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My Best Mistake |✓ by _rosereads_
My Best Mistake |✓by 𝒓𝒐𝒔𝒆𝒔 & 𝒕𝒉𝒐𝒓𝒏𝒔
#1 In Chicklit "Don't you trust me Aarman? " I asked with pleading eyes.. He stood in front of me with his eyes closed, jaws clenched and hands fisted.. &quo...
  • disgust
  • pride
  • wattys2019
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My Husband Is A Bad Boy by ANParker4123
My Husband Is A Bad Boyby storm & parker
❝Leave me alone!", I shouted at him as he pulled me forcefully towards himself. "Oh come on, girl! Don't be a fool! Women are dying for me there are you are pu...
  • romance
  • romancestories
  • arrangedmarriage
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HURT. PAIN. ANGER. DISGUST. by polar_cactus
HURT. PAIN. ANGER. DISGUST.by polar_cactus
This is a one shot story. that's all thank you. HER SIDE.
  • cheat
  • regret
  • anger
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What He doesn't Know by dandan101
What He doesn't Knowby Danielle
Dana McAllister has given herself over to prostitution as a means of getting out of her desperate situation. When she meets the young multi-millionaire, Richard Hanistan...
  • new
  • money
  • love
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BTS Horror Stories by _midnight_monster_
BTS Horror Storiesby midnight_monster
Best Awards: #1 - Chilling #2 - Btsmembers #1 - Disgust #2 - Possessed #4 - Ghosts #5 - Unknown A collection of horror stories in Bangtan's point of view, with different...
  • namjoon
  • murder
  • taehyung
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My Mute Mate by takeachanceonlife
My Mute Mateby takeachanceonlife
I don't talk. As simple as that. Not a sentence. Not a word. Not a letter nor a sound. Not since that day, the day my life became a living hell.
  • mate
  • protect
  • guilt
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May the Worse Come by izzwhoo
May the Worse Comeby izzwhoo
Blair's life was never perfect Before that one tragic night, she was never good enough for anyone After that one tragic night, she become invisible "Where is my mot...
  • jace
  • disgust
  • love
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Entanglement (Sequel to The Nerd) by danielleward136
Entanglement (Sequel to The Nerd)by Danielle Ward
Through the roller coaster of emotions, threats and a whole new world Jake and Hayden are finally together. However, when someone from the past comes back could it jeopa...
  • meetings
  • truth
  • racing
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Feelings by cookielover22222
Feelingsby cookielover22222
---------------------------- I once wrote to impress but now I am trying to write to express...... ----------------------------
  • wattys2019
  • poemwriting
  • song
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Before It Was Us by raressity
Before It Was Usby Assiah Rare
Queen and renown leader of the infamous private school, Presley Academy, Miah Knox finds herself in an awfully sticky situation. With her deceitful, cunning boyfriend, M...
  • highschool
  • exboyfriend
  • best
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4 am Revelations.  by afakepotterhead
4 am Revelations. by afakepotterhead
I have desires and thoughts that I don't want reverberating in my head alone.
  • angry
  • confused
  • love
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For I am a sinner by isabel_holmes12
For I am a sinnerby isabel_holmes12
It's kill or be killed. Kill when it is deserved. How do you make that kind of distinction? Between good and evil? In a world where you're either alive, dying, or dead...
  • death
  • hope
  • gun
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TEXTS YOU CAN FEEL by -peachynoen
title says it all.
  • helpme
  • nasty
  • disgustang
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My Brother Is My Mate! by bookworm101702
My Brother Is My Mate!by bookworm101702
Avianna Fox has been waiting her whole life to find her mate but what happens when she realizes her mate is her brother? This is not a book about incest so get that th...
  • wolves
  • friends
  • surprise
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There's A Reason - A Larry Stylinson Love Story by in_L_O_V_E
There's A Reason - A Larry Stylins...by Kaitlyn James
Harry Styles has the perfect life. He's a part of international superstar band One Direction, and he has four amazing best friends: Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis. Louis T...
  • disaster
  • disgusted
  • family
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Creatures of Hell Book 1: Whispers in the Dark by MysteriousGoth
Creatures of Hell Book 1: Whispers...by Countess Spongebob
"P-please don't kill me!" I cried, closing my eyes and waiting for the pain of his teeth, sinking into my skin. Candice is a normal eighteen year old girl, sh...
  • vampire
  • police
  • drugs
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Inside Out reImagined (TEASER) by CreativityTheEmotion
Inside Out reImagined (TEASER)by CreativityTheEmotion
Smack dab in the middle of puberty, Riley Andersen often feels as though she can't control herself. To one's surprise, though, five emotions inside her mind think very m...
  • psychological
  • disneypixar
  • disney
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MY LITTLE ANGEL #WATTYS2019 by susilasari555
Lisa, a college student, went to an island with Anna and Jimmy to an island. The invitation came from an e-mail which was sent into Jimmy's inbox, included the plane ti...
  • comedy-romance
  • hot-guys
  • killer
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Hunter - Book 2 of the Hunted Series by Corinder
Hunter - Book 2 of the Hunted Seri...by Corinder
Anne, an Australian, has escaped and has started to heal. Even now though that werewolf, who calls himself Master, who bit her and tortured her for almost a year is cl...
  • mother
  • witch
  • adult
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Journal of a Teenage Muslim. by InnerBeautyShines
Journal of a Teenage Muslim.by InnerBeautyShines
Maydah Ahmad was never a normal girl. Ever since she was a young girl, it was clear to tell she was made for something bigger, something better.. But than her mother die...
  • dreams
  • kidnap
  • friends
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