano Lucciano has finally escaped her past tremors. After a year or so of being flung a...
  • pain
  • teenfiction
  • school
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forcefully arranged by RomanticaA27
forcefully arrangedby Pearl
Science proved that opposite powers attract but their case was different. They were as different as day and night but because of a stupid tradition they were forced upon...
  • romance
  • opposites
  • regret
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His Innocent Love  by Love_is_silent
His Innocent Love by Sai
A man falling for a innocent girl who is just like a baby to him . While there love survive . Let's peep in to know how they met when and why ...
  • care
  • innocence
  • music
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MaNan FF -It Must Be love by Diyasoni16
MaNan FF -It Must Be loveby Diyasoni16
It is a love story with so much of romance are in the story... How she is caring for her family .. it is a cute romantic story.... how she is pouring her all love to her...
  • trust
  • friends
  • nandini
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Manan - Punar Vivah by Janvi99
Manan - Punar Vivahby Janvi
'Punar vivah' means 'Second Marriage'. What happens when you are married with a wrong person, and that wrong person leave you and your 4 months old baby? What happen wh...
  • aarohi
  • baby
  • 2018
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Even She Wants To Be Loved by Manya_Eswar
Even She Wants To Be Lovedby Miss.Manya
_ ♥ PYAAR KA INTAZAAR ♥ _ A Story of a girl who faced many struggles since her childhood and she keeps longing for love from then! Will she be able to love and be loved...
  • anika
  • love
  • emotion
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unexpected love by SuRbhiSingh0
unexpected loveby suman kumari
Randhir singh shekhawat! who iss the MD of the shekhawat enterprise in delhi WITH HIS SMALL AND BEAUTIFUL FAMILY , while sanyukta agarwal! iss a normal and a happining a...
  • love
  • friendship
  • care
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Doomed to be Cannon Fodder by suher1
Doomed to be Cannon Fodderby suher1
}{offline purpose}{ Written by: Whistling Night Rain (潇潇夜雨) Translated by: etvolare, Eudaimonia, Grace, Grenn, mycyan, Ruyi, timebun, tranzgeek, ying Edited by: Deyna Sh...
  • china
  • charming
  • broken
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The Billionaires love by fairytalerose
The Billionaires loveby Dream
#31♥️ Rhea , an final year medicine student comes to Newyork to finish her internship. She has an year to live the way she wants before she comes back home and start li...
  • friends
  • bestfriends
  • romance
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All For You by curly_baby
All For Youby sarah belle
When he needed someone, she gave him everything.
  • completed
  • love
  • understanding
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   ʙOɴDɪɴɢ OF ʙʀOTʜEʀʜOOD (WEDɴESDAY UPDATE )  by Dishani_ST
ʙOɴDɪɴɢ OF ʙʀOTʜEʀʜOOD (WEDɴ DST
Arshi❤shivika💚Manan💙Twinj [Ranking____03__in__kunj 08___in___kushi..] Warning {💚my English is not high level please understand by heart💚} It's all about love💛 of br...
  • bhai
  • bromance
  • arshi
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Manan ff:Yeh Tune Kya Kiya by Writerbydreams
Manan ff:Yeh Tune Kya Kiyaby Accidentally a Writer
⚠⚠WARNING⚠⚠ Highly emotional fiction on manan. Grab your tissues before reading.. I assure you will cry in almost every chapter.. UNDER HIGHLY EDITING PROCESS SO SOME CH...
  • mystry
  • hatred
  • trust
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BTS Jungkook Scenario by AboraLeAura
BTS Jungkook Scenarioby aboraleaura
In which I write random shorts (short series) of BTS, involving angst and fluff. {THIS IS MY FIRST BOOK; A TEST, SO THERE MAY BE MANY DELAYS} This can be seen this as a...
  • taekook
  • jinkook
  • much
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HAMESHA(FOREVER) Completed  by NiranjanaNepol
HAMESHA(FOREVER) Completed by Niranjana Nepolean @ Amutha T...
  • sarun
  • misunderstanding
  • truelove
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A collection of stories...u can see almost every phase of and enjoy...and have a good day
  • innocence
  • obsession
  • mystery
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