The Adventure Awards  by SparklyyDonuts
The Adventure Awards by Anushka
Hey !! Welcome to The Adventure Awards !! So ... Are you an undiscovered writer ? Do you want your books to get discovered ? Huh ? Do you love giving feedbacks on books...
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Book Reviews For All! (OPEN) by Pritika1106
Book Reviews For All! (OPEN)by Pritika
#5 in random!! Open for requests! We have amazing reviewers! Are you tired of writing and want to edit your book? Are you unconfident of how good your book is? Would yo...
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HOLLYWOOD (Literate RP)(OPEN TO NEW OCS) by sarlenone
HOLLYWOOD (Literate RP)(OPEN TO sarlenone
Who will you be? ~ This RP is OPEN, and WELCOME to NEW OCS! <3 come on in and check us out for a lot of fun. :)
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My Hero Academia x Reader Oneshot Collection by juicyyfruitty
My Hero Academia x Reader Sy
You read the title, you KNOW what's goin down. There will be scenarios (bf/gf), fluff, lemons (if y'all really want em), surprises, and more? **I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE...
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ANGEL EYES ━ CLOSED by soulofstaars
❝one LOOK & you're HYPNOTIZED she'll take your HEART & you must PAY the PRICE.❞ ━ closed for catch up ©julia kim, 2018.
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bowers gang preferences by LoserJustWantsWaffle
bowers gang preferencesby Mini Waffles
🥀requests open🥀 just a bunch of preferences and imagines about the bowers gang.
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Carl Gallagher Imagines by AlohaDepression
Carl Gallagher Imaginesby ˢᵃᵈ ²⁴/⁷
Gifs, Smuts, and dedication ✨
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  • debbiegallagher
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DBZ x Reader One Shots!  by Warrior-Rose
DBZ x Reader One Shots! by DBZ+TMNT=LIFE
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# 0.2 ─ A COVER SHOP Hey there, welcome to NEOPLEX, a K-Pop movie store where you can buy any of the movies offered to you! Of course, with prices you must pay and rule...
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EndlessHeights Graphics by EndlessHeights-
EndlessHeights Graphicsby Saira
Status-||CLOSED FOR CATCH UP|| Welcome to EndlessHeights Graphics! This book is a Graphic Shop/Showcase. Leave a request and I will do my best to make a cover that fits...
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¤ || anime oneshots || ¤ by sadsilly
¤ || anime oneshots || ¤by a.i.
[ status ; ongoing / requests are ; open ] "And I loved you. More than you could imagine, actually - if unrequited feelings could kill, I'm sure as hell I'd be rott...
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Writer's Circle Awards 2019 [OPEN] by concinnitycircle
Writer's Circle Awards 2019 [OPEN]by Concinnity Circle
[⭕️] OPEN [] JUDGING [] CLOSED ||^~^|| Are you struggling to get honest feedback and reads for your book? Are you tired of different awards suddenly closed or became sil...
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BNHA x reader ❁ one-shots by AsianQueenie
BNHA x reader ❁ one-shotsby ♔Queenie♔
❝ we could be heroes... me and you... ❞ ❁Requests are open~! ❁ ❁Boku No Hero Academia/ My Hero Academia One-Shots! ❁ ❁BNHA and its characters belong to Kohei Horikoshi...
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Grant Gustin Imagines              {Requests Open} by muhakka_17
Grant Gustin Muhakka
Grant Gustin, Barry Allen, The Flash, And Sebastian Smythe Imagines
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  • sebastian
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Tom Holland | Harrison Osterfield | Harry, Sam Holland imagines [REQUESTS OPEN]  by __letswrite__
Tom Holland | Harrison __letswrite__
Requests are open!!! Message me if you want one (read the first part to see what you need to include if you submit a request! If you want smut , please send me a message...
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Vanoss Crew One Shots. ((#Wattys2016)) by Xx_ExplosionBoy_xX
Vanoss Crew One Shots. (( 💥Katsuki💥
Request are open with any VanossGaming fans ---------------------------------------------------------- Note : Some of these stories belong to there original authors and...
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Hidden Starlight | Zombie Interactive Roleplay by QuintexQuota
Hidden Starlight | Zombie 𝖋𝖆𝖙𝖊𝖘 𝖋𝖎𝖗𝖊
30/30 s u r v i v o r s C U R R E N T L Y C L O S E D -An interactive zombie roleplay and interactive- When zombies took over the world, the countries went into chaos...
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Alone [boyxboy] by flawed-
Alone [boyxboy]by • ty
Julian Douglas: sophomore in college, star athlete, a guy who seems to have his life together, at least by everyone else's' standards. There's something missing though...
  • depression
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COVER SHOP by mahitha-
COVER SHOPby Mahitha
Open! For all the covers I couldn't use but loved and to help you get the cover of your dreams. *disclaimer: I do not claim to own the picture used in the cover of this...
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Cover Shop (TEMP CLOSED) by peachspit
Cover Shop (TEMP CLOSED)by so sick!
Welcome to my cover shop where I try to make decent "aesthetic" covers/graphics for your books. Details inside! 2017-
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