PARANOIA | DAVE EAST  by _lataavia
PARANOIA | DAVE EAST by _lataavia
this wasn't no fantasy shit. this was the real world. and even when things went good there was still that feeling at the back of your mind... paranoia
  • newyork
  • lust
  • daveeast
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Senior Year (boyxboy) by booksiebooksie
Senior Year (boyxboy)by Nepsa Rae
Asher and Oakley have been friends for years, and though their families have also been best friends they struggle with being open with them. The boys have are in love, a...
  • wish
  • want
  • forever
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Hold Still GXReader by EternalKimFlame
Hold Still GXReaderby GalaxyChildKix
I walked along the street, everything was perfectly normal, the sun was warm, a soft breeze swept through my short (h/c) hair. Then the sound of glass shattering reached...
  • echotale
  • undertale
  • echofell
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Hidden Memories | U N D E R E D I T I N G by HijabiQueen74
Hidden Memories | U N D E R E D I...by Aysha Sumaiya
(I'll be taking this book down to rewrite it) C O M P L E T E D Theirs isn't just an ordinary story. We have stories that are first they fall in love, then they break...
  • love
  • heartbreak
  • spiritual
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Chris Brown&August Alsina Imagines[On-Hold] by SilentMindStories
Chris Brown&August Alsina Imagines...by ΙπΜιFεεlιπgs
  • augustalsina
  • silentmindstories
  • drama
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Um... Omorashi One-shots by Elise291
Um... Omorashi One-shotsby Elise McKentire
If you don't know what omorashi is or don't like it, then don't read. If you do like this sort of thing then proceed and enjoy. This is nonsexual and all characters are...
  • hold
  • school
  • omorashi
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Lost It All (Sequel To Lost In Stereo) {4} [COMPLETED] by RaisedByWuuves
Lost It All (Sequel To Lost In Ste...by Tiffani Bell (T-$) (Ratchet E...
Sequel to Lost In Stereo! In this story, you follow Camryn, Brandon's thirteen year old daughter through life's struggles. Will she overcome or give in? Read to find out...
  • die
  • brides
  • yours
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The Hybrid Mer by deathly_evil_angel
The Hybrid Merby Angel Of Death
Bayonetta Haze is a known as a villain because of her past. But when this Siren finds out that an abusive Sidorio has found her and won't give up till he gets her, She w...
  • shipping
  • wattys2015
  • hold
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Rooted Breath by KAAshton
Rooted Breathby K. A. Ashton
"Don't hold in a Rooted breath Or reap the consequences Of your death Let it out Of your gasping lungs And feel the kaleidoscope As it runs Through your veins And...
  • breath
  • sad
  • poem
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The princess love - A Aarmau Love Story (on hold for ideas) by Loverlook
The princess love - A Aarmau Love...by #Pride
A price looking for the right love Aaron a prince looking for a girl of hos dreams finds a girl when he meets her when he has to pick a lover. But falls in love with a g...
  • aarmau-prince
  • on
  • aphmau
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Pharaoh and his lover by egypt-wolf-lover
Pharaoh and his loverby Gabby
Egypt prince Oziri has to marry a princess from another kingdom if he wants to become a Pharaoh. For his birthday his father lets him choose a bride by himself, but he o...
  • ôn
  • lover
  • love
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Can You Hold Me » Samuel Wilkinson by brunafc00
Can You Hold Me » Samuel Wilkinsonby Bruna Carvalho
Amy é uma bela adolescente, mas que infelizmente tem um alma de artista e não sabe como lidar com o quotidiano nem com a morte do seu pai levando-a assim a uma ansiedade...
  • fanfic
  • sammywilk
  • portuguesefanfiction
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My drunken Husband - RagLak SS by Sukorian
My drunken Husband - RagLak SSby Sukorian
Haan me again ? Series of many shades of a drunken husband n a strong wife
  • missunderstanding
  • wife
  • bonding
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When the Buds Bloom by Chegraine
When the Buds Bloomby Cheza Vidal
Ophelia Clarke has been in love with the greatest hottie, Matthew Jefferson, since high school. She and her best friend, Caitlyn Rogers, have been stalking all major hot...
  • makeout
  • luck
  • loveteam
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Sad love stories  by wolfloveschocolate
Sad love stories by Artificial_Mistake
This stories are fictional, as well as many of my other books. After you check this one out, take a look at the others as I update them more, Thnx :D -Wo...
  • love
  • sad
  • youhavenotseenthelast
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FOREVER by pink4dalienprincess
FOREVERby pink4dalienprincess
yes a story. a story about what is like to love be loved and the word "LOVED".....yes LOVED.......
  • over
  • hugged
  • shatter
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hold on // ashton irwin by tiny-vessels
hold on // ashton irwinby kaytlyn.
"you're with me on the other side."
  • wattpride
  • ashtonirwin
  • irwin
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A Thug's Housewife by Thuggishh_
A Thug's Housewifeby Thuggishh_
  • drama
  • love
  • hold
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I''ve got to go by ava_reins
I''ve got to goby ava_reins
short omorashi story, maybe a little dirty. smut ahead. first person.
  • omorashi
  • piss
  • pee
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Your lie in April Ryōta Watari X reader by alex751000
Your lie in April Ryōta Watari X r...by Iceleen Nightblade
A girl who plays piano. Scared of the world. Amazing at sports. Yet has no confidence. Could have it all but never gave it a shot till one day Sorry for the terrible de...
  • hold